What Does It Take To Generate 100000 Visitors Per Month Using Inbound Marketing?

May 24, 2019
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In today’s highly technological world, a global presence of your company in the form of a website has become the most crucial link to connect you with an audience all over the world. Needless to say, this requires an increase in your site’s web traffic, more impressions, more sign-ups and ultimately more conversions. To do this, one needs more than just good SEO. We tell you this from our own experience.

Our client, Consultease was able to generate 100,000 visitors per month using our solid plan and well-formulated strategies that differentiated them from the rest.

Generate 100000 Visitors

Through this post, our aim is to walk you through how we reached this milestone, the strategy we built and the approach that made it possible. So, let’s dive in!

Guest Post Content

Guest posting is one of the best ways to obtain valuable links to your own blogs because when you contribute to other bigger brand sites, you get noticed too. People who search for any piece of content can now find you on a well-trusted site and that increases the referral traffic for your own website as well. Search engines are known to give better rankings to websites that have backlinks coming from such reputable sites. So, it’s a win-win for the brand and you, both. That’s why this tried and tested method is a significant part of digital marketing.

Create Evergreen Content

As the name suggests, this is the content which will always stay relevant. People looking to gain weight in 2010 will have the same questions as people in 2018 and this may never change. So, invest your time in such topics related to your area of work and spend time on the related keyword research, search phrases, and other long tail keywords. Jot down the top 10 most important words which will help with your search engine rankings and build your content around them. With evergreen content, traffic may not be as frequent when compared to a trending topic, but it is guaranteed to give you steady returns in the long run.

Create Insightful Content

The content on your website is what will lure or drive away your audience. So, you must be very clear about the target market you are trying to tap into. Don’t expect your audience to repeatedly visit your site if you write on a generalized topic with no research. Make sure you narrow your focus to a niche so that such a specific focus helps you gain followers. Of course, we don’t mean you narrow your focus to such lengths that you end up struggling for topics to write on. But, be very clear about what your audience is interested in and what more could they want to read on.

SEO-friendly Website Structure

To achieve SEO success is no breeze. There are a lot of factors involved in the process, but it boils down to these three components:

Scalable: The structure of your website should be such that you can easily allow it to grow as much as you want to.

Tiered: The URL architecture of your website should be built in such a way that authority flows upwards through your directories. The links in the sub-directories should be able to feed authority to the parent directories.

Crawlable: The structure of your web pages must allow the search engine bots to easily crawl and index all your content. Make sure your coding is perfect to the T. Keep a tab on how crawler sees your webpage so you stay on track.

Optimize Your Website – Smooth Mobile Experience

Today, mobile searches are increasing more than the desktop and thus contributing more to your website’s traffic. Google has introduced mobile-first indexing, which means if your site is not mobile responsive, it could pose a big problem for you. Your SEO rankings could suffer and you could lose out a considerable portion of your future earnings to your competitors with a mobile-responsive site. So, it is important that you create some content keeping in mind mobile optimization. Pay attention to the load times, image resolutions and page speeds for the best mobile experience.

Leverage Video Content and YouTube

Posts that have videos and images are 6 times more likely to attract visitors than posts with plain text. Creating videos and uploading them on YouTube can prove to be a game changer for you if you stay consistent. Remember to always include annotations that link back to your website. In addition, embed your YouTube videos in your blogs while uploading them on your website, share on social media and ask your viewers to like your videos and subscribe them. Perform these steps religiously and you are bound to get returns. Majority of the business owners fear the time needed to invest in creating such video content, so turn this into your strength.

Crowdsourced Content

Crowdsourced content is when you ask various experts and influencers or your own community their thoughts and opinions on a specific topic and give them their due credit while posting it on your site. It is another intelligent way to build an audience for your website, make them interested in what you have to share and gather valuable feedback from them.  Look below for the best crowdsource articles:

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Create a Glossary of Important Terms

Consider adding a post on “Glossary of Terms” in your Content Management System. Write the definition of SEO jargons that are used in everyday content marketing or digital marketing world that people may want to know more about. Try to build your content around it and post at least twice a month. Glossary posts can have a strong impact on your search engine rankings and can even become a part of your evergreen content’ as people will always want to know the meanings to technical jargons. Your post will always stay relevant. By following these tactics you will not only increase traffics to your website, rather you make your online brand trustworthy.


It’s not difficult to make a website, anyone can do it. It’s what comes next that separates you from the crowd and makes you shine. Solid SEO, reliable content strategies and backlinking tactics are a great way to jumpstart your traffic. Being patient and consistent with your efforts is the key to a successful website with increasing organic search traffic. With careful planning and timely adjustments, it is possible to achieve over 100,000 organic visitors per month. We hope you learned a new thing or two from the lessons we shared and will apply them to make your own strategy. Work smarter, not harder. Best of luck!


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