Useful Tools for an Artist’s Website

February 11, 2019
Useful Tools for an Artist's Website

If the artist wants to be successful, it is necessary to showcase his or her works to the target audience. There are many competitors in this sphere of art. It takes much effort to attract the potential customers and keep them interested in what you do. The creation of own website can become highly effective promotion tool. It gives you opportunity to increase your fan base online. The person can acquire fans all over the world. Online market gives much more opportunities to earn and become famous.

However, it is not that easy to understand how to solve technical issues connected with it.

There are a lot of platforms and online tools that can be useful for artists’ websites.

Many artists use free platforms enabling easy creation of the site, but if you are serious about your business, it is better to make your own original website. Drag and drop templates seem to be a good solution for less techy people. It becomes a temporary solution, as a rule, if the artist achieves heights. It is always better to have a full control of your site design, so invest to this business tool to showcase your work professionally and start your own brand.

  • Try WordPress CMS

WordPress platform is one of the most popular over the web. 30% from all sites are made with this Content Management System. If we compare the figure of WordPress sites among the sites made with other CMSs, the figure reaches 60%. This is the most popular CMS in the world. Then follows Joomla and Drupal with their 6% and 4% correspondingly. If you want to find the best WordPress hosting for your website, HRANK uptime monitoring service can provide the unbiased data for you.

  • Use a free website name generator LeanDomainSearch

It is advised to use the trusted domain such as .com when you choose the site. Select the right name of your site. It should be catchy and memorable. It takes time to find the one. LeanDomainSearch is a free website name generator. It will find thousands of available domains in .com in a second or so. Alternatively, you can try such service as Bust a Name, which finds available domains in .org and .net.

  • Install social media plugins

Social media buttons integrated to your site will help your audience to share the content and promote your art online. Once visitors see such buttons they are encouraged to share info. This is a perfect way to attract the target audience. It is much easier to gain the feedback and contribute to better sales. Do not underestimate the power of social media, which is often more effective than other promotion tools. The word of mouth marketing has always been more powerful than the articles in established media. It is also great to integrate comments in social media to your site. Create your community. This is an affordable promotion tool. Active community members will fulfill all promotion work for you free of charge. It also pays back to be active in social media. Such sites as Facebook, Instagram. Pinterest, DevianArt, Tumblr, Behance and many others can perfectly complement your site. Attract the audience from different resources to find the co-thinkers and grow your customer base.

Social media presence is important but you should have your own resource as social media platforms always make their goals a priority, not your promotion. When you have your own website, you do not depend upon anybody. For instance, you have a list of email addresses of your subscribers. It is always better to have a direct contact with your audience.

  •  Embed print-on-demand plugin

It is not necessary to sell your art as prints only. It can be printed on anything. Print-on-demand plugin enables sales of own custom designs on diverse products such as shirts, T-shirts, books and other items. This is a low-risk ecommerce model that is a good way to monetize work for artists, photographers and graphic designers. Any creative person can become an entrepreneur easily with help of special software installed on your site. All you need to do is to provide a high quality image to the print-on-demand platform and the company that specializes on PoD service will do the rest: print the image on the item chosen by the customer and ships the commodity to the buyer. Create fantastic merchandize to sell it to customers.

There are special services like Printify that can be integrated with Etsy and WooCommerce platforms.

  • Use SEO plugin

It is necessary to optimize the site to help it reach wider audience. If the site is easily found by search engines, it will drive traffic to your site. Your website should rank highly to be visible online. One third of all users click on the first result in Google, 18% of them choose the second one and the rest select the lower results on the first page. It means that your site should get to the first page to draw traffic to the website. If you have WordPress website, try such plugins as Yoast – a perfect tool for SEO work. Follow these SEO tips to grow your traffic.

  • Use quality portfolio software

A well-designed portfolio is important as this is a key to success. This is how your site visitors get access to your gallery of works and assess your potential. This is a perfect way to attract attention of such resources as Agora Gallery, which is always looking for new talents. Many professional connections start via personal sites.

You can use the portfolio template for best portfolio site. There are a lot of such themes on WordPress. There are free and paid templates that are convenient for portfolio. It is always better to use the paid version for better performance.

Alternatively, you can use the plugins to showcase the portfolio. It can be, for instance, a free plugin Envira Gallery.

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