Cellphones are considered to be one of the most important things a person should have. The modern world will continue to demand innovation from time to time. For this reason, it has been a big issue if students should be allowed to bring cellphones and used them during school hours too.

Banning the use of mobile phones in a classroom is no longer a new school rule for everyone to hear. This is too old school and will stack the students from getting the chance of learning in accordance with the digital system of the 21st century. These students must have hands-on experiences of how these technologies turn the world.

Others might say that this should not be implemented for cellphones may cause distractions to the students. However, the idea of advancement will overrule everything because there are actually some benefits mobile devices can bring to the learning of the students. You can check them out below.

1.  Modern Source of Educational Information

The traditional classroom will tell you to use books and visual aids to help the student learn the lessons. However, it has become the oldest form of teaching that may be too boring for students who are already exposed to technologies at a very young age. Once these students know what technology is for, incorporating them with educational materials as a learning source will not be too difficult to do so.

Modern Source of Educational Information
Modern Source of Educational Information

Imagine this, you no longer need to teach these students how to use mobile phones since they are all aware of how it works. The only thing that you have to teach is the educational sites, files, and apps that they have to access while you are conducting the class. For example, an English teacher who is teaching English as a second language to his students will no longer need to write the words on the board in order for the students to spell and read them well.

There are a lot of apps that can help them pronounce words with proper diction and stress. Additionally, parents should be happy that this type of learning strategy doesn’t stop inside the classroom since the mobile phones of the students can be brought anywhere even riding cars on the way home with the use of universal car phone holder.

Furthermore, there will be educational games that the teacher will give to the students. This is way too enjoying and entertaining for students rather a paper-and-pencil type of test. Remember that engaging students to learn is more effective than letting them sit and listen to the discussion.

2.  Easiest Way of Communication

This is the most beneficial thing of having a mobile phone, of course, it’s for communication. Mobile phones are the ones you can lean on for faster communication in just a snap of your fingers. Now, how can this be beneficial for the students? Mobile phones are the most convenient way for the parents to reach their students that are in school.

Easiest Way of Communication
Easiest Way of Communication

Just in case there are some emergency cases at home or at school, the parents will no longer drive their way to school to inform their children. Remember that communication is the key to security. If the student has to finish a project with his classmates and can’t go home early, it is essential that he has to phone call his mother and tell her about his current situation. In this way, it will avoid the parents to get worried.

3.  Contains Keeping Tools or Apps

Notebooks, bond papers, and folders are some of the things used by students to write and organize their files. However, this may be too difficult for them to handle most especially that they have to bring them from home back to school and vice versa. This is where the other benefit of mobile phones come up.

Contains Keeping Tools or Apps
Contains Keeping Tools or Apps 

With total advancement the mobile phones have, they already feature apps that are capable of organizing big files that are way too beneficial for the learning of the students. Additionally, some files can just be shared to all, disabling the student from copying everything that is written on the board. This will keep the students up-to-date on what is being taught even if they miss the class. Pen and paper writing which is time-consuming can be now replaced with sharing and downloading!

4.  Convenient for School Works

Students used to spend hours inside the library doing tons of school works. This could include research papers, theses, assignments, and other projects. Not only that, they spend even more time on their books after they get home from school. Completing school works take so much of their time and energy that it’s no longer efficient for them. As a result, they don’t do well in school.

With mobile devices, they can search for information faster. They can look into multiple sources and produce better results in their school works. Due to this convenience, they’ll be inspired to perform better in school and still have time for non-school activities.

Convenient for School Works
Convenient for School Works

If innovation is taught in a way that is productive to the students just like learning tools, it is no question that one day, the world will no longer see mobile phones as a distraction to students.


Whether you are a parent, teacher, or a student, we do hope that we have helped you better understand the benefits of integrating the use of mobile phones for students which are not only essential for the students but for everyone who aims success in using technologies as an advancement!