Why Internet is considered as something “bad”?

September 13, 2018
Is Internet really bad?

In today’s modern era, the internet has made man’s life very simple as well as informative. We should thank the Internet and technology because today we are able to connect the country with the help of these people and the knowledge of the corner of the world is reaching village. Today we are using the Internet in business, education, medical, transport, schools, colleges, traditional programs, and personal life in every sphere.

In the olden times, only the website was browsed through the Internet, emails were sent. But in today’s modern era the Internet is being used in every area of ​​the world for the work connected with every technology. The internet has now become the need of a man in a way.

The more features the internet has given to the human life, the more slowly it are becoming a threat to human beings. Today the internet has reached home and everybody from the child is using it. Whether people are using the internet as entertainment or should be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of the Internet for business.

According to a report by June 30, 2017, people use the Internet in China, India, America and Brazil. In most countries around the world, I provide the Internet facility to mobile companies or broadband companies for which they Takes money according to the planned data plan. But all those companies get the Internet through a world class organization called the Internet Service Provider.

The internet and website development has become a necessity these days. The days were gone when the internet was used only for work in offices. Nowadays it is being used in homes, offices, cafes and everywhere. Although the internet has made life easier and more interesting, it has caused too much damage.

The main disadvantage of the Internet is that it is a major distraction in the workplace. Whether a student or a professional working, everybody has become addicted to the Internet. Although the internet is a great way to increase your knowledge and make professional, but it can distract you from work.

As it is said that people adopt bad habits fast, in the same way, human beings are generally hunted for many sources of entertainment rather than improving their knowledge and skills, which are available on the Internet is. From gaming to watching online videos, from online shopping to listening to music, keeping an eye out for their relatives and friends, mimicking their lifestyle, nowadays people will be able to lose their work / education by joining such wasteful activities.

Apart from this, hacking, spamming and other such infamous activities on the Internet have also become quite common. Nowadays such losses of the internet have completely covered its advantages.

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