Powerful Link Building Techniques To Gain Maximum SEO In 2018

September 17, 2018

If you are willing to improve the visibility of your website and its ranking, then link building is a must. It will always help you to be right on the first page of search engines. No matter whatever the industry you are in, the only key to improve website visibility in in search engine got to be link building. It forms a major part of the SEO world. Now, the question is, how can you find the right techniques? There are some practical ways involved, which will help you rank pretty well in the search engines.


Link building is quite difficult to keep things up, especially when the techniques and rules keep on changing every time. It was in March 2016, when it was clarified that links and contents are first and second options in terms of ranking factors. Everyone actually loves to see sites ranked at the top or first page of Google. After the website becomes active and running for few months without any glitch, you will be shock when you then start analyzing performing. You will find that you are not getting any valid visitors and clicks as anticipated. It means you are still not ranking for search terms you are actually targeting.

The harsh reality:

Through some experts from Social Market Way SEO, you will come to learn more about the harsh reality associated with link building value. Link building is one major success arena to website, which are being ranked at top of search engines. You will come across loads of useless info associated with link building, which is nothing but waste of time and money. It might further get you site banned or even blacklisted from search engines.

If you are sick and tired of using the same old traditional tactics for link building and still looking for some free strategies, then some approaches might help you big time on that. You can use the strategies to not just be at the top but to maintain that ranking for long. So, without wasting any time further, let’s just get right into the details of specialized link building strategies, based on SEO factors.

Focusing on internal links:

These links will go from one page to another within online site. Internal linking is mostly ignored and primarily a great way to help people dive deeper into your online site. In terms of internal links, always make sure to look for good KW phrase on any of your page and then link the same to inner page or home page with valid info. It will help the users to stay longer and get the chance to explore website a lot easier.

internal linking for seo

  • This form of service helps in improving page authority and also helps pass some link juice to other pages equally
  • It can also be used for decreasing the current bounce rate of the online site
  • With the help of smarter internal linking, it helps in improving crawl ability and then indexation of website
  • It further helps in improving some older blog posts by just sending some exposure and traffic
  • You will get some quality help with keyword rankings in case your page house relevant content and some of the strategic internal links.
  • Right now, you can go through the site now and get in touch with some of the good KW phrases here you might link proper page content with some other options in the market.

Jacking in 2018:

Users currently prefer to click on updated and latest posts. So, by just adding present year or CTA to headlines, you can easily maximize potential to just procure initial backlinks. This service will help your site to be on the first page spots. You can further try adding some of the phrases to headline just to make the line quite interesting for the clients to click on it. You can add some words like discover, top, get, free, fastest, greatest, newest, oldest, cheapest, strangest and more. Some of the other words which can be used are expensive, most, easiest, best and unbelievable.

For any kind of local business citations:

If you have any kind of local business, you need to focus at link building to be an ideal back linking opportunity. This is a great way to procure some links and you can end up drawing some added traffic from many people, who use local searches routinely to come across businesses near them.

Local business based citation always form the major factors if you are planning to improve positions in local search results. Local citations primarily have three terms, which are name, address and phone number, which are together called NAP.

citation in seo

Whenever you are trying to create local business citation, remember to add same address that has been used in official website. These links are mandatory for local ranking and help with search engine to verify business location. Some links from Yellow Pages. Yahoo Local, Yelp and Bing Local are used for creating authority for website. It is also great for building trust and help in improving rankings in local search results.

  • There are so many ways you can find citation sites easily. Some of the options might help you big time in finding your search.
  • You can start off by clicking on Top Citation Success from Whitespark and you will end up with a thorough list of niche citation sites for around 41 business categories. Some of those areas are marketing, accounting, automotive, health and medical, real estate and more.
  • You will further get along with keyword and city specified citation source by using business directory, business listing and directory. For any kind of keyword specified citation, things will be same but with keyword at the front.

Always remember to take advantage of these sites and you will feel free to search for some more sites at the same time. You might even have to think about building links from some of the trusted sources out there. Just log online and get hold of some more link building techniques now.

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