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January 10, 2019
Seo explanation and fundamentals

Money can be earned through blogging for which you should be the talent to write and the knowledge of search engine optimization SEO with which the blogs you write are liked by Google and easily read during the reading to read the readers. For this, first you need to know about SEO off page activities and while writing articles, some important points have to be included in your article like the rule. If you do this then traffic will increase on your site and more and more viewers will come to your site so that your site’s ranking will be good.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a web mining tool that gives the most appropriate results of the search engine that the user wants to search for on the search engine. SEO tool gives a list of results according to the keyword. In this result, many sites are organized by SEO, which has user’s query and users can visit those sites as per their preference.

SEO crawls web pages for this, after which the best results are chosen, which is called indexing of the page, and for this, all SEO uses robot/boat and spider.

A crawler visits each site, every page, and chooses the sites through hypertext links and then indexes the pages.

Thus, index pages are stored in one place.

After indexing, the results are given according to the user’s query in which the most appropriate results are given by matching the keyword of the query to the index pages.

How the search engine works or Overview of Search Engine Optimization?

By the way, all search engines have their own algorithm, which according to which they do optimization, a basic idea is given below.

SEO works in three steps:

  1. Crawling: This is the first step that is done for indexing web pages. In this, the web spider visits hypertext pages and indexes the pages.
  2. Indexing: Indexing Crawling, parsing and storing of data for the web pages that are indexed is done under indexing so that the same data is put together which is called indexing. The result of which is achieved in the search engine. Those web pages are selected from these index pages.
  3. Indexing: Indexing starts the process of matching. When the user enters the query in the search engine, the matching process begins, in which the SEO tool goes to the index page and matches the query according to the keyword, a list of web pages. The choice is given by the meta description written in web pages. This whole process is called matching.

It was a small introduction of SEO in which you can understand how an SEO deals with user queries, but this whole process is robotic for which some Google algorithms are used and any search engine keeps changing its algorithm.

So far, we have told how search engines deal with a user’s query, but if you are a blogger and want to see your site in top level then you have to follow some strategies.

How to get a site up in search?

In the search engine, the website does not come easily and quickly in the top ten. This takes time, the site should be about 6 months old, and its crawling, indexing and matching process should be done properly, for which you have to follow the following rules.

The speed of the site

The speed of the site works as fast as possible, use the framework best for it. Firstly people used blog posts, but then came to WordPress, whose good results came out and now a latest Framework Genesis word Press Genesis WordPress has come, whose speed is even better and results are also many times better so you also use Genesis WordPress.

Select the area of writing

To write a nice area lime which is also of interest to you and it is also read by the ware, you will learn gradually. Try to pick up a topic so that you can help someone because such topics are highly searched.

News like you chose the area of fitness.

Create URL

URL is the most important factor that your page has the same linking, so choose it carefully and enter your keyword in the URL.


Now pick out a small word from the selected area, such as losing weight in today’s news related to fitness, it is more searched, so your keyword will be weight loss. This way you chose your keyword.

Use of keywords

Use keywords in your data many times but not too much. The search engine understands that the page is on top of the topic because I already said search engine optimization is a robotic process that does not contain human senses. That’s why keywords and URLs are built quite a lot.

  • Key place of keywords in data
  • The URL is in the keyword.
  • Keywords are in the title and all titles.
  • The keyword is in the name of the image.
  • The keyword is in the meta description.

Blog Length

Do not skimp on blogging. The more you write in detail the better. Take care of the following points in the blog.

  • Make all the titles on the blog.
  • Point your point in points.
  • Use good language, simple language to explain easily.

Make heading

Make all the headings inside the data so that you will tell your detail in detail and it will be easier for the reader to read. All the headings are written in different colors.

Make heading and keywords bold and italic Try putting keywords in all headings.

Enter link / related link to related pages

Entering the link to your own site on your page connects the site internally, which helps in crawling. And search engines are easy to index the page.

This process is called grouping.

Make External Links

Put a link to a popular site on your site, but it will only benefit from putting a related link in the related content.

Make Backlinks

For putting your site’s URL on another site, you can request them or comment in their comments box and enter the URL of your page. This is called Back Links.

Increase the comment

The more comments you have in your post, the more successful you will be, so write such posts that the reader should be forced to comment.

Linked to the social website

Make your site page on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This is the most direct, easy and cheap way of promoting the site because there are more chances to get regular readers from the social website itself.

Maintain the Regularity

Make a strategy of how many posts are posted on the site in the month, and work according to that, because it affects the ranking of the site, even though one day or two or three days is inserted in an article, but whatever is decided upon it Must do

Update the data

From time to time, update the old written blog and insert new data.

Meta Description

Write your blog’s Meta descriptions, which summarized your blog in about 150 words; this makes SEO easy to match.

Meta Keywords

Put the important keywords and synonyms of your blog into a Meta keyword.

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