If you are new to the blogging industry, you should learn to keep patience when your blog is not getting the right number of visitors. Initially, many visitors will be low. But, with the advent of time, it is bound to increase. You have to focus on the basics at the initial stage. If the basics are not covered well by you, getting a good number of visitors would be delayed. As a result, your blogging platform will miss the opportunity to earn money despite having excellent potential. To enhance the visibility of your blogging platform, you need a few important things.

The first and foremost thing is the content of your website. When you have a blogging platform, there should not be any compromise with your content. The quality of the writing has to be top notch. In the case of travel blogging, you have to acquire the skill of storytelling. In the case of blogs that talk about serious affairs like sports, politics and many other things, you need to focus on the authenticity of data or information. Apart from these things, the content must have the following qualities:

  1. Content should be unique, not copied from others. If you fall under the copyright violation act, your blog may be permanently banned by Google. So, you have to be careful about this matter.
  2. The content has to be informative and relevant. You write a blog to provide crucial information to the readers. So, think from the reader’s perspective. What does a reader want from your blog? A reader wants information that is unique. Readers would find the blog to be boring when information is limited.
  3. The content structure should be meticulous. Instead of boring paragraph formatting, you need to insert some bullets when required. You can add tables to showcase data in a more readable manner. Subheading should be used for engaging the readers as well.

Building a blog platform is sheer hard work. It takes a long time and extensive research to construct a perfect blogging website. To make the blog more reachable to the visitors, you need to focus on a few more things. Those things are discussed in the following section. If you already have a blog and it is not getting the expected number of visitors, you can follow these tips to revamp the blog to gain more attention.

Targeting the Right Keywords

Your SEO campaign is based on the keyword. So, you need to be careful about that aspect. Selection of the keywords properly is the key to the best SEO result. Your SEO campaign must be poised with a lot of keywords, but they must be selected with perfection. Choosing random keywords would not help. You need the most relevant and highly searched terms for your SEO campaign for your blog. Your blog post should focus on crafting contents that include those keywords. Instead of focusing on the keyword density on the contents, your focus should be on using the right keywords. For proper keyword selection, you can use some tools. Google Keyword tool is there. However, you can also find a lot of more advanced tools for keyword research assistance.

Keyword Optimization for Blog Contents

Once keywords are selecting, you need proper use of the keywords. Selecting keywords is crucial, but using them properly is more crucial. Focusing on a few keywords more than others is required. So, from a list of 20 keywords, you can consider 5-7 keywords as the main keywords for your blog content. These keywords should be included in your blog content with perfection. You need to make sure that the keywords are incorporated perfectly into your blog. Density is an important thing. Keyword density should not be high. As the basics say, you should not have a lot of keywords included in your blog content. Make the content simple and stylish. Keywords must come into the content in natural ways.

What Should Be the Ideal Word Count?

A blog article should not be measured by its length rather it should be measured by the writing skill and information. However, this is an idealistic statement. People sometimes take the size of the content into consideration. They do not want to read the contents that are too long. So, you should not make the blog articles too long. Generally, the word count should range between 500 to 700 words. Articles that are longer than the mentioned word count may not be easy to read. In some cases, it can be maximum 1000 words. More than 1000 words would make the readers feel bored. Thus, they would lose patience and leave reading your article.

If you feel that the word count of 500-700 words is not enough for the topic you have chosen for blogging, you can release your article in a few parts. This will help the readers to stay engaged on your blog. If they like the first part of your article, they shall eagerly wait for other parts. In this way, you can engage the readers with your blog platform.

Accessibility of the Blog from Different Devices

You need to make your blog accessible as well as readable from different devices. Desktop users can be able to read the blog easily. Similarly, Smartphone users should also be able to read the blog without any hassles. Accessibility is a key thing, as today Smartphone users are gaining numbers. You would find lesser desktop visitors for the website than the Smartphone visitors. So, you should make your blog platform responsive so that everyone can access your website easily and read the contents of your blogs without facing any hassles.

Social Media Plug-ins

Your blog should be outfitted with all important social media plug-ins. The social media buttons are important. You need to have them on your blog website otherwise you would face a lot of issues. Having social media buttons or plug-ins on the website will help your blog to get more visitors from social media. Your blog posts may become viral on social media, and that would increase the number of visitors for your blog dramatically.

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