What is a Website’s homepage?

A homepage is an initial/ main web page of a website or browser, also known as Main page. This is the page that a visitor lands through search engine results page (SERPs) to get know more about website. In technical terms, a Home page is the first page represented in front of user. Consider it as your company’s virtual front door; optimize accordingly.

Tips to optimize your Website’s Homepage:

  1. Optimization of H1 tag: Remember that H1 tag is not the optimal place for your slogans but should have your brand’s introduction. Search engines take care of what and where you are placing things. No matter what your business size is but Content marketing works and even make or break your success. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language that is used to create web pages and an HTML tag is a code snippet that tells your Web browser about displaying the content. Furthermore, HTML has 6 different heading tags H1 to H6 (Most to least important). H1s have always been a major ranking factor; every page required only 1 h1 tag to maximize the SEO efforts.

Heading tags

It meant to be similar with your title tag and is usually the title of your blog post or article; it should be in between 20-70 characters yet stand out. It must be bigger, stronger, and noticeable with a semantic element. You can also use a long-tail keyword in your H1 tag.

  1. Effective Link Building (Off page SEO): Off page or Link building techniques are deeper than just creating links, indeed it is about telling Search engine what others think of your website. Backlinks are incoming links to your website and are very important to rank your website. It is important to increase your positive brand references, Traffic and Search engine rankings. There are 3 types of links i.e., Natural, Manually built and Self-created links. Off site SEO includes Social media marketing and Guest Blogging. Create content that worth reading.

SEO off page optimization

Don’t just throw out your links for a page, make a link wheel to give your users a rich experience that is essential for your site. Before creating a link make sure about the linking site’s popularity, freshness of link, Anchor text, Trustworthiness of linking and also the authority of linking domain and page. Social Media Engagement, Social Bookmarking Sites, Forum Submission, Blog Directory Submission, Article Submission, Question and Answer, Video Submission and Image Submission are some major seo Link building techniques.

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Your website’s navigation is an obvious point to give your users a quick and easy browsing experience with no complications. Navigation refers to a collection of links that forms the website navigation menu and this is usually the collection of links that you can see vertically or may be horizontally. It is responsible for increasing your user stay time and decreased Bounce rate, easy to navigate website always ensure product purchases. The navigation bar must include short and to-the-point categories.

Your website’s logo should be linked to your home page. Main tabs should include “About us”, “Contact us”, “Sitemap” and other pages. It needs to be Clear and Structured with 3-15 links on the navigation bars to avoid any mess. To encourage your readers more, interlinking can be beneficial to connect other pages. Good navigation can boost your SEO by enabling the Search Engine Spiders to properly index and crawl the website.

  1. Don’t make it much cluttered with so many Images, Messages and Marketing tactics. Call-to-Action button can be a good option though. Let your readers grab as much as information possible and that is possible only in a clean and navigated website. Your homepage needs to be Strong yet attractive.
  2. Optimization: Crawlers do not like messed up coding, put it optimized only. Your required pages should be indexed and crawl able for the spiders; should not be blocked with robots.txt file. No unnecessary redirects should be there and also get rid of the broken links. Optimize your slow and heavy loading pages to get the benefits. Content Marketing and its optimization is required where you need to routine your keyword research. Continuously test your Homepage.