Why Hire an Android App Development Company in the USA?

May 13, 2019
Android App Development

We’ve all heard the horror stories of outsourcing app development services to offshore companies. Even though there are many successful development companies in Poland, Ukraine, and the UK, the rate of it being a miss is higher than the success rates.

In all honesty, most of the failing experiments are usually from Indian or other Asian companies, but why is that? And how do you get the best app development service? Considering getting in-house developers is a valid option but it is also the most expensive option. It will take a good amount of time to find the right hire and you don’t just need one developer to get the job done. You’ll need to hire at least two developers, a designer, tester, and possibly assign a project manager. And even after putting together the right time, you’ll need office space and scheduled times for meetings and follow-ups. This won’t only waste a lot of time, but to hire qualified developers (part-time or full-time) costs a lot.

By outsourcing app development services, you don’t need to worry about developers’ salaries, team management, or it taking up your time. It is a more reliable and stable solution. You’ll be paying a flat fee to have an experienced team of developers and designers dedicated to developing your mobile app. You can just ask for a progress report or set a meeting to discuss your questions and ideas with the agency whenever you want an update. We will be focusing on Android app development since it controls 80% of the mobile market worldwide.

What is the difference between a local and offshore app development company?

As for the meaning, the difference between a local company and offshore company is that a local company is in the USA while an offshore company is overseas whether in Europe, Asia, or South America.

  1. Development Cost:

Cost is the one main factor that drives entrepreneurs to consider offshore companies than local companies. In the US, developers are expensive and their fee can reach up to $200 per hour. This is mostly why startups and small businesses seek outsourcing app development. In countries like Ukraine or Poland, you can find developers for as little as $15 per hour and possibly even cheaper rates in India.

So what’s the problem? Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Even though the cost of overseas developers is quarter the cost it’ll be with local developers, the risks are high.

  1. Communication:

Establishing clear communication between you and the development company is very important for the success of your app. Miscommunication is one of the biggest problems when working with offshore development companies. If you’re dealing with a company in a country where English is not the native language, the language barrier can get in the way of communication.

Many misunderstandings and misinterpretations are due to this. That is why it is vital for you to make your ideas and requirements very clear and detailed. But even then, there’s no guarantee it’ll be how you want it. With a development company in the US, you’ll be able to communicate better and get your ideas across easier. Another factor is the different time zones. If you’re hiring an agency across the world, you can expect late-night meetings and unstable Skype calls. When you have an inquiry or problem, getting an instant response will be difficult and will slow down progress.

With an android development company in the USA, you’ll quickly be able to set meetings, phone calls or emails with the agency. Another benefit of local outsourcing is being able to build a personal connection and trust with the company. Meeting face-to-face with developers will get things done much faster and make communication easier.

  1. Cultural Difference:   

If your target audience is in the US, you’ll need the developers working on your app to understand the culture and needs of your customers. A local agency would already know what’s trending and big in the area, while an overseas agency won’t be as up-to-date.

You need an agency that understands the local clientele and is familiar with your competitors in the region. An offshore agency wouldn’t have this unique insight and won’t be able to integrate this into developing your app. The Android market is mostly large in Europe and Asia, so if these regions are your target customers, finding an agency in that area would make more sense.

  1. Legal Protection & Security:

Many of the bad experiences we hear of when outsourcing to offshore companies are scamming issues, ideas that were stolen, or poor quality. One main security procedure you can take when working with a development agency is signing an NDA besides the contract. This applies to both local and offshore agencies. The only difference is what if they breach the contract?

This doesn’t usually happen with a local agency because it falls under federal and state laws. Any problems can be handled in the court of law; the contract protects both the client and the agency.

However, with an offshore agency, will you fly over there to handle any issues? If something goes wrong, it is hard to control the situation, especially when you’re not familiar with the country’s laws and regulations. The process is tedious and will take a long time, in the end, there’s no saying you’ll win anything.

  1. Quality:

Young entrepreneurs and business owners see the low development cost and jump on the opportunity, only to regret it later. A common factor that most businesses agree on is that outsourcing app development to an offshore agency will lead to lower quality.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all offshore development agencies are bad, some of the best tech agencies are based in Ukraine and Poland. Two main reasons behind poor quality are technology gaps and agencies that outsource services. Cheaper cost most likely means a cheaper quality of software and tools. Us based development companies are usually up-to-date with all the latest technologies and methodologies and that is why the cost is higher. That doesn’t necessarily mean all development companies in the US are over the top. If you have a clear idea of your app and requirements, you can request a free quote to get an estimate on cost and compare it to your budget.

As for outsourcing services, a lot of development companies outsource certain services like design, testing, or anything else. Before getting into anything, you need to confirm the company’s credibility, ask them if all their services are in-house services, and check their portfolio. Outsourcing certain services can lead to a mess and doesn’t guarantee your app has the best quality.

What to look for when hiring an android app development company?    

  • Verify their credentials. An app development company is only as good as their work; check their ratings and reviews online from previous customers. See if they’ve worked on projects like this before and check out the apps they’ve done.
  • Test the waters and narrow down your options. You can ask agencies you like to send you a proposal after discussing your app. This will give you a better idea of their ethics, creativity, and development style.
  • Have a set budget beforehand. You don’t want anyone scamming you into paying more money. Do your research and set a budget aside just for app development (and marketing). This will help you compare prices between companies and choose one.
  • Verify their certifications. Some development companies display their certificates and qualifications on their website. Don’t be shy to ask for verifications and confirm they actually have these certificates.
  • Ensure there are no hidden fees. Before signing the contract, make sure you understand what the process entails so there are no future surprises. Sometimes with offshore companies, they give you an initial cost and then have add-on costs later on.
  • And lastly, make sure the company offers end-to-end services and doesn’t deliver an unfinished product.


Now that you know the difference between an app development company in the USA and one overseas, you’ll be able to choose wisely your development approach. Whichever company you choose, be sure you go into it fully informed, knowing the up and downs of the company.

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