YouTube has released a new update which introduces kid profiles with parental control. The look they launched is totally exciting and made by keeping the kids in mind. After having a talk with parents, YouTube realized that kid’s app is getting quite older. They need an updated platform that tends to grow with them on a regular basis. Whether it is a learning program or games section, parents can control every action of their child. Some of the new features by YouTube kids:

  1. Just by signing up to Google account, you will be getting access to account customization for safer kid’s experience. As a bonus, kid profiles will be work efficiently across all the different devices.
  2. YouTube will automatically change appearance by entering your Date of Birth and further detailed information. Text becomes lesser for kids version and older ones would be having more of the text information on their home screen.
  3. New setup: New app will be giving you the new access to handle the information before their kids can see some irrelevant stuff. Basically, this app is now allowing parental access.
  4. Offering password for more ease: Kids can set up a secret passcode to keep away their siblings.
  5. Their filters work harder in filtering mature content from the application but still, there may be some imperfection persists.

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