Tips and tricks to crack IELTS with Super Achievers Abroad Education

January 5, 2019

IELTS is abbreviated as International English Language Testing System which is a milestone meant to be achieved for higher education and migration globally. Native and non-native speakers both have the same chance to crack IELTS test. We also provide best pte coaching in Gurgaon. This is a required way to complete a large portion of their prior education in another language in respect to demonstrate their surviving skills. It is consisting 4 exams i.e., Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening in English. The applicants who are pursuing their study are expected to give the academic test and ones who want to migrate are giving professional level of exam.

This exam is consisting 4 sections whereas listening and speaking sections are same in both the tests. Listening section will be consisting 40 questions meant to be completed in 30 minutes and speaking section is just an 11-14 minute interview.

IELTS is an exam of 0-9 scoring section that indicates your overall English language skills. Higher number reflects your betterment of English language. Study hard to clear the exam with more of the ease. Score of 7.5 bands is considered to be as good. Nearly 1,100 training centres are available in 140 countries and Super Achievers Abroad Education is the most reliable ielts coaching in Gurgaon.

#Benefits of taking IELTS with Super achievers group:

  • We provide IELTS scholarship opportunities for dedicated students
  • Availability of IELTS test days
  • Highly dedicated and professional staff
  • A-one resources
  • Regular cleaning of class rooms; hygienic class
  • Free experts’ advice for preparation of selected IELTS test
  • We provide manual as well as online booking options
  • Payment options are flexible
  • Special attention to weak students by our experts

If you are studying in a university at UG or PG level. Academic IELTS test goes best. IELTS General Test suits the best for those who want to study at below degree level or emigrate to an English speaking country.

#Tips and Tricks to crack the IELTS test:

  • Fluency, coherence, grammatical range and pronunciation are some of the main factors that must keep in mind while speaking test.
  • IELTS is a test so remember that the examiner will be giving you marks on performance only instead of their personal aspect.
  • There is nothing like harder or easier IELTS exam center. Every center has the same standards with same criteria. Same chance is provided in order to attaining the deserving score. Even the examiners are cross checked by their senior examiners every time.
  • No examiner is more generous than others. Yes, they are just doing their work and they can’t be partial with any candidate. They are simply not allowing doing so. Myth busted!
  • Prepare on your General English first and then concentrate on higher one. Concentrate on Form, Collocations and Synonyms of a word before using it somewhere.
  • Asking the examiner to repeat the question will not deduct your marks.
  • None of the British accent is going to help you in speaking test. This option is not going to help you in achieving 9 bands score.
  • Explore yourself as much as you can. Cross the boundaries of getting knowledge.

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