People are now using YouTube and Google in a completely different manner, earlier they used them for entertainment purpose only but now they are using it to search something. You may be spending all your time in strategizing and producing videos but what is they not getting ranked? YouTube has mostly users of age group 18-34 years old. The audio traffic is 60% of the total mobile data and the consumption is very high. Having an actionable video strategy is required.

To do Video SEO you need to name your channel with aim of at least 500 subscribers. To claim a vanity URL (Uniform Resource Locator) your channel should have at least 500 or more subscribers and 30 days old. Your channel description area is an important place to put the important keywords for driving traffic to channel’s content. A vanity URL is unique web address that is used for branding of different purposes. To increase your ROI, YouTube optimization is important.

How to do YouTube SEO:

Keyword Research: The entire SEO process starts from Video keyword research and you can do it with the list of potential keywords and filter it accordingly then. Do it by putting your keywords in the YouTube Search box and get related ones.

The suggested words you’ll be getting are great as they are the ones people are actually looking for. Keyword optimization is a crucial part of SEO, if you want to copy other’s keywords then go to your channel’s niche and find a popular video, sort the videos by “Most Popular” and choose a video. Find out those keywords (in Title, Description and Video tags) that the video is optimized around. Go for VidIQ Chrome extension to see the video’s tags. Start from targeting the low-competition keywords. Whenever you search for a keyword, approximately results will be shown that is basically the total number of videos in YouTube database. Or search for your root keyword in the Google and then click on Videos section to grab some ideas.

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Just like your website, audience is meant to retain in your youtube that is called Audience retention and is a major ranking factor. Video comments and Video shares is another success factor for the video that makes sure your users are engaging in it.

Say your target keyword to get the most out of SEO from your video. The title of your video should be at least 5 to 10 words long without any keyword stuffing. The description of your video is super important as it makes the Search engine as well as Users understand what your video is about. It would be better to include your keywords in the first 25 words with a length of 250 words.

When it comes to promotion, nothing is better than mentioning your video on Quora and other Q and A sites on the web. If you think that some question is relevant to your video, just leave your video link over there but with some required and catchy description. Embedding your videos in the Blog posts can also give you maximum number of high-quality views.

SEO tip: Make an eye-catching thumbnail that is not a ranking factor but will surely impact your SEO clicks in a positive manner. It’s better to link to your channel rather than only promoting your videos. Add some sort of suspense to beat the trick of getting more hits.