Things to ponder on before hiring an SEO professional

December 1, 2018
Things to ponder on before hiring an SEO professional

Any brand aiming for online dominance will have to depend on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, in recent times the SEO profession has undergone various changes. With Google constantly changing its algorithms, SEO specialists are required to adjust their practices and plan SEO strategies accordingly. And over a span of time, few of the typical SEO practices are no more working. Additionally, Google deploys only best practices so that its algorithms stay immune to activities which might negatively impact search results.

It is essential for an SEO consultant to have an in-depth idea of the way the Google algorithms changes. However, that is not all. They also need other skills that are as follows:

  1. A rational way of thinking

As an SEO professional especially in an industry, where sales get more emphasis especially through a brand’s online visibility, you know that a lot depends on acquiring or not being able to obtain high Google ranking. As an ace SEO consultant, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why did your website gain or lose Google ranking?
  • What can you do to counteract or benefit from this situation?
  1. The capacity to write/read in a convincing way

An ace SEO consultant should work convincingly, and explain the work smartly, without alienating the superiors.  They often need to wait longer to check in the results. However, the employee supervisors were aware of all the things that the SEO consultant did, and they would continue to keep on doing so.

  1. Technical skills

SEO professionals need to be able to use MS Excel easily! And additionally, they are also required to have complete mastery of each program for evaluating all the incoming links along with the internal aspects of the websites. They should also be able to use other tools easily like the Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

A couple of other essential technical skills needed comprises of technical code analysis and even programming skills. A successful SEO professional should know more on server configuration. They need to know and understand the situations when a website code is likely to be indexed by Google.

  1. Good motivation to work and independent learning

SEO as a professional sphere has undergone multiple changes! Today, the search engine algorithms are getting administered by the AI (Artificial Intelligence). The very first page of Google search outcome always gets subjected to end-to-end visual change. This as well as the overall impact of Google AdWords along with the quickly changing work platform, all forces SEO professionals to keep on learning more and more about the recent trends. When a candidate is aware of all these aspects, only then can he/she help cater to the constant challenge.

  1. Few patent questions that you should ask an SEO consultant

Are you all set to hire a specialised and trained SEO consultant? If yes, discussed below are some of the critical questions that you ask while the interview process:

  • Which customers are in your portfolio? And how many customers want/make use of all your services?

The real worth of an SEO consultant in his/her work portfolio. However, merely having a vast portfolio isn’t everything! There’s something more that you need. And what matters truly here is being able to develop a long-term association with your customers. If your clients possess a huge number of short stints, it indicates some errors. As a result, the contact gets terminated as well.

  • How can you enhance a website so that it gets increased Google ranking?

It is important to know that each SEO consultant having access to the net needs to answer these questions efficiently and smoothly. The online world today provides free, SEO tools that make it possible for them to select the areas that need to be worked upon and give you surprise.

  • Being able to ensure the highest of the Google ranking

If a customer wants to be made sure of that, the answer is yes! People should also stay open as they record growth in the ranks by making the most of the keywords.

  • Ways to evaluate and report the work done

Before any interview, it is essential to ask yourself all the things that you wish to do. Would you prefer to possess a famous brand or have an increased amount of page views? Or are you only concentrating on the conversions? It is essential for the SEO KPI to be able to manage the account and manage all these and other aspects. An expert SEO professional is one who has no issues in talking about improvement and the work in progress. It is also essential for you to have the original statistics that affirm the work result.

  • What will happen when you terminate the contract after good six or more months? Are you going to lose all your Google ranks for this?

And just in case an SEO professional says yes to the proposal, you will have several ways to think about the same. Usually, there are two ways to follow. Either way, they will be able to make use of a black hat SEO tactic for purchasing the links and the like. And the other way is to get all the desired value from the set discussion. Sometimes, SEO candidates say a direct “No.” It is possible that they get stressed out on some ongoing SEO procedures which can make them react differently.

Today, there is a constant struggle about a competition. Everyone wants to get noted in the high ranking in the search outcomes. Only a correct SEO consultant with his/her professional experience and insight can add value to this place. And for this, you need to be very careful when you are selecting a professional SEO expert for your company. The truth is, today there’s no set design for the job title “perfect SEO consultant.” And while perfection is a complete myth you need to be able to select a professional SEO expert who can carry out his/her duties seamlessly. You can interview and ask any of the questions mentioned above as you carry out the interview process.


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