In this post, I will talk about chrome SEO extension. Those extensions you can install in your chrome browser. These google chrome SEO extension will help you a lot if you are a blogger and a digital marketer. This post title is SEO extension for chrome browser means these extensions will help you for SEO purpose. You can easily check SEO position, backlinks, domain authority, page rank etc for any of your competitor blog or websites.

If you are a new blogger or a digital marketer and if your blog SEO or your client’s blog SEO is not so much good then you can install those SEO extensions in your chrome browser and check all the SEO related activity. In this post, I will share with you some valuable SEO chrome extension that will definitely help you. So at first let’s know about chrome extension.


What is a chrome extension?

An extension is like a software. We are installing software on our computer for performing different types of task like that we are installing an extension in the browser for different types of online work. The main and important difference between software an extension is that software can be installed in a computer and extension can be installed in a web browser. By using different types of extension in a browser we make the browser most powerful and helpful.

Popular Seo Extensions for Chrome, Blogger Must Use.

Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension :

The Mozbar chrome extension is very helpful for a blogger or digital marketer. You will get more SEO knowledge of your blog or site by using this extension.

You can check page authority, domain authority, link profile, keyword highlights etc of any blog or website by installing this extension in your chrome browser.right.

Mozbar is an SEO company that provides a different type of premium plan. If you are able to use this types of the paid plan then you can easily access its more features.

SEO Quake Extension

Seo quake is a very useful extension for any blogger. Seo quake is an SEO analysis company. It has a website and you can use its tools on their website. You can get many free tools in their website and the Seoquake chrome extension is developed by the Seoquake team. You can check no-follow links, page source, Semrush rank, google page rank, Google index, Yahoo links, bing index, web archive page, Alexa rank etc of any websites and its have many useful features.

Buzzsumo Extension

This Buzzsumo extension is one of the most popular extensions for a blogger, digital marketer or a social media marketer. You can check the social media popularity of any of your website or blog by using this Buzzsumo chrome extension. Buzzsumo extension is a totally free tool. You can use this tools and check how many times your websites get a share in different types of social media tools like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google +. You can also check the total number of likes and comment on your blog post get by facebook. You can check the number of backlinks of any blog or websites by using this Buzzsumo chrome extension.

Ahref SEO Extension

Ahref SEO extension is also a most popular SEO tool that is developed by the team. This is a free is a most popular SEO programming sites. You can get more SEO tools on their websites. You can check Ahref rank, a social signal for google+, facebook, twitter, number of backlinks, domain rank etc of any website by using this Ahref SEO extension. This extension gives always genuine information.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extension

Majestic backlink analyzer is the most popular chrome extension in terms of checking backlinks. You can check all the details of the backlink of any sites. This extension actually analyzes the backlink and proved us a backlink summary of any blog or websites.

 Page Analytics by Google Extension

Google analytics extension is a very good extension for every blogger or a digital marketer. You can check about visitors, traffic, page views of any websites or blogs. If you are a blogger or a digital marketer then you need to must install this SEO chrome extension.

Linkminer Extension

Linkminer is a very helpful chrome extension for SEO. You can check the broken link of any websites by using this free tools. You just need to try this tool and improve your broken link problem.

Seo & Website Analysis Extension

Seo and website analysis is a  chrome extension that is developed by a company called Woorank. This Woorank is a very popular SEO analysis company and has a website can check SEO position, backlinks, traffic, technical SEO errors for any websites by using this tools. You can check the SEO score of any websites by using this SEO and website analysis chrome extension.


Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a best and also a free tool for keyword research. You can check the average monthly searches, CPC(Cost per click), Competition of any keywords direct in the search bar of a web browser by using this free tools. Every blogger and digital marketer must use this tool, you will get more help by using this tools.


Check My Links

Check my link is one of the most popular SEO chrome extension. You can use this tool and find the broken link for your blog or website and can increase the SEO ranking of this blog.

Broken links are come when you had a webpage in your blog but now that web pages get removed somehow. So in this situation, you will get a 404 broken link. You just need to remove or correct that 404 broken link and make your site fresh.

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