Marketing used to require being in an office, often for long hours, in order to meet with clients, collaborate with your marketing team, and share files. Today, however, marketing is quickly becoming a work-from-home situation. It’s surprising because so much of marketing is collaborative and requires sharing visuals, audio, and written content. Team members have to share files, review market trends, and research the latest changes in SEO and SEM. So how are companies able to achieve success in marketing when their team no longer works in an office? By providing their marketing team members with the latest tools for virtual meetings, file sharing, and collaboration.

Cloud-Based File Sharing

File sharing is problematic if your digital files are stored in-house on a mainframe or office computer. It’s handy enough if someone is there to coordinate exchanging files and making sure everyone has the most recent versions. Cloud-based file sharing provides unlimited, secure document storing and sharing from anywhere in the world. As a bonus, even if one set of computers is hacked or damaged, your documents are safe in the cloud. Many cloud-based document systems have unique security protocols. They work across cell phones, tablets, and laptops so employees can easily retrieve needed documents on the go.

Effective Work Management Tools

Microsoft Teams is the best-known collaborative work management platform, but there are plenty of others out there, including Slack and Asana. These provide a variety of services that make working as a team easier. You can use various tools for workplace chats, videoconferences, application integration, and document exchanges and storage.

Phone Systems Integrated with Work Management

While work management tools are great for sharing documents and collaborating online, there are times when nothing but a phone call will do. Putting an exceptional business phone system in place for your marketing team so they can place calls and send messages from anywhere is crucial. Companies like Votacall now offer state-of-the-art VoIP systems integrated with work management tools. Votacall works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams for everything from call centers to executive meetings. 

Trust Your Team

Marketing work is a creative endeavor. Micromanaging is the enemy of creativity. When you can’t see your team face-to-face, it may be tempting to check in frequently or constantly demand updates. Don’t go overboard on this. Trust your team to get the work done and be just as devoted to working from home as they are in the office. In fact, studies show that many people are more productive working from home despite being a bit fuzzier on their work hours. They may start later or take a mid-afternoon break, but they are also apt to log back on whenever they are inspired, whether that’s at night or on the weekend. Trust that your team members know the deadlines and when they are most productive. 

Working from home will increase in the future. By putting the right tools at your team’s disposal, you’ll guarantee that the only impact on your marketing will be positive.