Why Is the Information Service Line Important for Business?

June 20, 2020

Customers prove to be an important variable for the success of a business. Making yourself available for customer questions, queries, feedback is immensely important for a business to grow and succeed.

Servicing the clients, answering their questions and concerns is important. Many businesses have realized the value potential behind having ever ready for the client queries and suggestions. That is why companies invest robustly in appropriate communication modes.

Why is the service line important for business?

0800 numbers used by companies, especially as sales and marketing enquiry lines, information lines or for customer service. While this could be a cost extensive number for private businesses, acquiring them from a platform like WeNumber makes it cheaper.

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It is imperative for businesses to have a smooth flow of communication dedicated for its customers. Investing in the right information service line is essential because of the abundant benefits it tends to bring. Below are some key reasons why they are important:

Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate beneficiary of a business are its customers. All leading businesses attend customers on all major platforms. There are immediate online redressals and call enquiries that customers can resort to.

What further encourages the callers to call is a freephone number to call to. Most prime businesses have freephone numbers active 24*7 for customers. 

Why freephone numbers are important is because many times clients let go of the idea of calling or enquiring just because they don’t think it will be worth the cost of the call. 

Therefore, when calling becomes free for the callers, they are motivated to engage with the company or business. They will call for their feedback, complaint, enquiry or even support with respect to the product or service.

Customer Complaints

There is nothing more disastrous for a  business’s reputation than an upset customer. compliant calls are indeed conversion opportunities. Sometimes, the customers are just complaining because they do not fully understand how to use a product or service.

In such cases, having a dedicated information service line can help in dealing with angry customers. It is like a second chance after a product has been sold to a buyer. 

Important Feedback

Sometimes the most beneficial ideas come from the final beneficiaries. On an information service line, the trend can be assessed for calls and surmised into following categories:

  • Are most customers seeking the same kind of information?
  • Are the usage instructions lacking some essential connection to solve the persisting issue?
  • Are the usage instructions not self explanatory?

Information service lines not only become a source of information for the end user but also for the business. It is easier to understand what are the potential issues that are being faced.

Complaint and information seeking trends can be analyzed and surmised to ensure that rectifications are made. Sometimes, customers also offer valuable suggestions to improvise the product or service.

How to Attain a Good Service Line for Your Business?

Multiple platforms offer the facilities of acquiring service numbers, but WeNumber has emerged as the most reliable and convenient source. As a virtual number provider, WeNumber provides a hassle free insight into different numbers a business wants.

It offers a fair share of comparison between competitive rates offered by different service providers and enables companies to dither over, compare and select the number that serves them best.

It is extremely easy to get a virtual number with the most affordable price from WeNumber. You could also choose your desired code and number. Being non geographic codes, they can be used by the callers from anywhere within the UK. 

A business’s availability for its customers is important to create an impression in the mind’s of the customers. They feel more secure buying a product and service that answers questions and is available.

There is a cut throat competition out there. Businesses are making themselves more and more available for the customers. In order to cast a difference in this era of competition, it is important to stand apart and show you care. 

Bearing the call charges of the callers is the best way of showing them that you care and you want them to communicate. 0800 numbers are not just numbers, but are an investment into a lasting and sound client relationship.  


Having a service line helps in boosting the reputation of the business and gives a sense of security to the callers. The callers don’t have to think twice before calling as they don’t have to spend over the call they make. Call apprehensions are minimized and reduced.

0800 numbers are used by companies for rendering multiple services, enquiries and even after sales services. Getting these codes and numbers from WeNumber makes this process more cheap and convenient.

Information service lines serve as a great source of information for the business as well. The calls are often recorded, analyzed and complaint trends are assessed. They prove to be a great source of reliable information, directly from the customers.

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