That’s what you should know about the WhatsApp payment feature

May 23, 2019
Whatsapp payment feature

WhatsApp payments are rolling now in India in the beta for select Android smartphones and in iPhones too. The payments through WhatsApp are much convenient.

For the past 6-8 months, WhatsApp users have been hearing about this payment service for WhatsApp, but now it is going to be true, because on the Beta version of WhatsApp, Android and IOS users on the App of choice. This payment feature has started. To say this means that WhatsApp is currently doing its final test by offering this service to some users. As soon as this test is completed, we will all get this new and intimidating feature of WhatsApp. At present, WhatsApp Payment feature is available for the 2.18.21 version of iOS and Android 2.18.41 for Android.

According to the screenshot of the payment service available on WhatsApp beta version, this payment feature will appear like attachment options, such as gallery, video, and document, within the app. A disclaimer page will open after clicking on it. Here, you will see the list of all the prominent banks in the country, after accepting and continuing.

Here you have to select the bank account connected to your phone number. After this WhatsApp Payment Gateway will notify your mobile number through UPI network. After this, your bank account will be linked to the WhatsApp payment gateway. That is, after that you will be able to easily transfer funds to any of your WhatsApp Contacts or other account holders. The thing to know here is that if you have not used the UPI platform before, you have to first create your UPI account.

You may also need to use your bank website for this. If you are already using a service like BHIM, your WhatsApp payment account will be activated in minutes. One more thing to use the WhatsApp payment feature, both users must have a WhatsApp pay account active.

In the last few years, the fast developed and popular UPI i.e., Unified Payment Interface will be the basis of this new services of WhatsApp. To work on UPI, WhatsApp has coordinated with many big banks in the country at the technological level. Apart from State Bank of India, ICICI, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank, all the major banks in the country will be present on the payment app for WhatsApp.

How to add bank accounts for the WhatsApp payments?

  1. Visit to the Settings and Payments inside the WhatsApp.
  2. In the Bank accounts, select the Add new account option.
  3. Tap and then accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Complete the Verification process via SMS to complete the linking process.
  5. Once done, you will be seeing the UOI Setup complete screen.

Send money through WhatsApp payments

The payment feature works only if your recipient also has the WhatsApp payment feature updated. You cannot pay money to the verified business accounts because they are only peer-to-peer i.e., Person to person.

  1. Open up the chat of your WhatsApp contact and then tap on the Attach button and plus button on the iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Payment to send the money and then enter the amount you wish to send.
  3. Enter the UPI PIN of the bank account through which you are trying to send the money.

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