Top 7 Upcoming Phones in 2019

January 4, 2019

Samsung, Apple, Huawei and more from the southern San Francisco are all out there in charge of developing, evolving and revolutionising smartphones. It’s comforting to see for the smartphone geeks to see concepts like the “Samsung Flex” materialising.

With displays heading more and more towards infinity and notches almost diminishing, AMOLED displays literally seducing our eyes and “McLaren” RAMs touching the skies, cameras eyeing even better than the human eyes; it is almost impossible to not pay attention to what the companies are putting forth in the pot worth millions!

Here is an early look at all the flagship ground-breaking phones set to come out in Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Not one, nor two but three phones are lined up for launch in 2019. The codenames “Beyond 0”, “Beyond 1”, and “Beyond 2” have already started to make the round among YouTubers like MKBHD and Supersaver in anticipation!

Beyond 0 is going to possess –

  • 8-inch display regular display,
  • Unusual “Sony-type” fingerprint scanner on the side,
  • Single “pixel-like” camera
  • Single “smartphone-like” secondary selfie camera.

This is going to be the most affordable of all the Galaxy S10 Series. So, if you can save on the Jack Daniels for maybe a quarter of 2019, you should be able to get your hands on the most affordable of the S10 series.

Beyond 1 is going to holster –

  • 1 “Samsung-like” infinity display,
  • “Vivo-like” in-display fingerprint scanner,
  • Single lonely selfie camera,
  • DUAL “iPhone 7 Plus- like” CAMERA set up on the rear.

The only major differences between Beyond 1 and Beyond 3 (the mid-range Galaxy S10 and the flagship S10 respectively) would be performance-based (RAM and processor) and an additional HUAWEI-like triple Camera set up with a Telephoto, Wide-Angle, and a Regular camera.

Expected Release: April 2019

Samsung Flex

The Samsung Flex induces only one thought in our minds, is the future already here? What more revolutionary could it be! A foldable smartphone! However, with Samsung and Google have already poked fun at Apple iPhone (especially the 7 Plus), you must not be surprised if Apple in an ad says “You do not need to fold your cell phone’s screen to do something”.

But they would do that to endorse the best feature “In n iPhone”, so, to keep it fresh, Samsung Flex is an attempt to accommodate the same. There’s not much about it on the market but the Flex is definitely “far from ordinary people”.

The device is, indeed, going to look ravishing with all that cutting-edge technology! It is one of the most anticipated mobiles, will it be able to meet the heat? The ball is in Samsung’s court to shoot back at its competition.

With a promised high-end GPU, imagine what heights of Gaming performance could possibly be touched with the foldable AMOLED!

Expected Release: Q1 & Q2 of 2019.

LG G8 ThinQ

LG is preparing for something big and the “big”. What we know about the phone is that it is going to be LG’s best in the next year’s first half. LG has always prepared great customisable phones like the “LG V Series”. With attachments like the camera set up, power brick, and more; LG is preparing it to up a notch by inculcating a new family of a one edge infinite display.

Isn’t that interesting? So much so, that a futuristic design would certainly be a head-turner and the G8 is going to be so.

Seems like the triple camera set up is going to be mutual among flagships (unless Apple tries breaking the stereotype…maybe 3 years from now?). This is going to be the next phone after the V40’s (success?). there’s just one suggestion. LG’s battery life has been the ill point among all the specifications it offers with its smartphones’ line-up. Hoping in anticipation that LG allocates some budget to better that aspect in any smartphone and hence be able to compete and outstand the competition.

Expected Release: Between Q1 and Q2 of 2019.

Sony XZ4

With a regular interval of every 6 months, it does get relatively harder for a company to withhold the value (different than cost) for its flagship phones. No doubt, Sony has been recognised to produce phones that outstand the transient competition phones until Samsung either breaks it into pieces with either its Note Series or the Galaxy Series.

At the WCG2019 in February, Sony is going to unleash its demonic XZ4 until its final launch (usually a couple of months later).

Talking about the specifications of the XZ4, it is going to sport an all-new Snapdragon 855 which, at the same time will also be Qualcomm’s first ever built on a 7nm process of manufacturing. The 855 (if it doesn’t heat much) would undoubtedly earn the award of the best performer of the first quarter it is introduced in. With a number of supposed improvements in the “pint and shoot” aspect of the camera, we hope to see a gesture control which awakens and enlivens the device by both looking at it and to look at.

For how long is Sony going to keep its full potential concealed! Why not let the “beasts” out of its gym every 6 months! Why keep it “could be better”!

Well, that’s all there to see when it finally releases.

Expected Release: February – June 2019.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro!

The reason why this is the only head that we have included an exclamation mark in is solely on merit basis! Other than GLUEGATE, we shall not ignore the device’s attempt to revolutionise the cameras in a smartphone. With the original and unadulterated set up of three cameras (one wide angle, regular camera, telephoto each), the performance it delivers has been said to be a close competitor to the Google Pixel 3! Is that not a compliment already? With benchmark scores higher than the iPhone XS Max.

A number of YouTubers have already noticed it winning speed tests against the “best ever in an iPhone” iPhone flagship. The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are going to see themselves as platforms for the 7nm chipsets to outperform its Huawei predecessors.

The current performer, Mate 20 Pro is doing pretty decent off the shelves and hence has set a benchmark for the upcoming phones in 2019. With its trademark gradient and transparent tone rear experiments, we do expect the P30 to break the stereotype even further but magnetise lesser number of fingerprints!

Expected Release: March – April 2019.

OnePlus 7

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer led by Carl Pie has, since its inception, worked for providing the users what they want. The OnePlus forums are evident of the fact that whatever complaints have come the company’s way, the firm has tried rectifying all of them. With a penetrative marketing method, the company has made sure that its rise stick close to the level-humble.

With their own OS, the OnePlus 6T, let alone the McLaren Addition, has touched 10GB of unbelievable RAM! With so much under the hood, we cannot even imagine what heights OnePlus is capable of -reaching with its OnePlus 7!

With a raised camera bar, it shall now be able to cope up with the likes of Pixel, Samsung, Apple and maybe Huawei? (Hallelujah).

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung, since its “exploding” success with its Note phones, (thankful) it did provide us with the massive improvement in the form of NOTE 8 and its follower, the NOTE 9. Not one human can deny the fact that they were the best phones of their time. With the S pen still going strong (I don’t understand why), it is a great addition to have in your closet. The NOTE 10 doubles the capacity of the battery that it was criticised for (#SimplyForTheHaters).

With an anticipated 4,00 mAh battery capacity, Samsung attempts to leave no stone unturned when it comes to smartphone excellence. S Pen tricks up your sleeves, you would be able to pull off a number of party tricks (like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s Wireless Rear Charging) and still not miss out on the moments you capture during and after the party (if you are not wasted) with an EVEN better camera to boast of!

There are more phones on the list of the most anticipated of 2019 which include the likes of –

  • Xiaomi Pocophone F2
  • Moto Z4
  • iPhone (Duh)!
  • Google Pixel 4 and Pixel XL 4
  • OnePlus 7T
  • LG V50 ThinQ
  • HUAWEI MATE 30 Pro! (Do not miss the exclamation mark)
  • Razer Phone 3

Wait for our next blog which will give you an insight into what the immediately aforementioned phones have to offer! Because all of them are unique in their own ways and have more than what may meet your eyes!


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