Why Mug printing is the new trend to boost business?

March 17, 2018
mug printing in delhi

Mug printing is a new revolution in the printing industry. The major advantage of mug printing is that you can print the mugs with some new designs. The ceramics that you using in your kitchen are printed using the printing process.

Different inks are using for different ceramic printing. This high quality printing is performed on the special papers with the printing machines. Your designs are meant to be printed on the mug permanently.

Whether it is a Marriage, Graduation ceremony, Institutional building, Company or Anniversary mug printing is done for all. Mugs rank themselves on 6th position out of list for 10 promotional things. Customized Mug printing can promote your business with new customers. These printed mugs are safe for Dishwasher, is Budget-friendly and have the ability to drive new leads for your business.

The colors that we uses are made up of special pigments for achieving a unique color that is permanent and safe for ceramics.

Benefits of Mug printing:

  1. The print lasts for longer time and is also dishwasher safe. Mug printing allows you personalization to a new level.
  2. It provides a larger surface of decoration on the different surfaces whether Concave or Convex.
  3. They are resistant to the light and offer a full range of different decorations like Shiny gold, Platinum with the possibility of mixing all of the decorations.
  4. The whole process is Budget friendly and its cost effectiveness makes it even more appealing.
  5. As a user, you can simply expect quick and long lasting efforts from our services of mug printing in delhi and the printing quality is also superior. Mug printing process is going to be resulted in a smooth graphic. The image resolution will be of High-quality and with some special effects.
  6. If you are distributing your promotional mugs, means you are advertising your brand or service. Coffee mugs can be personalized as per the person’s liking and lifestyle. They are available for different types or shapes of mugs.
  7. Coffee drinking is a trend and it relieves you from stress that may be because of something or someone. With the latest trends of Mug printing, you can set up your business as a fashion quotient. We offer Promotional mugs and Promotional coffee mugs as gifts. They are in demand and could turn out to be very profitable.

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