You need to build your YouTube network and don’t just send the video link to your loved ones only. Bigger network means more views and shares. Create your YouTube channel that introduces yourself and also it can promote you as a star. Optimize your YouTube videos to be seen as much as they deserve. There are more than 1 Billion active users on the YouTube. It is pocket-friendly and cost-effective too.

How to broadcast the live events on YouTube?

  1. Visit the Youtube and then sign in to your account by clicking the “Sign in” button located at the top right of your page for accessing the login.
  2. Enter your Gmail or Email address and password in the required fields or Create your Google account that is necessary.
  3. Take command of your “My Channel Page” that is on the left side of your panel.
  4. Open up the Video manager which is located at the right of your profile picture.
  5. Tap on the “Channel” option that is on the left panel of the Video Manager page.
  6. Do enable the live events that are the third option from the bottom.
  7. Now select your country from the Drop-down list and choose verification mode. After verification, click on Submit button and wait for the call or text to enter the code.
  8. Once done, you’ll be getting a message of Confirmation, click on continue and then on “I agree”.
  9. Click on the Blue “Create Live event” button to start the live event after broadcasting and fill out all the essential details like name of the event in the title field, description and others.
  10. Tap on the “Advanced settings” tab at the top to access the menu. This option allows you to configure the Chat settings, Category, Language and many more. Click on the Enable live chat option on the left. Set up the privacy also. Set up the Video language by selecting the most suitable one.
  11. Time to Go live now by beginning the broadcast live event. Click on “Go live now” and then tap on “Ok” to confirm. You can broadcast up to 8 hours straight and once done, click on the red “Stop broadcast” button at the bottom.

After getting the video uploaded, customize your YouTube channel accordingly. You can add up images, Text and the Layout. Last and the most important step comes here is to promote your YouTube videos. You know that there will be no benefit if you are uploading the videos but no one is watching them.

Google owns the YouTube which is a good reason and they acquired the Social media as well which makes it the most expansive and powerful of all the Social Media marketing strategies. YouTube videos are easy to share online which makes it being integrated them into a Social media strategy. DMR Statistics says that there is 323 days’ worth of YouTube videos being watched on Facebook every time. We all know that YouTube is an International sensation and can reach out your business worldwide.

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