Over the past few years YouTube has morphed from a hobby platform for people to share videos of pranks and cute pets into a major force in the social media arm of the business world, and the amount of content it hosts has grown along with it.

Competing for the attention of viewers who have many thousands of other things to look at takes every ounce of planning, creativity and effort you can muster, underpinned by making good use of some key strategies which are simple to put in place, and designed to help boost the number of views your YouTube videos attract.

If you want to get more Youtube views then follow these tips.

#1 – Upload excellent content

This is the fundamental point which will increase your views, and by excellent we mean unique, useful, engaging and memorable. It’s fine to be inspired by what other people are doing, so long as you put your own personal trait on it. Take a topic and add value, and be authentic. In other words don’t randomly jump on the latest bandwagon just to be topical if what you produce has no connection to the identity and brand you are cultivating online.

Regular YouTube users that are interested in going into your industry, or those that just want to learn how to fix common household plumbing, conditioning or heating problems, are generally looking to be informed, educated, entertained or amused. Delivering what your viewers actually want is a great way to attract both new and returning fans.

However this can be quite a difficult thing to do with such a technical topic like ventilation or heating, especially with those that don’t find themselves to be particularly “handy” around the house. Well it’s a good thing that there are a few channels already uploading content like this (not all are mentioned in the article) that you can follow and mimic.

One of the biggest channels that you can take notes from is Howcast, they feature a lot of content in many industries with plumbing being just one of them. They have a playlist on their channel that takes you through several different topics within this niche and some of their videos on it have over 100k views. Now of course you probably won’t be able to do this yourself but it does show you what kind of content works and the potential reach it has.

Another channel that you can learn from is plumberparts, a channel based in the UK. Now I know that they are from a different part of the world and that all of their content won’t necessarily apply to you is the states but they’ll likely be a lot of crossover.

Topics such as “Installing a Kitchen Sink” and “Hanging & Leveling a Bathtub” are pretty common problems for a plumber so I’m sure there will be just as many people struggling with them in the US as there is the UK. There are of course many other topics as well, those are just a couple of ideas.

#2 – Suggest viewers subscribe

It may seem strange but someone could easily come across your channel, watch a couple of things and love them, then wander off again without even thinking of subscribing. By simply reminding them of that option (perhaps at the start and/or end of your videos) you will increase your subscribers – and in turn your views as they can find you again easily. Mention the notification button too, so they will be reminded when you post new content.

#3 Keep your channel well organized

This means creating playlists so videos auto-play and maintain attention from the viewer, as well as making it easier to source the content they want to look at. You can group videos however you think best, just make it easy for people to find things.

#4 Cross-post your videos

Get into the habit of sharing your work to any other social media channels you use. Another option is to create an engaging post on another channel which encourages viewers to navigate to YouTube directly, so they can actually watch the video there.

#5 Make it easy for fans to share your videos

Sharing to other social media platforms is generally quite straightforward, as the buttons are clearly marked, but what about if a fan wants to share the actual video to their blog or website? For that it needs to have the embedding option enabled. You can set this up on via the advance settings of the edit page in Creator Studio.