Seven Reasons why Localizing your Content can Help you in Digital Marketing

October 22, 2019
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Did you know that there are approximately 4 billion global internet users across the world today? This is a huge number, considering that not many people had access to internet a few decades back. Of these 4 billion internet users, only 25% are English speakers. The rest of them speak, and understand other languages. They even search the Google in other languages.

How can a marketer reach the remaining 75% of these internet users?

The answer lies in localization of content.

Localization is the adaptation of content to suit the needs of target market’s culture, languages, norms and preferences. It is not just the conversion of one language into another or delivering marketing translation services. Instead, localization takes into account all aspects of a region’s culture, its people, its languages and its norms to adapt the content so as to resonate with maximum number of people.

Localization, however, can be a great tool for a company’s digital marketing.

Here are all the reasons why localization of a company’s content can help it in digital marketing:

  1. Make your Communication Easier

When a company’s content is limited to just one language, chances are it will not get the exposure it has aimed for in its digital marketing strategy. In fact, 72% of global customers are more likely to buy products or services from those sites where the information is displayed in their own languages.

Connecting with these global customers is the key.

Localizing content makes communication with the regional customers easy. It removes the language barriers, helping to connect with them on a personal level. A buyer who knows and understands the brand message on your site is more likely to purchase—and recommend—your brand to others, improving your brand recognition and impact manifold.

  1. Increase Message Relevancy

Suppose a company wants to communicate its brand message to customers of another country, but the message fails to make any impact on the target audience.

What could have gone wrong?

Content localization and translation can be a huge way to make the brand message of a company clear and understandable to the target audience. A good content translation service partner can help you in localizing and adapting your content to create brand and message relevancy with the target audience.

  1. Your brand—exposed!

According to some statistics, 56% of global users say that finding brand information in their local language holds more importance than price. This means that many of them are likely to choose those brands that are in their native language as they feel connected to the brand. Localization also helps in building and strengthening your brand image, making more potential customers convert to actual ones only through content localization. It is this localization that exposes a company’s brand to international markets and audiences, increasing the brand awareness and knowledge.

  1. Increase Brand Appeal and Response

A content localization strategy aids in building up a brand image of a company. This is because a customer is more likely to choose a brand that he feels “connects” with him on a personal level. And that connectivity comes only when the brand message is displayed in the language of the target customer. A brand that is not translated and localized would fail to connect with the target audience, leaving no brand impact and awareness.

  1. Break Down Cultural Barriers

Language localization and adaptation is not just about translating your brand message in the language of the target audience. One of the most important benefit from this localization is crossing of cultural barriers. As a company translates its websites and other content into other languages, it breaks down the cultural barriers that exist between different communities and people, aiding in brand building and impact.

  1. Improve International SEO

Localization does more for a company’s advertising and digital marketing strategy than other methods of going global. Having your content localized and translated into other languages can prove to be a major boost for your SEO as search engines view these translations as unique content. A translated content is more likely to get the search hits than an untranslated one—boosting your brand SEO.

  1. Greater Access to More Markets

Suppose you own a German brand that you want to expand into Russia. For that, you have to follow a rigorous content localization strategy that will not only expose your brand to international markets and audiences, it will also connect with them to get the message across. That said, localization is the key to gain greater access to those markets that are deemed to be inaccessible or difficult to capture.


Content localization may be taken as adaptation of content in another language, yet there are many reasons a company should not stay behind in localizing its content for the target countries. However, content localization is easier said than done. Your content must be created with the target audience in mind as that would create brand loyalty and impact.

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