What is AIS 140 and why do we need this?

September 13, 2018

The transportation device of any country is the backbone of its financial system. The transportation system is wanted to function at its full performance always. In case even one link of the shipping system breaks down then the commercial enterprise can be affected in a worse way. Breakdown of transportation device isn’t wanted at any time. As an instance, for a business of manufacturing recycled paper, it’s far critical that they get a delivery of the paper to recycle. Now if the paper isn’t always transported at the right time the corporation systems will simply sit idle inflicting loss to the owners.

With the intention to increase and make sure the performance of the transport gadget the authorities of India as designed a wise shipping system (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard -140. It is globally confirmed to optimize the usage of existing transport infrastructure to the nice of its ability. This enables in improving the transportation system in terms of performance, great, consolation and protection.

AIS 140 standards are not being implemented across the country.
There are numerous elements of the AIS 140 which encompasses the diverse elements of automobile law and preservation of protection requirements. Since the primary aim of designing the device is to boom the vehicle protection there are numerous subsections to the ITS and those consist of

Operations and Management:

Those are the simple components of any system. AIS 140 lays down the guidelines for the operations and systems in various public shipping structures in details. If there are any modifications to be made then there are guidelines made for the identical too.


Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking:

This is one of the most vital factors of AIS-140. Computerized region tracking will help monitor the direction taken through the vehicle, the time taken through the vehicle and gas optimization. All this stuff assists in regulating the visitors in addition to keeping a track of the vehicle, assets timings and schedules. Vehicle location monitoring also helps in monitoring the health of the motors.

Performance management of the vehicle and the driver: For the car to be in complete health always there is lots of hand of the driver additionally. Performance management of the vehicle and the driver force each assist in retaining the overall performance of the vehicle in the right situation.

Route and schedule management:

car security

AIS 140 additionally lays down the steerage for path and agenda renovation of the vehicles. That is achieved to make sure that the shortest and gas cost-efficient course for the car and the layout is done in this kind of manner that right maintenance is performed on the given schedule.

Maintenance and service management: ITS also makes provisions for the protection and carrier control of the complete system so make certain the flow of the transportation without battle. This must be stability among the service and provider.

Crew management: what’s a transport system without its nicely controlled group. The AIS 140 specifies the requirement of crew and within the specific section of the transportation mode and devices.

AIS-140 Standards also covers the following points:

• Reservations management
• Information
• In-vehicle (Location based announcements)
• Outside vehicle (at bus stops/depots)
• On demand Information (via Personal Computing Devices)
• In vehicle manual electronic ticketing
• In vehicle automated ticketing (Smart card based)
• Safety and Security
• Emergency Request
• In vehicle video surveillance and recording

The guidelines are meant for strict adherence by the transport owner as well as consumers.

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