YouTube recent update on Advertisers boycott of 2 Million videos

March 6, 2019
youtube advertisers boycott

Recently, YouTube has removed more than 270 accounts and nearly 150,000 videos from its platform and also turns off the commenting on 625,000 videos that target child predators. All the major brands have been frozen their advertising section on it after getting the confirmation for abusing their content unnecessarily.

They recently said in their blog section that they are noticing some videos are not suitable for kids and are completely unacceptable and so are removing some of them. They already have removed 2 million videos with over 50,000 channels exploiting the guidelines for posting family-friendly content.

Steps were taken by YouTube to get rid of Child exploitation:

  1. They have updated and restricted their Guidelines for faster recognition against child endangerment. Expanding the enforcement guidelines for content featuring child issues will not be acceptable by site anymore.
  2. Age restricted policies are also featured to serve the adult humor content to 18+ persons only.
  3. Remove ads that target inappropriate videos since June 2017.
  4. Any kind of comment containing sexual comments or irrelevant comments will be deleted soon. Illegal behavior will be reported with help of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) by turning off all comments of videos.
  5. YouTube kids is a section started for those individuals who provide guidance for creators making family-friendly content. Comprehensive guide will be releasing soon.

3 steps needed to implement for making YouTube safer for Kids:

  1. Disabling the Search section.
  2. Creating a playlist of cartoon-related programs for kids by clicking “Add to” under the + sign of a video.
  3. Disabling the recommended videos and it’s easy in both the extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

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