Digital marketing comprises other forms of marketing. It is simply defined as the marketing activities which employs the use of the internet and electronic devices to pass across mainly business generating information although it is not restricted to business alone. These activities take place over the internet space. This then begs the question, is every form of marketing conducted online digital marketing? What about marketing done over the radio or the TV? The answer is yes and no. Most digital marketing activities are conducted online but some are conducted offline also. However, here are different types of digital marketing.

Affiliate Marketing  

This is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. It is simply the process by which an individual partners with a business so as to generate traffic to the business. How this works is, the business generates a link which the individual shares via various online platforms. It could be via social media as long as it is online. When some clicks this link and successfully completes a purchase, you are paid a commission from the sale. This form of marketing is popular amongst individuals who own websites like blogs as they can easily put up the link for readers and website visitors to access. This is a good way to make some extra income for most individuals.

Email Marketing

This is one form of digital marketing that most people are familiar with. Going into your email, you would most likely find different types of emails advertising different products or businesses. Email marketing simply is the use of emails for the promotion of your business. Promotion of your business isn’t restricted only to sales through the use of emails but also a vehicle a business can use to interact with their customers.

Content Marketing

This form of digital marketing comes across as the easiest as it simply involves the creation in addition to the distribution of content for a specified target audience. The channel used for the distribution depends on the message the content creator wants to pass across. If your content are in video form, well social media platforms like Instagram is a great vehicle to use. Although the most popular vehicle used is YouTube. The goal here isn’t just to entertain or pass across a message but ultimately to drive profitable action from your target audience. Content marketing is found in every other form of digital marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

As the name implies it is the use of paid methods to make your website visible on search engines. This means when you type in some keywords in a search engine like Google or Bing, it brings out a list of results for you. The first result you might see would be a paid Ad if your search words relates to the Ad. The ‘Ad’ sign would be in front of the search result returned. Most business employ this method to build traffic to their website and promote customer actions like sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While Search Engine Marketing refers to paid Ads which are visible through search engines, SEO refers to free visibility which comes a result of organic search. When some types in s keyword into a search engine, it returns results which relates to what is searched. Although the first results are paid Ads, what follows are organic results. The only downside is, you don’t want to have traffic which does not relate to anything you do. Remember the search engine scans your content and returns you as a possible result is you have keywords the relates to what is typed. In some cases, there might not be a connection between what you type and what the search engine returns. So what SEO does is to optimize your content for search engines to drive quality traffic to your website or business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Like the name means, the use of social media platform to drive traffic to your business or website. Popular social media platforms used are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube amongst a host of others. These platforms are used to share content to target audiences either to entertain or inform with the aim of driving profitable action.

The combination of SEO, SMM and Content marketing is called ‘Inbound Marketing’. This is a marketing method whose aim is to delight, engage and attract leads. It is to make the customer happy while driving quality traffic to a website and ultimately convert customers.

Instant Messaging Marketing

This is the use of instant messaging services like WhatsApp to pass across your message. WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users worldwide and you are certain you can reach your target audience if you employ this form of digital marketing. Although WhatsApp makes use of an individual phone number to connect to the app, most business can share their WhatsApp link on various other platforms and when people click the link they find out what the business is about.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PCC)

This is a form of digital marketing whereby a business pays a fee every time their ad is clicked. What this means is the business is basically buying visits to their website. It has some similarity to SEM because the search is paid for. The slight difference it has from Search Engine Marketing is display advertising can be added. A display advert includes videos or pictures not just text.

Other types of digital marketing forms are Television advertising. This for years was the most popular form of reaching your target audience. Presently, with the use of smartphones and electronic devices to watch your favourite shows and programs, other digital marketing forms are now preferred. Television advertising is still used by business though they might be quite expensive.

Digital marketing has steadily moved traditional forms of marketing out of the way and its various types are been employed by small and big businesses to get across to their target audiences, pas across their business message and promote customer action.