Top Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

June 27, 2020
Top Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

New businesses are coming up every year. The competition among the brands is getting fierce while the customers are looking for quality and value in the products.  All this makes it necessary for the marketers to keep themselves up to date with the current trends in marketing.

Digital marketing today is not just limited to optimizing websites and doing social media campaigns once a month. It is more of a 24/7 process now where marketers need to be aware of every single move of their customers. So without further ado, let us begin with the top five Digital Marketing Trends in 2019.

  1. The Omnichannel Approach

Customers are everywhere! You never know from which channel they would approach your brand. It might be one of your social media accounts, your website or any other e-commerce website. They might see your add somewhere and approach you. In fact, research shows that consumer approaches at least three channels or more to make a purchase. The Omnichannel approach targets this behaviour of the customers.

All you got to do is be present, everywhere! See where your customers are. If it is Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, mobile apps or even physical stores, do the research and make sure your message reaches them.

Omnichannel is a step forward to multichannel. In a multichannel approach, a brand ensures to be present on multiple channels together at the same time. While in Omnichannel approach, you have got to be present everywhere.

  1. Voice Search is on its Roll

“Hey Siri, what’s the recipe of cupcakes?” This sounds familiar, right? Studies show that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.  That brings in huge possibilities for marketers to enhance their marketing strategy. People are totally buying the idea of using smart voice search instead of typing the same. Smart speakers like Alexa, are a huge success already. So is your website optimized for voice search? If not, it is time to bring in that revolution.

Research the required keywords, use natural language, form the queries that your websites generally gets into questions, provide answers to those questions, think of some action queries too, focus on local SEO. There are multiple ways to optimize your site for voice search just like GoDissertationHelp did to improve their marketing strategy.

  1. Micro-Moments Marketing! What is that?

According to Google’s marketing team, a consumer experiences some micro-moments like making a purchase moment, research the product moment, discovery moment and so on. As a result, they use their smartphones in those micro-moments and look for specific content. These moments are game changers for marketers. You can turn these consumers into your customers.

An important tactic of micro-moments marketing is producing valuable content for the consumers that can not only attract them to your site but makes them stick around and even make a purchase.

However, many marketers commit a similar mistake. The quality of content here plays an important role here but so does the quantity of content. Consumers in these micro-moments have a strong urge to find something, to learn, to discover and in many cases to make a purchase. So, why ask them to fill out long lead-capture forms? Keep your instructions short, crisp and clear.

Top Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

  1. Tell your Story with Social Media

We all are still intimidated by the “stories” update across various social media platforms. Whether it is Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube, consumers love to watch what’s new in the market. All these features have one thing in common. They all trigger the fear among the audiences that if they are not watching these stories, they are missing onto something.

So why marketers should not leverage this feature across social media platforms and bring in more customers. One can promote their brand, introduce new offers, launch products and even take reviews from customers through social media stories.

The “Live” feature across social media platforms and “IGTV” in Instagram also holds the potential to attract the customers. One can add links to these stories so that customers have a chance to explore more. Another great feature is that you can include the stories of other people into your stories. It serves two ways. First, it is a great way to thank your happy customer. Second, you have presented this will act as your testimonial for your audience.

  1. Personalize your Message and Win the Race

There are tons and tons of content present online today. How can a consumer ensure that they get exactly what they want? The answer is simple, through personalization. People nowadays want to see only the content that they need. Hence, a need to provide complete personalization to your customers has risen. People adore when their favourite brands recognize and appreciate them.

Some of the best examples of personalized marketing are:

  • Targeted emails where individuals get notified for the products they like and the content that they want to know more about
  • A personalized video message showcasing the name of the customer
  • Sending social media messages as per the product requirements of your customers
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing out) where you show them the stats about a product purchase
  • Personalized product recommendations

It is time to prepare for the change

These 5 trends are gaining momentum this year. But, we never know what new comes in next. Are you prepared for the change in marketing yet?

You might have seen chatbots communicating with customers today. Technology has already changed the way marketing used to be. Moreover, consumers today are becoming more aware of their requirements. Many of them have a clear choice and in such a scenario, it becomes necessary for the marketers to do everything that it takes to make their brand visible.

It has been noticed that almost half of the small businesses today focus just on upgrading their software and computers. It is time that the marketers should automate their marketing strategies too. Hence, if you are looking forward to making a presence in the industry and build a community of customers, you should keep looking for top trends in digital marketing.

Author’s bio: Being a Homework Helper in InstaSolv, Jessica Jones is an academic writer at GoDissertationHelp, a company based in UK which provides dissertation editing services to the students. She loves to write about technology, education, marketing, Life, etc.

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