What should I do if the child is eating snacks on the sofa and the food waste falls off the sofa?

What should I do if I drive my dog ​​out on an outing, wherever my dog’s hair is in the car?

What should I do if the dust in the corners of the house cannot be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner ?

It doesn’t matter, this Shunzhao Z1Pro vacuum cleaner can help you solve all the above problems. This vacuum cleaner is currently being crowdfunded by Xiaomi Youpin, and the price of the black Z1pro brushless motor version is 299 yuan. Next, I will take you to get a comprehensive understanding of this Shunzhao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner.

01 Small, light, simple and stylish

Shunzao Z1Pro

My first reaction when I saw this Shunzhao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner was: Isn’t this just a bottle of red wine? The second reaction is: also like a mallet. Indeed, this Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner uses a Bordeaux wine bottle design with an overall size of 73*76*336mm, which is 60% smaller than similar products.

On the product grip, there are two buttons, the larger one is the power switch, you can start the product with a light click. You can also use the power button to adjust the gear. There are three gears to choose from. The lowest gear has only 70dBA of noise. The smaller button is an LED light, which is convenient for you to clean dark and small corners.

On the back of the vacuum cleaner is a Type-C charging socket for quick charging. This also allows this vacuum cleaner no longer to be restricted by wires, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Open the head cover, you can see the suction head of the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner, which is also a “temporary storage place” for inhaled garbage. The tip is made of transparent plastic, you can clearly see how much garbage is stored in the inside, so you can dump it in time. There is also a dust baffle at the suction mouth, which can be closed with gravity to prevent dust and other particles from falling out of the dust cup.

Holding the Shunzhao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner in your hand, you can clearly feel that the product’s center of gravity is very back, and the handheld feels very comfortable. Even women can easily use it.

02 Powerful performance comes from within

After reading the appearance, let’s take a look at the “inner beauty” of Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner.

The innovative wind guide structure system of Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner can ensure a better working state of the motor, while accelerating battery heat dissipation and improving battery life.

Speaking of motors, Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner motors have something to say. Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner uses a brushless motor with a Japanese wave washer (if you want to know what is good about a brushless motor, you can check out an introduction about brushless motors that I wrote before [ click to enter ] ) , this is for it With a rotation speed of 60,000 rpm, the maximum suction power can reach 12KPa, which can instantly suck up food residues, hair, etc., while also reducing noise.

Such a powerful motor must consume a lot of electricity, right? It doesn’t matter, Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner has three built-in high-performance power lithium batteries, which can bring you longer battery life and longer lasting strong power. Coupled with Type-C convenient fast charging, the product can be fully charged in less than 3 hours, and the battery can last for up to 30 minutes. Get ao discount code at Brand Discount

It is worth mentioning that it also has a double-layer filter system: the primary filter is matched with filter paper to prevent secondary pollution, and the surface can be washed repeatedly. However, it should be noted that the filter must not be soaked for a long time.

03 The hands-on test is very awesome

I also personally felt the strength of the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner.

I first tested my laptop. Many people like to eat something while watching videos or playing games. It is inevitable that some food residue will fall on the keyboard, plus some dust and hair, which will make our keyboard particularly dirty. I simulated this kind of scene, sprinkled some snacks and sesame seeds on the keyboard, and then used the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner to clean them. The result was obvious and it was easy to clean. Get ao discount code at NHS Discount Code

The table top is also a place where food residues often fall. I spilled some hair, snacks and sesame on the table, and then used the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner to easily clean up the trash.

It is understandable to eat something while sitting on the sofa and watching TV. But this is easy to leave “marks” on the sofa. I sprinkled some baking soda and sesame on a leather sofa to simulate this kind of scene, and then used the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner to easily exhaust them.

There is no problem with leather sofas, but what about cloth sofas? There is also no problem. I put some hair on the cloth sofa, because the cloth sofa is different from the leather sofa, it agrees to be stained with human hair and animal hair, and it is difficult to clean it by hand. As a result, after using Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner, all this becomes simple. The same effect can be achieved with pillow cushions made of fabric.

The crevice of the sofa is also a place to hide dirt and dirt. I clipped some hairs in the gap of the sofa and used the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner to clean them. The same chic and neat, the same swept away.

The corners are also places where dust is easy to accumulate, and general vacuum cleaners and brooms are difficult to clean due to size problems. However, the Shunzao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner can easily solve this problem. The coffee powder I placed in the corner of the wall can be easily sucked clean.

As mentioned at the beginning, when driving a dog out for outings, dog hair often gets on the seat, especially long-haired dog breeds such as golden retriever, which is also a thorny problem. I borrowed a colleague’s car and put hair on the seat. Guess what? The vacuum cleaner was sucked away before it even touched the hair.

In general, this Shunzhao Z1 Pro vacuum cleaner is stylish and compact, and can be easily placed in the groove of the car door. It is also very suitable for women. With powerful performance, it can easily wipe out the garbage in a variety of environments. The most important thing is that it only sells for 299 yuan, which can be said to be very affordable. Friends who are interested can participate in crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin.