The best photo compression apps without data loss

November 26, 2019
best photo compression apps

Most people prefer compressing images before uploading them onto the internet. Sometimes you might need to customize a large number of photos before uploading them on your website. Therefore, you need to ensure that you can reduce image size by using the apps that will list in this article because it will save on bandwidth. Uploading full-size photos can take much loading time, and it can be considerably annoying. That is is why I have provided the best apps to compress photos. Read on and find out.

This software that I have mentioned are very instrumental when it comes to optimizing images of any file format. The good thing is that most of them are simple and free to download. I know you might have heard of Winrar, a convenient tool that allows you to access compressed images that have been stored in RAr for. Therefore, rar is a compression protocol whereby large image files can be compressed to take less storage space. You can access WinRAR download on any authentic site. Therefore if you are tired of large image file size, then you are now capable of making a choice that will help you optimize your images to make them manageable and easy to share with other people.

JPEG optimizer

This is a simple program that allows you to compress photos before uploading them. However, it is only for JPEGs, as its name suggests. The image file size can also be reduced so that it can help in reducing loading time.JPEG optimizer can help you in doing that.


This is a simple application that can reduce image size without changing its resolution. It has an auto-delete feature that deletes the original image after resizing. Therefore, this app has simple instructions that you need to follow to ensure your image has been reduced successfully.


This app allows you to reduce PNG and JPEG photos as well as maintaining Image quality. It gives you a range of optimization so long as you ensure you don’t exceed a level whereby the image quality will be compromised. Additionally, you can also preview the quality of your image before further continuation. It allows you to upload up to 20 images, and you can set the compression level of each separately. However, this application doesn’t allow you to work on a PDF file format.

Image recycle

It compresses PDF, PNG, and JPEG, and the results are quite impressive. You can drag the photos onto its site for optimization. If you have a website, it can help you in doing the analysis on which images require optimization. Additionally, you might not necessarily have to use it every other time because it supports magneto extension, Joomla extension, Shopify, and WordPress plugin, which allows you to optimize your images. The good thing with this app is that it provides a free trial with a limit of 100mb.

Resize photo

This is yet another great app that allows you to optimize your images so that you can upload them in social media forums, email, and websites. Once you have uploaded the images onto its interface, it is important to set the compression level to ensure you have the right optimization basing on your needs. It has effects that that when it is applied, it make the images appear more elegant after resizing.

JPEG mini

This app allows you to enjoy faster image loading speed by compressing your images into a manageable size. It has an intuitive interface that easily captured the attention of its users. It also has a slider than you can view the transition of the image, so that image quality is maintained after the compression.

Photo zip app

This is a unique app that resizes the images without losing their quality. Additionally, it can also convert your images into a zip, which is rather a smaller size. It supports batch photos, and it can help you remove the original images after optimization.

Tiny PNG

This is one of the oldest software which supports PNG and JPEG. It also has free image optimization tools to get the job well done. You can upload up to 20 images at once for optimization so long as the image size should not exceed 5mbs. Once compression is fine, you can download your images and store them on your PC.


Having the right application will help you maximize such an opportunity. It will save on time because handling large image files can be cumbersome; that is why you need to optimize using the apps that I have highlighted here.

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