Top 10 tips to make your business card an effective marketing tool

December 19, 2018
Top 10 tips to make your business card an effective marketing tool

Do you have a box of business cards on your office desk that you hardly notice before you need to make changes in the information? Or worse that, are you still using the same business card which you got printed a few years back? Well, if you think that business cards are just a small piece of paper that has no significance in today’s digital world, then this is far from the truth.

Technology advancement has made a significant impact on the way we communicate around the world. Today, it’s easy to connect with people in so many ways. Majority of them have mobiles and are part of social media. As everything is more digitally connected, it is easy to feel that business cards are on the way extinction.  But the fact is they can offer a lot.

Business cards are one of the most economical marketing tools for businesses. Professionals and businesses look for all possible mediums to connect with their customers or clients. For them, every mode of connectivity is an asset.  Business cards are considered to be one of the primary points of connectivity with a client or an influence. A great business card design not only shows professionalism but also reflects your services.  In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 tips to make your business card an effective marketing tool.

1) Add logo and tagline: A logo is a visual identification of your brand and services. Putting a company logo and tagline (if any) on your business card is a great way to build awareness. Customers may lose your business card, but they probably remember a logo that they have seen on your visiting card. Keep in mind that your logo should take the center stage on your business card. If you are putting the information both on front and back of the card, then it’s good to showcase it on both sides. Design a business card with a memorable logo by using a business card maker tool.

2) Include Social media info: Companies are getting digitalized today. Social media has become an essential part of people around the world. So, it’s essential to give them the image that you are a part of this digital world. Adding social media icons on the business card can help you in linking your offline marketing efforts to your online initiatives. It also gives you an opportunity to increase your followers on all the social platforms as well. No matter how much effort you put into convincing your customers about the alluring features of your product or service, it alone won’t guarantee success. You need to build a trustworthy, unique, and memorable image by capturing the attention of the audience and developing a lasting relationship with them. Social media platforms are one of the great places to read reviews and see customer reactions.

3) Include Call-to-action: A business card is not just about providing information, but can also be used to engage the audience.  Your business card may have a great impact when it is accompanied with a special offer. Generally, call-to-actions should be simple like ‘Shop now’, ‘Order today’, ‘Sign up’ etc. But there are powerful phrases that can be used in a business card such as ‘Free consultation with this card’, ‘Discover a cocktail tailored to your taste’, ‘Classes begin throughout the year, but there is no better time to start than now’ etc.  Use something that provokes interest about you and your offering, reflects sensibilities and covey that you care about your work.

4) Put your picture on your card:  Think of the situation where you are attending some event or standing in an airport, and suddenly you find someone that could be your potential client. What will you do? You will first introduce yourself and explain them about business. To save time, you will hand out a business card having a picture on it. They might not need your product or service at the same time, but there may come a time when they do.  A business card with a picture will remind them about your first meeting and the kind of conversation you had during that time. If you can make an impressive first impression, then that person will contact you for their requirement.

5) Add QR code on the card: Putting QR code on the business card is not so popular, but it is a great way to link an online material with a printed one. It saves space and provides additional information without any clutteredness. Videos, blogs, and websites are one of the best ways to personalize your business and create a personal relationship with customers. But getting customers to view them is a challenge.  With the help of QR codes, you can overcome with this challenge. You can link them to your website, testimonial video, blogs, etc.  You can also follow the speed at which your business card pushes customers to take action. If your current business card design doesn’t work for this, you can use a business card maker tool to create something new and impressive.

Top 10 tips to make your business card an effective marketing tools

6) Insert in mailings: Every business needs to mail things like invoices, parcels, gifts, samples, etc. It is the perfect opportunity to insert your business cards in your postal mails. It helps you in increasing your brand awareness. Moreover, you can also make a good professional impression on your target customers. This increases loyalty, sales and profits for your business. You can customize your business card according to the person receiving it. Want to create a custom business card? Design your card by using a business card maker tool within minutes.

7) Include testimonials: Testimonials are an excellent way to provide evidence about your products or services. It may take some time and efforts to gather them, but if you are strategic in collecting testimonials, your efforts can bring new customers and clients to the business. Your potential customer or client may have a vague or little idea about your market position.  They would be naturally interested in knowing your records. Including one or two from the list of best ones in your business card will tell them about the credibility of your product or services. The recipient will probably get contented and would not find it necessary to check your credibility on various online sources. In addition to that, selecting the right testimonial might give you the benefit of conveying the USP of your product or service.

8) Partner with past clients: Just like testimonials, referrals are a great way to attract a potential audience. If you have customers or clients who are delighted with your products or services, then they are perfect representatives to give out your cards. You can ask them to display your business card at their location such as websites, books, magazines, etc.  It might take little extra efforts, but for instance, if you write ‘designed XYZ company logo’ on those cards, your potential clients are already exposed to some of your great work.

9) Give your business card a creative look: People love creative things.  Everyone appreciates it. The same logic applies to business cards as well.  Today, designers can create a unique business card design using new techniques. To make your card memorable, you can ask them to put credentials uniquely. Giving textures with the help of new techniques like embossing, letterpress, foil stamping, etc. can help you in making an instant and lasting impression. Colors too play an important role in business card design. Colors have the power to evoke a particular type of emotion. Make sure your color scheme should be consistent through your websites, business cards, and other promotional materials.

10) Use quality material: Although the information you put on your business card is essential to generate leads. But it is also imperative to consider the physicality of the card. To cut down cost, many business owners opt for low-quality material. They don’t know that clients also make a judgment on the basis of the quality. Choosing the right material for a business card can be a little challenging. Plain, foiled, plastic, colored — the choices are endless. Whatever type you choose, make sure you choose the best and right material. For example, if you are in the environmental industry, use recycled paper. The same logic applies with other materials as well

Business cards can do more than you can think of. They might appear old-fashioned, especially to X & Y generations. However, they are still an important marketing tool. They not only help you in making the first impression, but also tell your story. You never know when your prospect is on its way, coming up to meet you and ready to discuss business. So it’s better to get this great tool designed and keep it with you all the time.  Making a professional business card has never been easier. Designhill is one of the leading crowdsourcing sites where you can hire professional designers for your designing needs.

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