They are nothing more than alphanumeric codes that are offered by an online store to make more purchases on their website. That promo code discount can further be applied to the same product or maybe on entire order.

What are Promotional codes?

They are quite similar to using paper coupons at recharge shops. Each of the promo code does not consist the same value. They are basically dependent on persons who are offering the service (merchants).

How do they work?

Discounts can be of various types, may be of discount or of free shipping or gift wrapping. This technique allows the customers to purchase more products from an online shopping portal. Microsoft says Promotional code that is also known as the Coupon code or Discount code is a combination of letters and numbers.

Why does a Promotional code work?

The main focus of a promotional code is to issue the promotional codes that attract more customers than earlier. They have a direct impact on the overall shopping experience. Customers will be getting products that they want to buy at lower prices.

Types of Promotional codes
  1. Public codes: These are the ones that can be seen by anyone. They are very helpful for attracting new customers and also encourage previous customers to come back.
  2. Private codes: These are the ones that target a specific group of people and for availing special shopping opportunities. These are particularly good for achieving new customers.
  3. Restricted codes: They are restricted to targeting a single user that can be used for once only.