What if an intelligent tool or software guides you about how your site is performing in all aspects like branding, marketing, SEO, etc.? Won’t it become really easy to track the performance of the site and find out where it is lacking and where it’s doing well? Collecting feedback from real users takes some time. This would need you to bring organic traffic or testers first to the site, and then only you can get them to test and explore things to give the feedback. This is a whole process. And this process cannot be completed unless you get real users to test and use the site. But with software you won’t have to go through any waiting time.

What happens with an accessibility testing tool?

When you test your website with a tool that measures accessibility and gives a detailed report, then you get the following things to know:

• What are the issues impacting the website accessibility?
• Is the site ready for SEO by being accessible to search engines?
• Is the site accessible to users and hence ready for marketing?
• Is the site ready for e-commerce and can be used for shopping and money transactions etc.?
• If the site is secure and there is no data threat for it?
• Is the quality of content in the site alright?
• How much compliant the site is for branding?

You would get answers to all these questions when before launching the site formally you send it for tests. When you send it for the test, you actually will get to know how much ready the site is to handle the organic traffic which you would bring to it with much effort, labor, paid advertising and marketing.

Accessibility brings on the main difference

When you get to know if the site is ready to handle real organic traffic, then you get confident to do marketing for it, and then do branding in the later stages. It all depends on how much ready the site is with its features and accessibility. Hence accessibility is a big factor, upon which depends all the other factors which lead a website or an online business towards popularity and success.

If the traffic you bring to the site cannot use the site as expected, cannot read the site contents as needed, cannot see the pictures and videos on the site, cannot scroll through the site, cannot explore the full menu, cannot view the site in the desired resolution, and face such issues, then obviously they would not like to return to the site for any reason. And that is why rectification of the site at all those places are needed which renders the site inaccessible, illegible, poorly visible, and difficult to explore for some users.


It’s easy to determine the accessibility of a site by putting it through simple tests. And it’ a very healthy practice to check the site for this before you start taking steps that incur you time and money for the promotion of the site.