The Impact of Social Media and Technology on Society

April 23, 2019

In technical sense, technological innovation is the catalyst of experimentation within the evolution of media from printed media to visual and to social media benefits as the epicenter of infotainment. To be specific, technology revolutionized social media to be the core aspect of infotainment in the modern world. If one is with uninterrupted access to the Internet and with technical knowhow to use the same, one can easily enjoy its impact on oneself and on the society at large. Below pointed out and briefed impacts can help to have a peep into the aforementioned impact and can be made use as a wormhole to gain access to the wider spectrum of its positive impact on the society.

Transformed the mass into photographers and writers

One can see that those who use social media project themselves different from their real lives. To be specific, social media is like a second life one wishes to live. Within this scenario, social media users show eagerness to project themselves as pleasant and happy they can. For instance, users show interest in capturing photos during public and private events and directly upload on their social media walls. This maybe strange to those who don’t have access to the internet and the social media, but still it happens. At the same time, personal writing gets more readability and visibility. If one is interested in expressing ideas and sharing opinions related to socially relevant issues and to make use of public platforms, social media is a better option. Nowadays, viral posts on social media proves the influence of the same on the virtual real world.

Influence of social media and technology in unifying netizens

Earlier, Ham Radios used to unify those who were interested in technological innovation. Nowadays, radios and even televisions are becoming outdated because the internet can accomplish much more tasks than radios and televisions. Besides, the wide spread popularity gained by the Internet resulted in the origin of a special tech savvy group of people called the Netizens. Within this scenario, public platforms like social media acts the role of a unifying factor to link netizens hailing from different nations. This is an amazing experience to netizens because the Internet and related technological innovation helps them to gain upward mobility within the mainstream society in the form of socialization.

Influence of social media in sharing data and related information

Nowadays, student community including researchers consider social media as a better platform to share data and related information. To be specific, technology helps the users to create different groups according to their taste and proficiency in any stream of knowledge. One can see that technical knowhow and practical experience are considered as most important factors of success in different fields in the modern context. When technology and the Internet are added to the aforementioned factors, the end result will become more effective. Here, different social media platforms are made use to collect and share valuable information because the same is less time consuming and less costly.

Technology, social media and social activism

Nowadays, social media is widely used as a tool for social activism. To be specific, social media helps activists from different parts of the world to unite and fight for a common cause and purpose. For instance, latest information related to human rights violations and ecological problems happening in remote corners or the world can be easily shared with the help of social media. Besides, activists make use of social media as a secret meeting place to share information, conduct discussions, and to take decisions on different socially relevant matters and burning issues. Within this context, social media is used as a common ground or meeting place to be in touch with because those who are ready to follow certain guidelines and rules can have instant access into the same with less effort.

Technology, social media and E-commerce

When a person chooses a personal account on any social media platform, he or she is expected to choose some hobbies and interests related to the options provided by the ‘service providers’. Besides, certain random surveys and the personal habit of sharing certain posts can help the service providers to identify the interests of the individual account holder. Later, this interest is used in paid promotions to boost up the scope of e-commerce within social media platforms. In addition, almost all the global brands have pages and communities on social media. This presence helps the multinational giants to make sure their online presence and boost up their commercial interests. In addition, social media is used to buy and sell products because anyone can make use of the same as a market place with global reach.

The presence of technology and social media in the mainstream society did change the way of purchasing things because the same is less time consuming. In short, the impact of the aforementioned entities in the modern society is immense and its influence is ever increasing in a positive way to an extent.

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