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Some safety gadgets for Women on this International Women’s day

By Yogesh Gaur on September 13, 2018

The fear of an untoward always goes along. But there are a lot of gadgets and apps for safety of women, if there is technique. Everyday technology is being used extensively in every field, from day to day work to security. There are many apps and gadgets available in the market, which can help strengthen the security of women. Wear gadgets are especially useful because they can be hidden in women’s clothing. Some gadgets are similar to women’s ornaments. When two new approaches come together, personal safety can be availed through the technology.

 Women’s Safety Apps

Due to such incidents like molestation, acid attack and kidnapping, the issue of security for women and children is the most important nowadays. Keeping this in mind many apps have been built, which are present on the Google Play Store. These apps have features such as GPS tracking, emergency contact number and safe location. These also have the option to mark safe and unsafe places as pins. Some of these apps are directly connected to the police control room, from which you can contact the police through audio or video. These apps include Woman Safety, Smart 24X27, Safetipin, Raksha Women Safety Alert, Vithu App, Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App, I’m shakti app, etc.


Like many wearable gadgets which focus on safety, ‘safe’ has been designed keeping pace and convenience in mind. This bracelet has two buttons, which are used to contact a parental network. In the event of danger, friends or family members who see the warning can contact the emergency number from their app. Audio recordings in this are synchronized directly with the user’s mobile phone.


‘Siren’ can also be used by hiding in a small ring. Its sound is more than 110 decibels, which can be heard from the distance of 50 feet. For its use, the user only has to fold the top of the ring of about 60 degrees on the left, and then there will be a loud sound from there within a second. This siren is so fast that the attacker can easily be confused. Its stylish designs and easy access make it easy to use in many situations.


To help women easily, Rour has made his first product ‘Athena’. Its size is as much as half-a-dollar coins. Pressing the button of the user plays loud alarm in it. After this the device sends a warning to the user’s location, which can help them. This device can be paired with purse or worn like necklace. Users can also set this device in silent mode so that Athena can send information to contacts without voice.

Stiletto Charms

In an effort to make the personal safety device more thoughtful, ‘stylo charms’ imitate modern ornaments. In appearance, they seem to supplement any costume, but secretly manage many kinds of tasks. Users can create an emergency profile using the Stylato mobile app. Emergency contacts can establish. Can plan to choose a route and check the level of the battery.


From far away ‘revolver’ looks like a small garage clicker. The oval shape and the length of less than two inches in length can be combined with jeans pocket or inner wear. Or it can be planted in the keys of keys. When pressed twice, Revolver sends ‘Yellow Alert’ to the designated contacts. Users’ contact gets a message with the location, which states that they are afraid of danger. Additionally, red alert is sent to three times when the revolver is pressed, which indicates that the user needs serious help. There is no need to download any other app for revolver.

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