If you own or manage a digital marketing company, then you are definitely familiar with the great importance of giving your clients accurate and concise reports. However, what happens when you are unable to keep up with the demanding task of creating countless reports for each individual client? Well, don’t worry, because there is a simple solution to this problem. Reporting software such as Report Garden allows you to generate fast and accurate reports that will suit your client’s needs. Here are 5 amazing reasons why you should purchase reporting software today:

  1. It decreases your workload

As mentioned above, it can be very tiring and frustrating to manually produce numerous reports for your clients on a regular basis. Luckily, reporting software will help to lighten your load by providing automated reports which come in a variety of customizable dashboards.

  1. It helps to save money

If your company was to manually compile all the clients’ reports, then you might be forced to hire extra staff to complete this huge work load. In contrast, purchasing reporting software will allow you to save this money and channel it towards meeting other financial obligations. Through this process, you will be able to see a significant increase in your profits.

  1. It can be used to generate different types of reports

Reporting software tools can be used to produce a variety of reports, including Facebook ads reports. According to Statista.com, as of May 2018, Facebook stands as the most popular social networking app in the United States. The study revealed that over 160 million mobile users accessed the app during this month.

Hence, if you carry out social media marketing for your clients, then you can also perform Facebook ads reporting using ReportGarden tools. This will help your clients to evaluate and observe various performance metrics such as reach, impressions, frequency, social impressions and social reach.

  1. It attracts more clients

If you have been looking for a way to attract new clients to your digital marketing firm, then getting reporting software is definitely the way to go. Having the right software helps prospective clients to know that they can rely on you to offer quality services in a fast and reliable way.

  1. It improves accuracy

High-quality reporting software will enable your clients to receive real-time reports that are extremely accurate, with little or no mistakes. This allows your clients to get a clear view of their KPIs, thereby placing them in the right position to make an informed decision concerning the next direction that they should take.

  1. It saves a lot of time

Have you been unable to keep up with the strict deadlines when preparing monthly reports? Well, don’t worry because reporting software can definitely help. Top-quality reporting software allows you to automate the entire process by scheduling for reports to be generated monthly and then emailed directly to your clients.