What is Web hosting and its types?

September 14, 2018

Suppose you do a business and you need a shop or store to keep whatever belongings or goods you have in your business. Similarly, whatever materials you keep on your website such as Video, Photo or Text Article One needs storage for all to keep on the Internet, now a computer is connected to the Internet and is kept on 24 hours, and all of your content is stored on it at Host Computer or Called Web Host and this process is called Web Hosting. Let’s now understand in a little detail:

How Web Hosting Works?

Now we understand what is happening to web hosting, but if you do not understand how it works, then you also know, first of all, from where we get Web Hosting –

The internet is the world’s largest network, through it millions of millions of computers and mobile devices are connected to each other. You must have seen in your house even when two computers are connected to each other, that too will become a small Internet But it is a private network but whenever a computer is connected to the public network or not, the data that is in it is public No one can be able to use or access to it has become a part of the Internet it can you say Web server or Web host.


This web server is connected to the Internet 365 days a year, and this web server gives you space on your computer in order to keep the contents of your website safe and to display that content online on your website.

The hosting service stores all the files on your website on a web server. This web server is a high level computer when someone enters your website address URL in your browser from your home or from your mobile phone. The server conveys a copy of the webpage of your website on its request, which makes your website open on that computer.

Can you host your website in your computer?

Yes, you can do absolutely but if your computer is shut down then your website may also be shut down or for some reason if there is a problem in your computer then all your data may be lost, because of this, people will find it on reliable web hosting companies Only posting your website, the responsibility of uploading those data to those companies, and the responsibility of keeping your website connected to the internet for 24 hours.

What are the types of Web hosting?

Web hosting is of two types depending on the operating system:

  1. Linux web hosting
  2. Windows hosting

What is Linux hosting?

When you get web hosting on a web server computer that has the Linux operating system installed, such a Linux web hosting is called because the Linux operating system is an open source software i.e., it is free for everyone, then this hosting service Companies pay less in giving and it is also cheap for you

What is Windows hosting?

Similarly, the web hosting computers that have Windows operating systems are called Windows hosting, because now Windows is not free, the hosting company has to buy a license for Windows, so it is expensive compared to Linux web hosting that day and that is why most Blogs and website lines are hosted on web hosting only.

web hosting types

Web hosting is based on three types of website support:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting

The shared web hosting is stored on a single server at a number of websites, so it is called hosting shared web hosting, that all the resources of a computer such as processors, RAM and hard disk are used together by all websites, but this is the same Due to this, hosting is cheaper than all hosting but there are some disadvantages too, it is fine till your website is new and If the number of visitors to a website increases due to some reason, then its impact and all the websites hosted on that hosting website falls on it, i.e. if anyone’s website is slow or down All the websites will be down. Down means that it will take a lot of time to open all the pages of the website, but this is very rare. As rent

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

If seen, virtual private server is similar to web hosting, but here a server is divided into a lot of virtual servers like you partition your hard disk.

VPS uses virtualization technology, in which a physical server is virtually divided into different servers, as a result of which, on the same server, the rest of the websites can not access the web space and resources of your part. Due to this, this hosting gives you benefits like privacy and security. So if you want to take advantage of the features of the dedicated server at a lower cost then choose VPS hosting.

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting is like a living in a bungalow, where you have complete control but you also bear all the expenses of maintenance. Dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over your server, where you are provided root access for management.

Another special thing is that, in this hosting, your server and resource usage is restricted to others; they can be used only by you, hence the level of security is highest in dedicated hosting.

From where to get cheap and best web hosting?

Choosing the best and cheap web hosting company in the crowd of web hosting providers in the IT industry is a bit difficult, but if you choose by keeping some factors in mind, your election process will be simplified. It is important to know the following facts before taking a web hosting  like the prices of web hosting packages, free value added services (which come with the package), what the provider gives, how much is the provider’s support medium, how the company reviews, etc.

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