What is ALEXA Ranking? Definition and Resources of alexa Rank

December 18, 2018
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Alexa says, it is a global ranking system that utilizes the web traffic data to compile a list of most popular websites i.e., the alexa rank. Lower rank means the site is more popular. Alexa is introduced in 1996 but in 1999 it is acquired by Amazon.

What is Alexa ranking?

It is an estimate for how popular your site is in terms of other ones. Alexa has its own large data traffic panel that consists of millions of people all around the world. The complete data estimates the number of visitors of all other sites on the Internet. It is based on two sets of data that are unique visitors and also the page views. Daily update of the traffic rank makes it more accurate.

How can I improve my Alexa rank?

This is one of the most important metric for improving your Alexa rank and as a public metric your Alexa rank will be looked up by your partners. You may find it interesting that slight improvement can make changes in a real dollar.

Producing engaging and original content is a must to attract the new visitors as well as bots that provide the real audience value. Once user finds some resources and valuable information, they urge to be a regular visitor.

Get more related links to your site that clearly defines your niche as well as trust the credibility and quality of your site. Internal links lead your visitor from one page to another and are beneficial because they are guiding the visitors through your site. Contributing to the internal links are helps your readers to be more engaging with relevancy.

Inbound as well as Internal links are an important part for the Search engines, so make sure you are doing it appropriately.

Find keywords that are relevant and can generate traffic to your competitors with the optimization of your site. Once you become popular, everything goes easy.

Understanding your competitor’s marketing strategy is important and there are several reasons to do so. SEO is obviously not something that you can forget while trying to rank your website, follow the best of SEO practices on your website.

How to check your Alexa rank?

Visit to the official site Alexa and type your full domain there. Scroll down the page to know other important metrics for a domain like Bounce rate, Daily pageviews per visitor, Daily time on the site with the percentage of visits from Search and Demographics like top keywords from the Search engines with the sites linked and some other data as well.

The Alexa rank is based on two sets of data i.e., the total number of unique visitors and the page views as well. The top ranked sites have top quality content and can also attract the new users. Clicking on the same page for multiple times are not going to increase your page click count. A visitor can improve the online ranking only if they visit the different pages.

It is a single metric that provides a quick summary about a site’s performance of the competitor as well.

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