Google SEO tutorial and trends for Beginners 2019

July 12, 2019
SEO tutorials for 2018

Why do we need SEO? Everything is available on the Internet and if you want to do start digital agency   then here are the tips for you all. It does not matter what the website is like when you do not have a website that does not rank your website, it’s not a visitor’s website and you do not have any business right. To get your website ranked high on Google, you have to change your SEO status.

Process of SEO

  • ON-Page SEO
  • OFF-Page SEO or Link Building technique

There are 2 types of SEO types that make me more detailed.

ON page is a great topic for me. ON Page is related to all those activities that are directly applied on the website. ON Page SEO has changed the use of your website, which has been used by Google to easily read and use the user’s website. On page SEO is what I do,

ON Page SEO Steps

  1. Website Speed
  • If your website has a speed of 1-3 seconds then it’s fast.
  • If your website has a speed of 3-5 seconds then to improve your website’s ranking.
  • If your website has a speed of 10> seconds then you have a poor website, improve it immediately.

Reasons of slow loading of your website: If your website that is going to be too heavy, and it has a javascript code that has the ability to slow down the website’s speed, then the image has to be slowed and the javascript code is loaded in a few minutes.

  1. Title Tag

For the title of the title tag of the website, it is important to include the title tag in the search box. The meta title has no length to include 70 characters. Please enter one of the keywords in the search box in the search box. All you have to do is remember that you have to replace the title bar in the same keyword because Google’s spam is spam.


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3. Meta Description– Meta descriptions are used to describe Google’s website, which is subject to sports or tourism.

How to make a Good meta description?

Meta descriptions are limited to 160 characters so that you do not have Google Read Only. Try to adjust your keywords in the same. Meta descriptions are an important part of SEO.


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4. Keyword Density– The keyword density is a good factor. Keyword density is the percentage of keywords that it used in content.

5. Hidden Content – The website does not contain any hidden content. You have to hide the content of the page on the web page, but you do not have to use it to hide it, but when it comes to any user site you do not want to hide the content. Google does not hate content at any cost but it should be unique and genuine.

6. Image Alt Tag– It is not possible to save the Google image or to save the image. The image on Google Images shows you the image of the image.

Use of Image Alt tag: Alt tag requires relevant information for an image so if an image is not uploaded on the screen due to some Internet issue; alt tag will be appeared as content on the screen.

  1. URL Structure – Allows you to add a link to your URL. If you want to send a message to Google, then you should contact Google for the post. It stands for Universal Resource Locator or Web address.

Example = http://www.aaditritechnology/?id=12.html – wrong way – Correct way

  1. Internal links– Please link me to some other related post or link too. But we do not have any other links from the first 5 of the links because of which the readers use the link to get confused.
  2. Enable Gzip Compression – Gzip compression used to access the light source of your site. Gzip is your website’s HTML CSS is compressed in the JavaScript code, and the site’s loading time has gone.
  3. Bold Important Keyword– Make sure you post your keyword post and type in the “Bold” tag. Bold means focus on the keyword; Google understands the focus of the keyword.
  4. Website Structure – Search the website for user-friendly reasons. An organized website can never compete with itself. Site structure is majorly required for UX (User Experience). Suppose you visit a website that is too messy and you just cannot get anything over there…Would you ever return? No, obviously no. Indexing, Crawling and Redirecting can also enhance through this.
  5. The responsive website: Responsive website allows you to have a mobile phone or a desktop that has a high height and width device set accordingly. The layout and coding part is perfect for a responsive website. The User experience is great for them and is also cost-effective.
  6. Heading Sequence-HTML me has some heading tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Using the heading tag in the name, we have used a sequence of which to use the sequence.
  7. Post Length– If you have any queries, please use the following link. You do not have enough time to add a complete length of time, but you do not have enough likelihood.
  8. Sitemap– Sitemap is a type of map that is used to Google, and Google’s website is ready for you. When Google search the website, we will search Google’s crawler’s Sitemap.xml file as well. If you want to crawl your website fastly, then adding sitemap is beneficial.

Off page SEO and On page SEO techniques for 2018

Off Page SEO

Backlinks support a website that has no support. has backed up the quality of our backlinks to Google’s reputation as a website. I’m going to have an Off-page SEO which is very hot. Backlinks are the incoming links to your website.

  1. Search Engine Submission– Please submit your website to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc. If you click on some of the search engine submissions, please click here to submit your website to your website.
  2. Use Keyword in Post– They help others to find out the post through the keyword you are looking for. The content of the keyword starts showing up.
  3. Bookmarking Websites– Bookmarking websites that have cached frequency from other websites. Submit your website to,,, and submit your own website. The list of websites is listed on the Internet. But do not forget to bookmark one of my 20’s bookmarks. More sites for bookmarking are harmful.
  4. Directory Submission– Please submit a link to your website by visiting Dmoz, Viasearch. These websites provide strong backlinks.
  5. Facebook Page– Facebook’s date has been changed to some of the most popular social networking websites. The Facebook page for the promotion of your website is now available. Upload your Facebook page and upload any images to your Facebook page.
  6. Use Google+ to Boost Organic Traffic – Google has a social networking platform that allows Google to protect you from Google social networking platform. If you have a friendly profile you can add Google+ Followers to your followers.
  7. Use Twitter and Hashtag– Twitter to change your logo. Twitter updates your followers and regularly tweets. Use hash tag. There is no reason why Google’s ranking does not translate into a traffic problem.
  8. Classified Submission-Olx, Quikr is a special classified website. Classified website can be advertised for free on your website. Promoting your website to promote your site. Here is the dofollow list for India Classifieds list for 2018.
  9. Participate in Questions & Answers-Quora, Yahoo Answers and other questions. Ask a question from your customers , answer a question from them and answer them with a link to your website; if possible.
  10. Slide to share – Search the website for some slide submission, like-, you are the favorite websites. I have a lot of money from you in Google’s rank.
  11. Blog Commenting – Do commenting on relevant websites with higher value. Please comment on the URL of your website. If you want to remove your traffic, you can send it back to your site and backlinks. List for Blog commenting with the fastest approval for 2018.
  12. Pinterest Photo Sharing – Pinterest has some trends in my choice. Please submit your full picture and submit it. Pinterest lets you link your pictures to your website. When you click on a user’s picture, you are asked to go to your website. This is the most common traffic generator.

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