Use of Sales Enablement to Boost Effectiveness and Efficiency

January 30, 2020

The more information you have the better. This is the basic concept of sales and marketing. The digital world has only given wider access to the realm of gaining customer information. Companies work tirelessly to piece all the information together and make plans. This enables them to think ahead and create a competitive advantage that sets them apart. Having more information enables you to have a higher chance of creating something that your target audience will love. This is exactly what sales enablement does. It gives you the right information at the right time

Sales enablement is not just a fancy word used in the corporate sector rather, the term has much depth to it. It provides information, insight, tools, content and even training to help increase sales and boost the productivity of the organization.

How Sales Enablement Can Help You?

Sales enablement technology

Sales enablement is the process of providing the best support, tools, and training to the sales team to increase your company’s sales. Like every other process sales enablement also uses the help of technologies and tools. These tools are called sales enablement platforms. These platforms provide all the necessary information in a structured format to the sales and marketing teams so they can engage customers more effectively.

sales enablement platforms have many functions. Its primary function is to provide proper and current information. Aside from that it can analyze your company and compare your sales with other competitors in the industry.

It can also show you all the current content, trends and give you ideas about what the customers are currently invested in. This helps you in creating new content that has a greater chance of influencing the customers and pulling them to your product or services.

There are lots of sales enablement technologies out there so it is also necessary to evaluate and select the right ones. The tools have to be on par with the company’s needs. It is important to evaluate the functions and analytics and see:

  • If it matches with the current CRM
  • If it can easily put together all the necessary information about marketing and sales in one place
  • If it can analyze existing opportunities and also identify strategic gaps
  • If it uses proper AI technology

And most importantly if it is up to date.

All these things need to be evaluated before investing in sales enablement technologies.

Builds a bridge between sales and marketing

The most important job of sales enablement is to provide information in a structured manner. Nowadays companies have more information than they need. This creates a lack of control and even hampers the flow of information.

Sales enablement provides the proper information which helps both the sales and marketing department to work in unison as both are guided with the same information. Disputes between sales and marketing often occur and sales enablement intends to resolve it and make sure that everyone is on the same page

Boosts productivity

The main objective of a sales rep is to attract and convince the customer. The more you will know about the customer’s choices and preferences the easier it becomes to convince them. Gathering all the data and evaluating the best process and then engaging the customer can be pretty hefty.

Here sales enablement comes to play. It presents the salesperson with all the necessary information and tools needed to engage the customer convincingly. This way it enhances the productivity of the salespeople as it saves their time on researching and gives them more confidence and scope to engage with the customers.

Utilizing Resources

Sales enablement does not only work with customer information. It also deals with planning and preparing formats, tools, and structures the company should follow to increase sales. Due to the massive realm of sales and marketing, there are tons of training programs and tools that companies use.

But not all of them are necessary for every company out there. Sales enablement helps to choose the proper tools and training program that is tailored to meet the specific purpose of individual companies. This helps save and utilize the company resources.

Lifts up the team

There are always some special sales reps that have natural skills to exceed sales quota. With the help of sales enablement, your whole sales team can have a better understanding of the current market and ongoing trends which in turn helps them to reach a higher level of effectiveness in their customer approach. Proper enablement also helps new recruits grasp knowledge about competition, strategies and helps all of them be on the same page.

Helps in hiring new employees

Through current information, you can understand what the market requires and lacks. The information not only helps you learn about the customers, it also allows you to see what your company has to offer. Through proper tools you can analyze and compare your current management and employee capabilities with the current market. This greatly enables you to hire new employees. You can easily figure out whether the new employee fits the current criteria or not.

Now it may sound like these are already done by managers and sales reps on a regular basis. But no amount of information and strategies they have to go through and comprehend can be excruciating. They might be able to get the job done but to increase the efficiency of the work sales enablement can do wonders.


If you see your manager being unable to give adequate time to the new sales recruit, if you see your company not being able to keep up with the current market and industry, if you see that you cannot afford to wait for a long time for your sales reps to ramp up, then it’s probably a good time to hire a sales enablement manager and a team to supercharge your sales reps, boost your productivity and help reach those sales numbers you always wanted to.

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