What is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn money with it?

October 3, 2018

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing technique where publisher (blogger or merchant) on selling a company’s product that gets commission by the company. The better the marketing is, the product sells, and therefore there is no limit on income. The company also wishes that its product is very good, so that all those bloggers and online mortar help a lot, for that the banners, the widget itself provides.

If this image is simplified then only 3 important processes are made – Join → Promote → Earn Before.


The Merchant is a company, brand or retailer. Affiliate Marketing starts with this because the company’s product, item or services comes out from it. Merchant takes advantage of Affiliate Marketing to sell his product


We also know this as a publisher, distributor, advertiser or even a blogger / digital marketer who works on it. The Affiliate’s job is to market the product or service, if the product or service is sold through them, then they are commissioned by The Merchant.


These are customers and nothing is without them. This is the job of buying a product or service. Sometimes the consumer does not have much information about the product or services he buys the product with the help of an Affiliate.


The Network is a platform or a kind of software where the Merchant and The Affiliate can see or manage your sales and commission. There are some merchant who provide their own platform and some merchant has to resort to another network.

Now let us know how to get started on Affiliate Marketing? And how to earn money from it? If you follow all these steps and follow it then you will make good money.

  1. Sign up for Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog then join your affiliate affiliate marketing sign. For example, if your blog or social media is related to a fashion, then you should join the affiliate program that offers a fashion product or service. You can join programs like amazon or flipkart, in this you will get a product related to a five star fashion.

  1. Select product related to Niche

It is quite ego, for your marketing, on which subjects your platform is and what you can do well. If you review or unboxing a mobile, it will be very easy to sell your mobile. In the post or video you are reviewing or unboxing of a mobile, you can put your affiliate link there when a product sells with this link, then you will get a commission from it.

  1. Promote Products

As long as you do not sell any product, you will not get any benefits, so it is necessary that the product will reach the consumer and it will be sold also. “Affiliate marketing” whether you are doing blogs or benefits from YouTube, but you have to do a great deal of SEO of your posts or videos. To reach more audiences, you can offer them offers in the product and on the social media you can get help with post promotion.

  1. View and manage sales

When you join an affiliate program, you get a panel or dashboard by Merchant, and you will be given an affiliate link. What is the affiliate link? How much commission did you get? Everything you can see in this panel or dashboard.

  1. Get commission money

If you have made a fair sell through Affiliate Marketing and you have become less than half of your affiliate program panel, then you can transfer it to your bank. Merchant offers a number of options for payment such as PayPal, Cheque, Direct bank transfer, etc.

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