Ups and Downs of the Latest Version of Kodi 18 on Firestick

March 2, 2019

Kodi now launches it new blockbuster update v18.0, which is also called as ‘Leia.’ The provider has now released an alpha version of this update, and this non-profit had announced the launch of its early version through a blog post a while ago. As we said, the latest version of this update is now on alpha, which is a premature version, so the users should be careful about its download and set up. As it is in the early stages of development, there could be glitches and bugs in it, which may trigger some issues with the Kodi device.

In an official press release, the Kodi team had already said that the alpha version of Leia is not “living room ready.” The experts also commented on Kodi 18 installation as “it will be a good idea to have a semi-recent backup also with Leia,” which is a caution for those who are planning to install the new alpha release.

Installing Kodi Leia

Those who want to take that risk and planning to install Leia, there are some certain advantages and many new features coming with it. Kodi is bringing in many improvements in this version in terms of handling live TV. Users can stream live TV through Kodi with the v18 version and also record the shows in HDD quality to view later.

Kodi18 on FireStick

Amazon FireStick is now one of the most popular streaming devices. It can stream 1080p videos from Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Sling, Showtime, etc. to name a few. Unlike the live TV platforms like Apple TV, it is easy for the users to set up Kodi to run on FireStick, which is now easier with Kodi 18 on Firestick, which makes it a much greater video streamer.

Android users can move Kodi app to the microSD from their smartphone and run it from that source with the v18 version. Android TV owners can also use Google Assistant for requesting specific content stored on Kodi media player without the need for a remote controller.

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