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Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2018

By Yogesh Gaur on November 3, 2018

Web 2.0 websites that also referred as the second generation of World Wide Web. They are a system where online users can become participants in the website. They provide user generated content only that is responsive to the user input. The audiences are also targeted. There are chances that you won’t be getting domain of your choice and in that case web 2.0 serves at their best.

Benefits of Web 2.0 submission sites:

  1. Little downtime: For most of the websites uptime is a major issue and luckily web 2.0 websites have no downtime. Even the Google has provided 99.9% uptime in the last 12 months. Gmail allowed 7 GB of the storage. Downtime is the time when a system or websites becomes unavailable.
  2. They are easy to use just like we submitting some content on our own website. Sign up and further process is explained on their self.
  3. Authoritative websites: Web 2.0 sites are already having authorities and they definitely transfer some link juice to your website. Submit your content to the high authority web 2.0 websites to get some quick result. You are spending your quality time in writing an article, why wasting them by submitting on some low authority ones. Your quality content needs to be posted on good websites only.
  4. Information will be flowing freely and Internet users can easily express their ideas on the things without having any fear. We all possess different opinions on every topic and here web 2.0 wins our heart. Pick up any of the web 2.0 submission site and submit your content.
  5. They are User-friendly, Easy to use, Can create dynamic learning, Media varieties with access of editing for every user. Also, it provides real-time discussion. Future of web 2.0 is introduced as Web 3.0.

List for web 2.0 Submission sites:-

S.NO Web 2.0 Submission Sites List
1 xing.com
2 wordpress.com
3 goodreads.com
4 merchantcircle.com
5 last.fm
6 my.opera.com
7 livejournal.com
8 sfgate.com
9 wix.com
10 tumblr.com
11 weebly.com
12 academia.edu
13 rhizome.org
14 blog.fc2.com
15 zoho.com
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