Wiki submission is the type of content submission where unique and informative content is submitted for syndication in which your content is available from one to another site. They are useful to gain higher ranking and maximum traffic to the site. It is a platform that is basically designed to serve informative content about your webpage or blog.

Luckily, they are one of the best platforms to submit content on a valuable platform. Wiki submission sites are high-valuable backlinks that upgrades your site’s ranking. Without any risk, they worth for publishing your content. They can engage people and also raises your brand awareness.

Having social proof is necessary in SEO and wiki submission sites have good social presence that makes users trust them easily. Whether it’s good reputation or traffic (ranking) they serve everything.

These high PA wiki submission sites can explore your content all over the world. All you need to do is prepare unique content and submit it to the wiki site.

Benefits of Wiki Submission sites:-

  1. They can easily boost your traffic due to their high authority.
  2. They are good for Building backlinks and Page rank.
  3. Wiki sites have the required potential to rank on the first page of Search Engine Results.
  4. Once the visibility got improved, your visibility can gain your website some huge amount of traffic.
  5. It boosts your Google rank and Domain authority.

High DA/PA Wiki Submission sites list :-

S.NO Premium Sponsor Listing Month
1 Jan-16
2 Jan-16
3 Jan-16
4 Jan-16
S.NO Wiki Submission Sites List Month
1 19-June
2 19-June
3 19-June
4 19-June
5 19-June
6 19-June
7 19-June
8 19-June
9 19-June
10 19-June
11 19-June
12 19-June
13 19-June
14 19-June
15 19-June