SEO community must temper responses when idea-sharing to avoid shaming

February 19, 2020

If our focus point is to gaslight others in the movement of the righteousness, then we’re on a way to the dark side. There is a distinction between honesty and cruelty.

What we may not realize beginning in our search marketing career is that the specific path we choose can quickly become our identity – and with it, shape our mindset. We keep our worldview and its invisible hand leads us along our career path.

It may even influence our mental health because we’re constantly pushing to meet expectations others have required on us. Or, that we’ve accepted these expectations because our own even if it’s not actually what we want. This is when imposter symptoms can set in.

Feeling trapped in a job/role/business can become a stress for any digital marketer and is rarely written or spoken about publicly. We all want to be successful, or at the very least regarded as competent.

If imposter symptoms are too strong, we may not attempt to step outside our comfort zone at all. We must stay silent.

The SEO community has to work harder to compensate for calling out misinformation and preparing so in a way where people don’t feel unduly shamed for sharing new ideas.

But if our career identification is to humiliate or gaslight others for past behavior or beliefs in the cause of righteousness, then we’re on a path to the dark side. When people think they are 100% right, often their truth is used as a weapon against those who disagree.

Our career identity matters because the narratives we tell ourselves become our reality. Once on a route that may be considered “rogue,” would you even notice?

Here’s my final thought on this. There is sufficient documentation promptly and evidence published on SEM industry topics that whatever uncertainties we share, it’s no great a dark art. It’s as mainstream as an influencer’s selfie.

Everyone carries a computer in their pocket momentarily. We’ve earned the right to be better to ourselves.

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