Why Some SEO Experts become Unethical – Ways to Understand and Prevent the Damages

March 19, 2019

If you are doing SEO for the website by learning or hearing from others that you have to do this, and in reality, you know nothing about it, then you are soon going to lose your money by falling trap of bad services. Possibly the website will also get through huge problems in the future for losing quality, style, reputation, and also for bad promotion. Penalties may never leave your back, and the damages done may pull you back for days and bar the progress of the site. Win this post, and you will get to learn about what happens in bad SEO, how you can save yourself from all this, etc.

Learn what SEO is before knowing how bad SEO hurts

Before knowing what is bad or hurting in SEO if done improperly, you should know what SEO is. SEO is the art of making the website more visible and get better rank in search engines against the targeted keyword searches. And SEO makes the site visible real well. Now, why you are doing SEO? That’s because if you do not give the website that much needed marketing push, then things will never fall right on its own, and the site will not start speaking for its own. To let people know that you are there, what you do is, you do good things for recognition, and you tell people that you are present there. Both combine to create your mark and presence.

The same happens with the website too. When you make the website say good things or have good information, and also you make the site being talked about through various links and post everywhere possible on the web, then the site gets popularity and get noticed gradually. And that is simple words is the art of making the site visible.

But just like doing wrong things will only fetch you wrong attention, and people won’t praise you, and rather forget you in days, the website also will be forgotten by search engines and penalized for being marketed to do wrong steps in being popular. And hence you must stay alert; that the professional you chose for the site marketing is doing all things right for the website and belongs to a reputed SEO Chicago Company.

How faulty can SEO hurt the website?

Faulty SEO includes unethical practices, unplanned steps, lazy link building, too much of link building and promotion, not following the Google algorithm changes and policy updates, and so on.

  • If the website has poor content, and all the focus goes on link building, then the search engine will never find anything good, informative, helpful, and relevant inside the site on the topic/keyword. And hence, the promotion done through link building will only show as over promotion for something which has no value. This is upsetting and will result in penalizing the website. The site will lose its ranking on searches. The best way to recover is to work on the quality and content of the website and enrich the site from within through following ethical content development norms.
  • If the links for the website are built too fast, and within a very short time, it’s evident to search engines that too many links have been built which is not possible without the intervention of automation, software, and robots, then things will be hard on the website. Google heavily penalizes these things, and the site loses its rank and visibility completely. The recovery happens by removing links for the website from the unnecessary pages on the web, and minimizing link building and focusing on making the number of backlinks appear normal against the site exists on the web for the time.
  • Links may be built normally, and the number also may appear okay, but then the quality of links made for the site is poor and has irrelevant, poor, or no good content at all. If that is the case, then how much high quality the site’s content is inside the website pages itself, it still won’t get that visibility in searches, and building the rank will take too long a time, and never yield good results. The recovery lies in making high-quality links that can give useful, helpful, or engaging information to the readers with a proper link back to the site’s relevant page.
  • If the visitors have a bad experience with the navigation of the site, or the site takes too long to load, or if the visitors cannot get relevant information at the right place with the right amount of clicks, then things will go bad. Exhaustive, confusing, and length visitor experience is all deemed quite a much negative. The site will lose its SERP position soon for these reasons, or may never build a good position at all. The recovery lies in making a fast loading site with easy navigation, great internal linking, and easy to find content.
  • Using the keyword too many times interferes with quality of the content. Imagine a person speaking to you about something, and repeating the name or feature of the things too many times than the ear and brain is comfortable to receive. Won’t it irritate your senses and make you turn back? The same happens with search engines and real visitors too. Too much of promotion even on high quality informative or helpful content using the same keyword too many times interferes with quality and reader experience. The recovery for this is to use the keyword only optimum times.

Finally- Why SEO experts do the wrong things at times?

SEO experts often commit mistakes, or purposefully does it wrong, to make clients believe that the site is getting much promotional work done against it to rank it high. Often unethical attempt initially boost the site rank too, until the search engine spiders detect the flaws. For that short period which can be days or hours, the site actually may appear high and rank in searches, which the SEO professional may like to show the client to cash out for the result. This is unethical, and the site when later penalized may take huge time and effort to recover. And a good SEO service will never commit such a mistake.

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