jio phone is available on amazon and how to use Facebook in jio

September 13, 2018
amazon jio phone

Reliance’s jio Feature Phone can now be purchased from E-commerce website Amazon. This phone is available for 3 years with a security deposit of Rs 1500. This amount is taken as a security deposit. That means if you return this phone after 3 years then you will get Rs 1,500. So far, the phone was available on Reliance Jio’s website, Reliance Digital Store and the company’s partner retail stores.

A cashback of Rs.50 for buying phones from e-commerce website Amazon and paging from Amazon Pay is also available. On order from Amazon, the phone will be delivered on the second day, but you will have to go to the store to activate the phone. It is necessary to have Aadhaar card.

More recently, there is a facility to download the Facebook app in the jio Phone. This phone has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage, which can be expanded up to 32 GB via microSD card.

Jio Phone Facebook App: Good news for those who use live phones. Now ‘India’s Smartphone’ i.e. jio phone is available on Facebook Wednesday i.e., that will be available from tomorrow.

This new version of Facebook App is specially made for Jio Kaios. It is a web-based operating system, designed specifically for jio phones. Now Jio Phone users will be able to connect to Facebook through the Facebook app. This will open Facebook’s doors for potential 50 million feature phone users in India.

This new Facebook app for Jio Phone will provide a great Facebook experience. This will enable users to connect with people who are most important to them personally. It will play push-notifications, video and external content links.

This app on Facebook is specially designed to sport the cursor function of Jio Phone. This will give you the best-in-class performance for Facebook’s most popular features like news feeds and photos.

Facebook Vice President of Mobile Partnership Francisco Varela said, “We are excited about the partnership with jio and using jio phone is a chance to provide this best Facebook experience for crores of people. While working with partners like jio , we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of connecting everywhere. ‘

jio phones are the world’s cheapest smartphone, specially designed with a transformational technology to migrate from a feature phone to a smartphone. Facebook is an introduction, jio phone will bring the world’s best apps to one place, and this was a future for jio phones customers. The world’s largest mobile data network, jio is designed to connect every Indian with the digital revolution. jio phone is an integral part of this jio -movement. ‘

-Akash Ambani, director

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