What is Keyword Research

December 19, 2018

Research is the most important part of the entire SEO campaign itself. To be more successful in the SEO field, we must know how to choose the right keywords. Keyword research is the base of Search Engine Optimization.

We know that content is required for every Search Engine/Website, but what type of the content is beneficial for them?

Every user that is visiting to your website is searching for useful content; whether they know you or not. Make your content by thinking about its power and preciseness, as well as about the users and Search engines that are reading it. Development and Designing does play an important role in your website’s success but will you ever go to a website again where you have nothing to read?

What is Content strategy?

According to Moz Content strategy includes all the internal guidelines and governance whereas Content marketing includes the Creation and promotion of the content.

All of the SEO techniques are meant to be applied after being done with the Keyword Research.

Reliable content leads to better Conversion Rate. It gives better Return of Investment as Content Marketing costs 62 percent lesser than the traditional marketing.

But what is this Keyword Research?

First of all, we try to find out what is related to our business, service or product, from which angle are words, statements or phrases/

Keyword research has four steps –

  1. Generating keywords ideas for your website.
  2. How often is this word searched? Detection of search volume
  3. Competitiveness of a keyword that you can easily find out with the Google Keyword Planner.
  4. Selecting the right keyword

How to find keywords for your website?

Before generating keyword ideas, understand that your keywords are based on your niche and on your goals, which you want to achieve. While creating keyword ideas, there is a need to keep an eye on Niche. Niche in English means relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, special section of the population.

What is the meaning of Niche?

Related to our business, service or product related topics in which your targeted customer is interested. Every website or blog has to identify its niche (website related words). Now you must have a little brainstorming to get keywords for your website. Think about the related keywords related to your business.

With everybody keyword we can generate many tail keywords –

Head keywords

They are the primary keywords (consisting 1 word) such as website.

Body Keywords

These keywords are usually made up of two words such as Website Company.

Long tail keywords

These keywords use 4+ words (more than four words) – like website development company Delhi.

Their Search Volumes are low and also they are low in competition yet, easier to rank. Best to rank and conversion.  For a new website, combination of primary keywords and long tail keywords proves best.

LSI keywords

This is a new term if talking about keywords; it stands for Latent Semant Indexing. They are the keywords that got their ranking in a much effective and faster manner.

Let’s use online tools for finding keywords

You can use Ubersuggest to find many of the related keywords which is very easy to use. Just write your keyword in the Search box and hit click.

You have to put your main keyword in its search box and it will tell you about many long tail keywords related to it.

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