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Social media is a big hit, especially for millennials. The best part of engaging in social media is the opportunity to promote a business or product. To use social media to its fullest, using an audience tool or keyword will help you to make a better strategy for your business. Engaging with your audience will have a positive effect on your business.

These are the five social medial tools or audience tracking or keywords:


Followerwonk is an audience listening tool that is specific to the Twitter social media site. Followerwonk has an in-depth understanding of your followers, audience, and influencers. If you want to learn more about your audience and followers, Followerwonk is the best audience listening tool that is available on the market.


Hootsuite is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to monitor the activity of social media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkIn, WordPress, and Google+. Many people are using multiple social media applications for different purposes like business, entertainment, and blogging.

Hootsuite has a feature to set a schedule of posting and updating with multiple social media platforms. When using social media apps for your business,  you need to know what is the comments and reactions of your audience. The importance of social media tracking is to know how your audience reaction with your business and product.


Digimind is a monitoring tool that helps the business to improve its product or strategy. The Digimind has a feature that monitors the positive, negative, and neutral comments of the public. It allows you to perceive the view of the public regarding your product versus the product of your competitor.

Google Alert

The Google Alert audience listening tools are broad compared to other audience listening tools. The Google Alert was made to monitor what’s happening on the web content, not the social media platform. If you’re running a specific business, you can set a keyword alert for your business. You will get an update if a person searches your keywords on the web.

The advantage of Google Alert audience listening tools compared to others is the breadth of scope. Most of the audience listening tools are focusing on a social media platform. The best of having a Google Alert is having a multiple keyword alert.  You can monitor your services, competitors, product brand, and keywords. With a breadth of scope, you have a wide area for information gathering of your audience.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best monitoring tools when it comes to a social media platform. The Sprout Social can offer you an analytic of data to improve the engagement of your social media. You can use the dashboard of sprout social to engage with your team. To gain more followers, you need to have proper engagement with your audience.


Social medial monitoring and listening tools are the keys to the success of your business. If you have information regarding your audience, you can adjust your strategy based on their wants and needs. You can target your competitor as well to get an idea of how they engage with their audience.
Hire our Best Content Writing Services in Delhi with Creative and Unique Content

When any prospective customer finds your website online, you have just those few of seconds to capture their attention and convince your online visitor to stay on your website and to believe on your product or service and then ACT on it. Even the best services or products available on your website, or your topmost search engine rankings, or the state of those art sites cannot make much of difference. You need to have a compelling introduction as well as that effective pitch, all that is an important and convincing call to an action.

Choosing one of the Professional Content Writing Service can make a huge difference in the business world. It takes an exceptional kind of expertise as well as the experience to create website content that converts, whether it’s an online presence, article, blog, press release, or an internet marketing campaign for the company. In fact, a good and potential website is critical to the success of your online business.

Why you should opt for an expert Content Writing Service Company?

Expert Content writing services establish a brand value to your business. Instill thoughts and direct perceptions in the minds of people will even last a lifetime. The ultimate goal of good content writing work is to optimize a product/service to the maximum, and this is the sole spell at Aaditri Technology.

Having a website or a blog has become a necessity and the important situation these days regardless of the size of the organization or the industry it belongs to. A website that is user friendly, easy to navigate through, and showcases the company’s unique services and the strengths in the best way possible is a sure shot brand booster. The content on the website/blog should be to the audience specific in order to influence them.

Right from the content development, proofreading, editing, copy writing, designing, and SEO tool implementation. Content writing services are the easiest and the most effective channel that will connect to you to your consumer as well as clients. Besides this, content writing, marketing and design can help in to reshape your brand’s image in case it has been out of focus, or has gone into a state of stagnation.

Why to choose us?

At Aaditri Technology, we provide your business with the requirement specific content writing services and marketing plans that can help reach out to potential consumers across various spectrums on the web. Empowering brands, connecting the consumer with the brand, along with the providing quality content writing services is what we are best at.

Our content writing company in Delhi, we have experts with a keen understanding of the working of SEO. What makes it effective, and what makes it ineffective. Therefore, an SEO Content Writing is mandatory if you want to generate more business leads, generate belief in your company’s vision, get noticed and attain greater brand credibility in the eyes of those who will follow you.

At Aaditri Technology, you can get a quality content writing service that is aligned with your ongoing projects, offering a complete view of your products, speaking highly of your organization. Well, presenting accurate information regarding your company’s services and offers, besides amplifying your brand’s outreach in the best way possible.
Web 2.0 Link Building, Here’s the Right Way to Do It

There are lots of ways of building backlinks. Write a bunch of articles submit it to an article submission site, start doing social bookmarking and get active on forum posting sites.

But all these ways did not give you a quick and better result that web 2.0 sites can give. Web 2.0 is faced with criticism owing to the spammers & black hat practitioners illicit practices but never the less, if it’s used correctly then the results you will get will be astounding.

Yes, Web 2.0 link building strategy will increase your website ranking from 10 pages to 3 pages of Search engine result page. But If you do in the right manner.

Yes, the higher returns mean higher risk. The same formula is applying here web 2.0 sites will drive a decent amount of web traffic.

Here is today’s article, you will learn about what is web 2.0 sites, Is it black hat SEO technique? How You can use it for link building.

Let’s Start…

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 sites are basically subdomain sites that allow users to create a version of their website for Free, users can populate their business information, add blogs & start optimizing their preferred anchor text using these Web 2.0 sites.

It allows some changes such as URL, images, videos, contact info and much more. Web 2.0 sites are user-friendly that makes it more powerful & Popular. it is loved by non-techy and techy users as well.

A person without any technical knowledge easily builds their own blog with these free web 2.0 sites.

Some of the most popular web 2.0 sites are Blogger, Tumblr, live journal,, wiki pages and so on.

How to effectively use Web 2.0 for link building?

Some people say Web 2.0 link building is black hat SEO technique.

Is it really? No, Web 2.0 Link building is very much legitimate.

You can increase your website PA(Page Authority) From 0 to 30+ without any much effort with these web 2.0 submission sites.

Here is the right way to do it

Here some right methods that you should use while making web 2.0 backlinks.

1. Create a realistic Web 2.0 site

After creating your account the very first thing you have to think is URL. Create a URL using the LSI keywords. Don’t stuff your actual keyword in the URL. It looks like a spammy site. Put the LSI keyword to differentiate web2.0 sites. Be creative and diverse while creating a URL. The design of the website should appear realist & aesthetic, some design from the very appearance reeks of spam.

1. Write an Authorative article

Since almost all automated programs are outdated. Google wants genuine and credible info for its users. You have to prepare the article manually for Web 2.0 sites.

Keep in mind the number of quality is more valuable than the quantity. Do not opt for an article rewriter or machine-generated articles. Create quality articles that are SEO optimized so that your web 2.0 site can genuinely earn the rankings.

2. Interlink the Web 2.0 sites amongst & within each other

Though it’s a Web 2.0 site you still have to treat it like a website & adopt the best SEO practices that Google entertains. Let’s say you have 4 Web 2.0 sites, so what you can do is interlink the 4 sites with each other & at the same time also internally link the articles within the site.

Interlinking amongst other sites helps gradually build authority amongst these sites which ultimately also increases the authority of your main website.

3. Update the content on an ongoing basis

The last thing you want is being recognized by Google as a PBN (Private Blogging Network) site. Google is effectively cracking down on PBN sites & essentially penalizing these sites. The very recognition of a PBN site is that it already has decent enough Domain Authority with 0 search traffic & almost no content.

These are the characteristics you should avoid possessing for your Web 2.0 sites. To prevent that create SEO optimized content, put at least 2-3 pieces of content in a month, high-quality original content & adopt best SEO practices.

  1. Finish your profiles on relevant sites

Just create and update your business profile on sites like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & more.

These are high-quality sites that can drive decent referral traffic to your website, you are just providing basic information about your business website. Basic information like website URL, Meta Description & your competitive business-related website.

Things to avoid in Web 2.0 Link Building

  1. Never treat Web 2.0 sites for black hat practices like stuffing links, stuffing keywords, creating doorway pages and more.
  2. Don’t promote the same anchor text link from your main website to all the Web 2.0 sites, Google finds it fishy & instead downranks you. Instead create modifications of the main anchor texts to make it appear legit.

4. Selecting the Right Theme

At the time of theme selecting, Choose the standard themes that match your niche. If you’re writing on a sports blog than select a sports-related theme.

According to the theme and niche, select the right font that mixes up with the font. Maintain the right font, font size, heading part and things.

5. Create Mandatory Pages

While creating a web2.0 website, create all mandatory pages. About us page, keep it short and simple what the website, what you offer, what it does, etc..

A privacy page and the contact us(Not required), privacy page is required for every website. You can leave the contact us page it is not required that much.

6. Creating the Content

The most important part of your web 2.0 link building. The content you create is the key to the success of your blog.

Don’t use spin content if you have a good enough budget you can hire a writer and get the content from that.

Use the original and unique content in terms of if you want a long term benefit. Try to write it by yourself or a human.

Write at least 700+ words of the article for your web 2.0 sites. Use LSI keywords for your targeted keyword. You want its look natural. Keep your keyword density under 3%.

Add the relevant authorize high-quality websites, Don’t link to your competitor’s websites. You can add Wikipedia page, and etc…

Add multimedia into your post. Multimedia is an important factor in terms of SEO. If you want to rank higher and get the good marks for your article from an SEO perspective, you need to add at least one multimedia into your post.

Add alt tag with your image and description (If there is an option to add).

7. Publish It

Once you are done with all things, now you can publish it or scheduled it for the future. In Web 2.0 sites there is an option to schedule the post on specific time and date.

After publishing your post don’t forget to share it and get indexed by Google. If your post is not indexed in Google there is no benefit of your hard work.

Neither the users can see it on google nor the bots are able to read it. After publishing your post check out after 2-3 days that it is indexed or not.

Generally, indexing takes 2-3 days if your content is unique and high quality else it takes more time.

What are the Web 2.0 Sites that still passes link value

  1. Blogger:

Blogger web 2.0 sites that is ranks incredibly well on Google sometimes it may rank even higher than custom domains, some good blogspots out there are this blogspot has earned references from sites like Search Engine Journal.

  1. Tumblr:

Tumblr is a highly engaging platform with millions of users using it every day, you can create your there are tumblr subdomain sites that are already ranking well in SERPs. A good example of Tumblr blog is to crush it on Tumblr visual content works best, people can actually follow your Tumblr blogs.

  1. Weebly:

Weebly is a great Web 2.0 platform to create a brochure of your main website where you are essentially creating a version of your website to display information.

  1. Medium:

Medium is quite frankly the best Web 2.0 platform you will get a dofollow link plus you can even purchase custom domain to outsource blog section of your main site to Medium.

Like Buffer, Buffer has created a blog website on Medium where instead of putting educational or industry-centric content they are putting out content on company culture, leadership, & more.

The reason why Medium is best Web 2.0 is site is because Medium acts as a social networking site for bloggers in particular, people actually comes to Medium for reading, they would likely click your referral link.

So, there you have it all that you need about Web 2.0’s correlation with SEO.
Local SEO Strategy for your Small Business in India

Investing in local SEO India is a smart way to build a successful small business both offline and online. A solid SEO strategy will enable you to build brand awareness and even grow your business to newer heights.

As a small business owner who wants to compete on the same playing field as full-blown companies with more resources, having a well-thought local SEO strategy is essential. Unlike regular SEO, local SEO play by slightly different rules. You do not need hundreds of links pointing to your platform or reams of funding at your disposal to be relevant and visible to a local audience. All you need is some understanding of aspects that go into play and apply them into your marketing strategy.

But local SEO is somehow a confusing topic; or even tougher for those who are new to the concept. If you are trying to differentiate your business from the internet noise and build your organic search presence to grow your brand and profit margins online, then this article is for you. We shall highlight some of the top SEO strategies for your small business:

So, first things first, what is local SEO

It involves optimizing your website to rank better for a local audience. Having a site allows you to target clients from across the globe. However, if your focus is on the people who live in your city or adjacent towns, you will need to perform some local SEO as well. So, for instance, if you are in India, and your target market is local, then you’ll need to practice some local SEO India to help capture the audience that’s in the same geographical area as you.

Note that local SEO is not all about search engines. There’s indeed plenty of things to do online to optimize your platform for a local audience. But for a local business, things like print brochures and word-of-mouth also contribute to local SEO. The same applies to mentioning your site and social media platforms on your offline promotion/communication too – this might increase your Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and even direct traffic to your site.

Other than that, here are some few SEO tactics to improve your local SEO in India

Verify your Google My Business (GMB)

Your first step should be to link your business’ Google Plus page with GMB. GMB allows you to update their data across Google Search, Google Plus, and Google Maps at one go, to ensure that a prospect never misses you irrespective of their location or the device they are using.

According to Local SEO Stats published on Hubspot, about 46% of all Google searches are looking for information and that 88% of clients who perform a local search on their mobile devices call or visit a store within a day. The post further revealed that 78% of location-based mobile searches led to an offline purchase and that local searches result in purchases 28% of the time. That’s why the value of verifying your Google Plus page cannot be overstated – because it allows you to monopolize a significant part of the search result pages for your brand name – most importantly for the Local Business Card on the right. You can also leverage the incredible features available for businesses on GMB like booking tab, Google Posts, Questions, and Answers, messaging, etc.

Host user-generated reviews

Google looks at customer reviews as a top-ranking factor – but besides that, reviews (especially peer-to-peer) also helps users to connect and trust you more. In which case, the web has made it easier for small business through the exposure and power of online user-generated reviews. Google loves content. It thrives on content. And since these reviews are unique to a user (but with similar phrases and word as those that searchers use), there is a higher chance of your business showing up on result page when users search for your services.

Create quality content

In the online world, content is king. People are often seeking for fresh content to consume, and so does Google. When you provide high-quality content that’s packed with relevant information that users are looking for, then Google will often recommend you to its users. Again, when people can count on your website for quality information, they are bound to view you as an authority, and will often come back, sometimes with a friend or two.

Use local directories and citations to boost your exposure

Citation is your company’s online listing with information like phone number, web URL, ratings, physical location, and reviews. Local citations play a significant role in ranking for small businesses since sites like Yellow Pages and Yelp are highly trusted by Google. So, take advantage of different online directories and be sure to include critical information like addresses, links to your site, working hours, brand logos, office locations, among other things.

With time, consumers have found better ways of ensuring they invest in the right way in the products they buy or the places they go to. For instance, if you want to go to an Italian restaurant, you would first search for the best Italian restaurants in your area and then read the reviews to double check if you’re making the right decision. When everything aligns with your preferences, you finally feel comfortable to go.

Since consumers have become modern in their approach to shopping, businesses have found the need to step up to meet the expectations of their customers. If you have a website for your physical business, you can’t overlook the need for local SEO services in today’s day and age. If you are a novice and don’t know much about SEO, then you can take online SEO courses, SEO online tests that help you clear SEO certifications, and other available sources to master it and implement to enhance your website’s performance. It’s because local SEO can help you carry out your business in a better way, increasing your overall sales. With that being said, here’s a list of local SEO hacks that you should try.

Why do Small Businesses Need Local SEO?

Here are the top reasons why small business owners must include local SEO in their online marketing strategies:

  • Local SEO helps in targeting real audience, that is, the audience who stay closer to your businesses and has more chances of becoming a potential customer
  • Local SEO offers high Return on Investment (ROI) – It is proved that no other online strategy offers more ROI than local SEO
  • It establishes authority of your business. When a user searches a query and your business appears in Google My Business listings, then it more likely that the user becomes your prospective customer as they think your business genuine and authentic
  • Local SEO helps a lot of mobile
  • Local SEO also helps your business build connections and relationships with other partners.


When your main goal is to reach out to the local audiences, the content that you post on your website should also serve this purpose. Google values the kind of content that interests people and provides them with the kind of information they look for, and this is something every local SEO specialist would suggest as well. So, if you write content for your local audience, your target would be specific, and you have more chances of reaching potential clients.

When framing titles, it would be better to be more specific and try to include the name of the city or place where your business is based. However, don’t limit yourself to such content. You can alternate between covering general topics and location-specific topics.


One of the important local SEO techniques is to use the right kind of keywords. And in the case of local SEO services, using location-specific keywords- both focus and LSI keywords helps a great deal. It’s common sense that people use keywords to look for specific content. Moreover, if you’re targeting the local audience for local SEO, it makes sense to include the name of the city or place in your keywords.


One of the local SEO tips that every SEO company would give is setting up a Google My Business account. All you have to do is log in to Google and enter the address of the physical business. Once you do that, you will receive a verification code via post to your physical address. Upon entering the code, you’ll be enlisted on Google My Business. Once you activate your Google My Business account, you would have more chances of being listed in the sidebar space on Google when a search is made.


Online reviews matter a lot, more than you can imagine. People are highly influenced by other customers’ opinions of a business or what experience they have had with it. While promising and delivering top-notch services or products would get you good reviews, another important step is to be on relevant reviewing platforms so that people can leave reviews. Make use of platforms, like Google My Business, Yelp, and Angie’s list. In addition, if you find more platforms that are relevant to your niche, make use of them as well.


When a business has many branches across the city, it makes sense to add separate location pages for each business so that the audience doesn’t get confused. This will also let your potential clients decide which location is closest to them. Make sure that for each separate location page, you specify contact details as well.


Today, when people leave their home to go somewhere, the first thing they do is open Google maps and find their way to the place. So if your business has a store, make it a point to embed your Google maps address on your location page so that your business is easy to locate. When people have difficulty finding your location, they might as well change their decision to visit another store instead.


If you intend to go for the best local SEO services, don’t forget to build local links. This is one important point to add to your local SEO strategy. Find out what are the other local websites that are popular among the audience and connect with those businesses. Building such links will increase your visibility to the local audience.

So, these are some of the local SEO techniques that you must include in your local SEO checklist. While these are some easy steps, if you’re too busy taking care of other aspects of your business, you might as well go for local SEO services that offer small business SEO services. In the end, it pays off to invest in local SEO packages for a small business, as you would witness an increase in sales from all the online exposure and better SERP rankings.
Worldwide business listing sites list

In the digitized world, starting a business is quite easy, but difficulties come to head when there is no online visibility, boosting your website ranking or building an online brand. Majority of small business and well-known organization owners know well about listing sites and online business directories.

Listing your business on portal will going to increase your online exposure and provides new avenues to reach your potential customers. They are detailed and extensive platform that enables customers to directly identify businesses, get more information about, and contact their relevant businesses.

Business Listing Sites has many benefits:-

  1. These are cost effective: – There are many online advertising sources out there, which cost huge amount of money. But many online business directories for which your listing local business is Free.
  1. Improve your business repute: – Online business directories allows user to give reviews about their local business. This will help small businesses to improve their reputation by getting positive reviews.
  2. Increase in local visibility: – However local business directories are enormous, they have suggesting capabilities and advanced filtering and help you to connect with your targeted customers.
  3. Help to get found more: – Usually local business listing sites directory allows their user to search specific bases, such as location, service and category. This is really advantageous.
S.NO WorldWide Business Listing Sites List Month
1 19-June
2 19-June
3 19-June
4 19-June
5 19-June
6 19-June
7 19-June
8 19-June
9 19-June
10 19-June
11 19-June
12 19-June
13 19-June
14 19-June
15 19-June
Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List

Search engine Optimization is a way to increase the quality or volume of web traffic to your site search engines through unpaid or natural search engine marketing which is mainly all about paid inclusions.

Most of the instant approval directories sites give do follow links to the website .Back links and DA is bone of any website who wants to get high authority on the search engine. All the instant approval directory submission sites are free which really give great benefit for the off page SEO techniques.

If you don’t want to spend your bucks and want to get a high DA and back links of the website then instant approval directory site is the best platform for you to get high DA and back links easily without any hesitation.

There is a lot of precedence of directory submission. One of the major advantages is getting very high quality and good quality of back links is provided. The entire search engine considers the back links you have for ranking your keywords. When you submit your site I directory submission sites, they will get fast indexed in search engine. If you used the right keywords for the directory, submission listed in search engine listing and they will send you huge numbers of targeted traffic to your site.

These instant directories approval list have different categories. These directories sites also providing features links with a low amount of approx. 1$ and lower.

Instant Approval Article Sites List

S.No. Instant Article Submission List Month
1 19-Jun
2 19-Jun
3 19-Jun
4 19-Jun
5 19-Jun
6 19-Jun
7 19-Jun
8 19-Jun
9 19-Jun
10 19-Jun
How Google Tag Manager Works and Its Benefits

What Are Tags?

Every webpage on the internet is created through the amalgamation and implementation of various pieces of source code, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This source code is what makes the webpage look and function exactly how it does, and also enables the use of background functions by developers or managers of the website.

This source code contains individual sections that have specific functions and purposes, including various types of marketing tools, such as analytics, AdWords, social media tracking, and email infusion. These examples can provide enormous benefit to website developers and digital marketers, but they’re a tiny selection of the wide variety of available code types.

Tags are a specific type of code used by digital marketers for tracking key pieces of information and extracting data from a website. Here are a few examples of parameters that tags can be used to track:

  • The length of time users stayed on a given page during their visit
  • The specific links that users clicked during their visitor
  • The other websites and links that visitors used to arrive on a given page
  • The number of users that filled out specific forms on a website
  • The products that users added and removed from their shopping cart

These are just a few examples from Betipy, but it’s easy to see how many possible tags may exist for a given site, and also how such information could be highly informative and beneficial for digital marketers. The tag information is usually sent on to a separate analytics tool, such as Adwords or Google Analytics.

Despite their impressive benefits, tags can be challenging and cumbersome to use, typically requiring the skills and knowledge of a professional web developer. This makes the process of adding, changing or removing tags from a website rather time-consuming and costly. Often, digital marketers simply stick with sub-optimal tag configurations and miss out on key analytics data, just to save the hassle of having the website tags updated. This is where Google Tag Manager comes in.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free digital marketing tool that acts as the command and control center for a website’s tag setup. It provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface, and offers marketers far greater abilities in managing, controlling, and implementing website tags that would otherwise be available. To make changes to the tags within a website’s source code, a user must simply instruct Google Tag Manager of the changes they wish to implement, and it will subsequently code and embed the changes for them. This saves the user from having to dig into the website source code and start making changes themselves, which can be a huge time and money saver.

The integration process is easy as well. In order to implement Google Tag Manager, the web developer or marketer simply needs to paste a short piece of free code into their webpage source code. This piece of code is called the Google Tag Manager container snippet, and it only needs to be installed once.

This container snippet delivers access to a wealth of tag management operations for developers and marketers. It can even be further enhanced with additional modifications to the snippet code by advanced developers, if necessary. However, for the vast majority of cases, the original snippet will provide significant benefits for digital marketers, without any requirement for further modifications.

What are the Benefits of Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager offers a vast array of benefits for digital marketers. Here are 7 of the most important benefits of using Google Tag Manager…

  • Improves website speed – Google Tag Manager cleverly combines all tracking codes within the header tag of a website into a single javascript file, which is much smaller in size and far more efficient to use. This enables a significant reduction in the load time of a webpage.
  • Reduces the need for a developer – By eliminating the need to dig into a website’s source code to change its tag setup, Google Tag Manager vastly reduces the needs for a web developer, which saves both time and money. This makes Google Tag Manager highly attractive for those that either haven’t acquired any software development knowledge themselves, or don’t have the resources to hire someone that has.
  • Advanced tracking and analytics – Another benefit of using Google Tag Manager is that it offers more accurate tracking information for each of your tags and supports the use of more advanced analytics techniques. Users can therefore be far more confident in the reliability of their data and can use their data in an increased number of ways.
  • Simple to integrate – Because the installation of Google Tag Manager simply requires a few snippets of code to be inserted into header tag of a webpage, it really doesn’t require the skills of an advanced software developer. With a few basic instructions, which can be found with ease on the internet, anyone can integrate the container snippets into the source code of a website, no matter their skill level.
  • Easy to use – The beautiful user interface makes Google Tag Manager straightforward and easy to use. This is the complete opposite to the cumbersome and error-prone process of updating lines of code to change a tag setup, which also requires a significant up-front investment in terms of knowledge and skill. Instead, Google Tag Manager is user-friendly and has a small learning curve, making it very easy to use.
  • Eliminates human coding errors – Following on from the previous point, the process of updating individual lines of code can be a complex and fiddly process and is therefore highly prone to error. Especially given the fact that such tag changes are usually required urgently, in order to provide digital marketers with the latest analytics information as quickly as possible! Google Tag Manager eliminates any potential for human error, as it carries out the coding and embedding process for the users, from a few simple user instructions.
  • It’s free! – Most software packages or services that offer as many benefits to businesses and digital marketers as Google Tag Manager does come with at least a small charge, though typically a rather larger one. However, Google Tag Manager is completely free, giving potential users even more reason to give it a go!
PPC Marketing Mantra for 2019: Your Definitive Guide

The world today runs on the powerful tool of marketing. Marketing – a term which has many meanings for people who belong to different generations. There are those who are well tuned to the concept of conventional marketing, and for those people of the 21st century, marketing has only evolved and progressed drastically. As the channels of communications changed and evolved the paths used to strategize and plan the marketing of a certain product and service also changed. After all, it is true, you change and evolve or else you get left behind!

One such term that has slowly but gradually changed and evolved the way people market themselves on the internet is via the Perfect Platform of Pay -Per -Click Marketing (PPC).  Gone are those days when people had to shell out large proportions of money dedicated just for advertising. With more user-friendly and pocket-friendly models of marketing on the rise, marketers now have the liberty of paying only when a customer clicks on their ad displayed and posted on any social media platform or on any other website.

Now you don’t have to pay through your nose for a marketing plan that probably has no measurable returns, instead, you pay only for the number of clicks that you get. Doesn’t this sound terrific? Well, such is the well-crafted world of Pay-Per-Click marketing module. But, before you go out to venture on the streets of PPC, why not understand a few criticalities for it to succeed? Might as well learn the methodologies right, right from the start!

Bribery isn’t going to work! PPC marketing stands a bit different compared to the other modes of marketing. Why you might ask? For starters let me mention here that the amount one pays has nothing to do with the number of times your ad will appear on any Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This means that money won’t get you anywhere! The ads posted and published online are chosen via Ad Auction which is an entirely automated page that Google and other major search engines work on. The posting of your ad will depend on the relevance and validity according to each search engine.

As the world steps into the year 2019, even the new platform of PPC marketing is set to see radical changes. So, if you are someone looking to invest in PPC here are the mantras to keep in mind for 2019.

PPC Marketing Mantra for 2019 Your Definitive Guide.

PPC Marketing Mantra for 2019 Your Definitive Guide.

CONCENTRATE ON AUDIENCE, NOT KEYWORDS: For those of you who are familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will know that most of the times importance was given to the keywords used. Come 2019, and major search engine machines have pointed out that now more preference will be given to the content and context of the ads to the target audience, and not merely the keywords that are being used.  Simply put, more importance will be given to those marketing ads that are able to penetrate the online market by targeting the correct audience.

CARRY ON AMAZON: Most E-commerce sites are famous not only for the products listed there but also for the ads that appear. The year 2019 is going to boost e-commerce websites because they will be a hot preference for marketers to post their ads (considering the heavy flow of online customers who flock these sites). Along with e-commerce sites now other social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Bing are also converting to positive mediums for an advertiser to market via the PPC model.

THE MORE THE BETTER: As discussed in the point above, it is clear that with each passing day marketers are getting a variety of channels to operate on. One can choose to stick to a certain platform; however, with the constant boom of e-commerce and social media, it is advisable that marketers opt for a correct marketing mix. As of now the formula of the perfect marketing mix hasn’t been discovered, so the way forward will be to constantly reinvent and strategize on plans which post ads on different sites.

QUALITY OVER KEYWORDS: The biggest factor is the designing and conceptualization of each ad that you post. Stop chasing fancy and long keywords and concentrate more on the content that actually appeals to the target audience. It is the ads themselves that are the most critical and will remain embedded in the memory of your audience.

A LITTLE BIT OF VLOGGING HELPS: With every platform going live with stories and video formats, marketers need to promote and use the PPC module by adding short videos. In fact, most research concludes that video content is the top type of mobile content viewed. So, get into vlogging and experiment with your PPC marketing plans.

As time progresses more and more changes are thrown in our way. The year 2019 is going to be the land of the unknown or little known for all PPC marketers. It is known however that newer ad types and tools will be added and used. Probably this freshness and constant evolution in the word of Pay-Per-Click is what makes this platform even more unique and challenging. There is never a dull moment and always so much more to learn! Happy Clicking.

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New Off Page SEO Techniques 2019

In the online business, ranking is playing an important role. Good website rank is providing assistance in several ways such as – getting more traffic and increasing the engagement rate of website. For all these, the websites are required to focus on the SEO techniques. There are two types of SEO techniques followed by the professionals such as –

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

Using free blog commenting sites list is a specific strategy of off page SEO. By following these types of techniques, the users can easily promote their website or sources indirectly.

For such promotions or boosting website traffic, there are numerous off page SEO techniques available. Now I’m going to mention some major techniques that can help you in availing some benefits.

  • Keep the website mobile friendly

In today’s world, the majority of users are availing internet services by using the mobile sources. The individuals those are interested in getting a quick success they should try to make the website mobile friendly. If the website is not mobile friendly or creating issues on smartphones then you are losing a big part of online traffic.

  • Repurpose the content

When it comes to the SEO then content is providing a strong base to the professionals. Repurpose the content is becoming the best source by the individuals can present data in an impressive way. Here, the interested ones are required to create different types of files such as – videos, images, PDF and so on.

By creating images and videos regarding similar content, the bloggers can get lots of benefits. They can attract the internet users for accessing the content. For sharing such content, the social media platforms should be considered. Guest posting is also the good off page seo technique to drive the more traffic.

  • Make uploaded content better

The individuals have different types of options for impressing the internet users. With the help of content, you are able to impress the users most. In case you are not able to get desired traffic from the uploaded content then you should try to analyze it.

It can help you in finding the errors and putting efforts for improving it. Making the existing content better is providing lots of assistance in getting success and impressing the users.

  • Be genuine and upload quality

If anyone is trying to upload the quality content then he/she needs to be focused on lots of factors. The individuals should try to maintain good quality of content. With the quality, it should be genuine and completely fresh. Do not follow any kind of copy-paste strategy or technique for creating the content and all.

  • Share other’s content

For getting success, the individuals are required to share informative and impressive content on the website. Here, you can get the content from other sources. If you are sharing the content of other bloggers or websites then they can share yours. It can be a good strategy for targeting more traffic or internet users.

  • Social media platforms

Many individuals are spending lots of time on the social media. The interested ones should try to take its advantage. Try to share your content on social as much as possible. Sharing content on social media can help you in boosting the traffic and becoming a reason for lots of benefits. For such a task, you should create an impressive social media profile.

  • Interlink the page

The users should try to interlink different types of pages. By choosing such way, the engagement rate of the website can be boosted.

  • Blog commenting

The bloggers should try to place comment on other’s blogs. It becomes highly useful in getting lots of traffic. For such a task, the individuals need to be focused on some essentials such as – quality, information, addition of links, better profile and so on.

Conclusive details

These are some best off page SEO techniques that can help you in getting lots of benefits without any kind of issue. In case anyone wants to get more options then they can go with free dofollow social bookmarking sites list. On the internet, the interested ones can find numerous options with different benefits and features.
10 of the Most Innovative Ways to Implement SEO

Innovation is definitely an appreciated concept in any business setup, given the many changes it can bring and have a positive impact. As you have thought of general innovation, have you thought about introducing some innovative ways in your SEO processes? SEO has come a long way over the years, and experts will tell you that creativity in every phase of SEO is what keeps their strategies succeeding. Here are ten of the most innovative ways you can implement SEO:

Improve User Experience

The audience is obviously essential to your business, which is why the happier they are, the better your results in SEO. For the most part, everything about improving the user experience of your website regards SEO. This includes maximizing the page speed, readability of copy, clutter-free site, high-quality design, and functionality, among others. Once you have this right, you should not have a problem ranking on top of people’s searches.

Competitor research

In matters of SEO, your competitors are your friends and not the enemies. Other than establishing a good working relationship with them, you can be creative with SEO to find out how you can outshine them in the race to being the top brand. Conduct competitor research and learn about their audience engagement techniques, their loopholes, and mistakes, their content themes, target keywords, among other details, and use it to better your site.

High-quality content

The nature of your material goes a long way in convincing the target audience to choose you over your competitors. If not for anything else, make SEO work for you in generating high-quality content. Mine for new and trendy topics to write about, but more importantly, master the art of proper content generation. This means free from grammatical errors, current and up-to-date, relevant and professional, well-written and thought-provoking.  you can use this free tool for quality content

DIY public relations

Today, public relations holds a respectable position in companies because how you relate to different people interacting with your brand has a lot to do with whether or not you will succeed. Ideally, with SEO, you do not need to higher and entire PR team to handle your relationships. Just from continuous communication on different social platforms, responding to feedback and remaining transparent and open, you can do it yourself.

Building your social following

Did you know that SEO could be all you needed to build a massive social following? Well, the kind of content you share, how regular you share it, and the nature of the relationship you uphold with the initial followers you have will slowly build up your following. While at it, be sure to strike conversations with as many people as possible, and get them talking a little more about your brand.

Ask questions

If you want answers on how to nail it with your target audience, ask the right questions. Use your social media platforms, your FAQ page, among other channels, to ask as many questions as possible. Ensure the questions revolve around understanding the needs of your audience and how you can gratify them.

Keyword research

Other than soliciting the use of keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, there are many ways to get on with your keyword research. For one, all the questions you ask are great pointers to relevant keywords. Consider also Google suggestions for your searches, upon which you can begin to focus on clusters of related words instead of single keywords.

Study your audience

The better you understand what your target audience is like, the better you will be at in generating content for them. Study their location, age, interests, and purchasing power before you start targeting them with your material.

Repurpose what you have

SEO may be about bringing in new changes that make your website fit for the interests of the audience and Google algorithm, but there is a lot of what you already have that can be useful. Repurpose your old material by improving it and making it evergreen. You can also repurpose your images by optimizing them, along with your website design, by tweaking it a little bit to befit your preference.

YouTube SEO

You do not have to remain stuck in figuring out how to go about your video SEO. Use YouTube to your advantage by ensuring you post all your videos on this platform, and only embed them on your website to share the traffic thereof.


There is a lot more to learn about SEO, and you can start by visiting
Dubai Business Listing Sites List

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a city for businesses. The capital of the Emirate of Dubai entertains millions of businesses every day in a highly developing city. If you are looking to make your organization cornerstone, Dubai is the place to target for. With the establishment in the city, you can expect business wonders that would turn your luck escalating. provides you a great opportunity to join the community of top businesses in Dubai. You just need to register yourself in the Dubai business listing sites list and start selling. But, this is not just the limit of the advantages.

Here are more:-

  1. Meet Global Business Icons– When you enter Dubai, you find leading business names established there. You get a chance to work or compete with them and understand how you have to dominate the local market.
  2. Instant Visibility– Dubai business sites list offers you instant visibility just after the registration. You come to the notice of millions of users looking for a specific business around them.
  3. No Registration Fee– Yes, you heard it right. There is no charge for registering to the business list.

It’s never late to start a new journey, so are you ready?

Business Listing Sites List in Dubai:-

S.No. Dubai Business Listing Sites Month
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10  March-19
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12  March-19
Bangladesh Business Listing Sites List

Bangladesh is the country that contributes 12% of the world’s GDP and that is more than entire Western Europe. It’s the country full of low wages, but top global names have made it their manufacturing center. Bangladesh covers numerous industries, but the clothing industry always topped the chart.

If you want to make a mark in the country’s business regime, you need to captivate local market. Making a solid presence in Bangladesh’s local market can be done through Bangladesh business listing sites list. The list consists of prominent brand names which have made their credit solid in the local market. is the resource that brings you an opportunity to enlist your business name on the list. We are here to help the business grow their territories in different countries. This business listing will offer you the following advantages-

Numbers of Businesses Listed Already– If you are thinking this won’t be ideal to place to list your business, you should think again and again. This is a trusted list of numerous brands, not just from Bangladesh, rather all over the world.

It’s Free, Free, & Free– Listing in Bangladesh Business Listing Sites List is completely free. You just have to sign up with an official business email id.

Business Listing Sites List in Bangladesh:-

S.No. Bangladesh Business Listing Sites Month
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New Zealand Business Listing Sites List

New Zealand is a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is situated 2,000 east of Australia. New Zealand has an advanced economy and ranked 18th in the world. These things make it a prospering country to start a business here. So, are you ready to start your journey in such a prosperous country? If yes, will help you ideate how to establish your business in the local market of the country?

Start with listing in the best New Zealand Business Listing Sites List. Business listing is a simple, yet effective method to get into the eyes of your target audience in a particular country.  A business always, like, to spread its territories across the world, but sometimes they get limited with the ideas of making the right decision and taking the right step.

A free listing directory like New Zealand Business Listing Sites List is always a great option to start the establishment process. Since the list consists of topnotch business names, you would get a popular place to start with.

So, what are you waiting for? There is always a right time, and this is the time you need to register your business in the most impromptu business listing site of New Zealand.

 Business Listing Sites List in New Zealand:-

S.No. New Zealand Business Listing Sites Month
1  March-19
2  March-19
3  March-19
4  March-19
5  March-19
6  March-19
7  March-19
8  March-19
9  March-19
10  March-19
The Ultimate SEO Guide for the Novice Bloggers

If you are new to the blogging industry, you should learn to keep patience when your blog is not getting the right number of visitors. Initially, many visitors will be low. But, with the advent of time, it is bound to increase. You have to focus on the basics at the initial stage. If the basics are not covered well by you, getting a good number of visitors would be delayed. As a result, your blogging platform will miss the opportunity to earn money despite having excellent potential. To enhance the visibility of your blogging platform, you need a few important things.

The first and foremost thing is the content of your website. When you have a blogging platform, there should not be any compromise with your content. The quality of the writing has to be top notch. In the case of travel blogging, you have to acquire the skill of storytelling. In the case of blogs that talk about serious affairs like sports, politics and many other things, you need to focus on the authenticity of data or information. Apart from these things, the content must have the following qualities:

  1. Content should be unique, not copied from others. If you fall under the copyright violation act, your blog may be permanently banned by Google. So, you have to be careful about this matter.
  2. The content has to be informative and relevant. You write a blog to provide crucial information to the readers. So, think from the reader’s perspective. What does a reader want from your blog? A reader wants information that is unique. Readers would find the blog to be boring when information is limited.
  3. The content structure should be meticulous. Instead of boring paragraph formatting, you need to insert some bullets when required. You can add tables to showcase data in a more readable manner. Subheading should be used for engaging the readers as well.

Building a blog platform is sheer hard work. It takes a long time and extensive research to construct a perfect blogging website. To make the blog more reachable to the visitors, you need to focus on a few more things. Those things are discussed in the following section. If you already have a blog and it is not getting the expected number of visitors, you can follow these tips to revamp the blog to gain more attention.

Targeting the Right Keywords

Your SEO campaign is based on the keyword. So, you need to be careful about that aspect. Selection of the keywords properly is the key to the best SEO result. Your SEO campaign must be poised with a lot of keywords, but they must be selected with perfection. Choosing random keywords would not help. You need the most relevant and highly searched terms for your SEO campaign for your blog. Your blog post should focus on crafting contents that include those keywords. Instead of focusing on the keyword density on the contents, your focus should be on using the right keywords. For proper keyword selection, you can use some tools. Google Keyword tool is there. However, you can also find a lot of more advanced tools for keyword research assistance.

Keyword Optimization for Blog Contents

Once keywords are selecting, you need proper use of the keywords. Selecting keywords is crucial, but using them properly is more crucial. Focusing on a few keywords more than others is required. So, from a list of 20 keywords, you can consider 5-7 keywords as the main keywords for your blog content. These keywords should be included in your blog content with perfection. You need to make sure that the keywords are incorporated perfectly into your blog. Density is an important thing. Keyword density should not be high. As the basics say, you should not have a lot of keywords included in your blog content. Make the content simple and stylish. Keywords must come into the content in natural ways.

What Should Be the Ideal Word Count?

A blog article should not be measured by its length rather it should be measured by the writing skill and information. However, this is an idealistic statement. People sometimes take the size of the content into consideration. They do not want to read the contents that are too long. So, you should not make the blog articles too long. Generally, the word count should range between 500 to 700 words. Articles that are longer than the mentioned word count may not be easy to read. In some cases, it can be maximum 1000 words. More than 1000 words would make the readers feel bored. Thus, they would lose patience and leave reading your article.

If you feel that the word count of 500-700 words is not enough for the topic you have chosen for blogging, you can release your article in a few parts. This will help the readers to stay engaged on your blog. If they like the first part of your article, they shall eagerly wait for other parts. In this way, you can engage the readers with your blog platform.

Accessibility of the Blog from Different Devices

You need to make your blog accessible as well as readable from different devices. Desktop users can be able to read the blog easily. Similarly, Smartphone users should also be able to read the blog without any hassles. Accessibility is a key thing, as today Smartphone users are gaining numbers. You would find lesser desktop visitors for the website than the Smartphone visitors. So, you should make your blog platform responsive so that everyone can access your website easily and read the contents of your blogs without facing any hassles.

Social Media Plug-ins

Your blog should be outfitted with all important social media plug-ins. The social media buttons are important. You need to have them on your blog website otherwise you would face a lot of issues. Having social media buttons or plug-ins on the website will help your blog to get more visitors from social media. Your blog posts may become viral on social media, and that would increase the number of visitors for your blog dramatically.

Do you want to know more about what is SEO? You can stay in touch with us to get updated news on SEO and related variables!
Make the perfect SEO report for your clients

Creating a perfect SEO report for your client could be tricky.There are various ways and different approaches with which you can prepare a perfect SEO report for your client. Now, it depends upon the type of client that you have and what is the need of the client because based on that only you can you will be able to prepare a customized report for your client. Digital marketing companies work to achieve different goals for different clients. SEO reports are important, and these are prepared to show the upper management and the stakeholders about the overall performance of the business and how the businesshas been performing overall.

Now, youmust be very specific when it comes to preparing the perfect SEO report?

Traffic of the Channels

People who hire digital marketing teams want their website to come at the top in the SERPs. If this is what the client needs, then you must include the traffic of the channel at the top. You can also mention which is the primary source or the medium of the traffic. You can use these metrics for yourownfuture references too. If you know where the traffic is coming, then you will spend your time and money only on that medium of traffic.

Conversion rate and goal completion

Your website might be ranking at the top, with all the traffic in the world but it isof no good to you if it does not bring in business or conversions.

Clients are more interested in the metrics,and the conversion rate belongs at the beginning of the SEO report.

If the conversion rate is right, then it will be good thing to flaunt to your clients in the report but if it isn’t then it could ruin the overall report.

Once you explain the conversion rate to your clients, then it will help in explain to your clients the rest as many things are inter-related to one another and entwined to one another.

Page Level Traffic

So, there are different pages on a website;some might have nice videos, other good pictures,andsome engaging content. If you prepare this report, you will get to know which page is performing better. With this point, your clients will gain an insight into what is being liked by all your website visitors. By comparing the traffic and the data of 2 to 3 pages, you will understand better as which is performing and better. This report will even help your client to understand and work on the shortcomings and make improvements on the pages that lack attention.

Page Speed Insights

If you want more and more readers on your website and on top of that if you want to reduce the bounce rate, then you need to give your viewers a seamless experience. If the loading speed of the page is slow then you will suffer the bounce rate increases,and you might be losing your chance of getting a good number of conversions.

Future recommendations and executive plans

Although you might be buried under the huge reports and data but including this section in the end part of the report will show the client that what doing next is important? Moving forward it will help your clients to or the upper management.

This part of the report will turn your report into an actionable one.

To prepare a nice and definitive SEO report by conducting an On-Page SEO Audit first as it will give a clear picture of what all things need to be workedupon.
Use Smart Accessibility Measurements to Find Out How Accessible Your Website is

What if an intelligent tool or software guides you about how your site is performing in all aspects like branding, marketing, SEO, etc.? Won’t it become really easy to track the performance of the site and find out where it is lacking and where it’s doing well? Collecting feedback from real users takes some time. This would need you to bring organic traffic or testers first to the site, and then only you can get them to test and explore things to give the feedback. This is a whole process. And this process cannot be completed unless you get real users to test and use the site. But with software you won’t have to go through any waiting time.

What happens with an accessibility testing tool?

When you test your website with a tool that measures accessibility and gives a detailed report, then you get the following things to know:

• What are the issues impacting the website accessibility?
• Is the site ready for SEO by being accessible to search engines?
• Is the site accessible to users and hence ready for marketing?
• Is the site ready for e-commerce and can be used for shopping and money transactions etc.?
• If the site is secure and there is no data threat for it?
• Is the quality of content in the site alright?
• How much compliant the site is for branding?

You would get answers to all these questions when before launching the site formally you send it for tests. When you send it for the test, you actually will get to know how much ready the site is to handle the organic traffic which you would bring to it with much effort, labor, paid advertising and marketing.

Accessibility brings on the main difference

When you get to know if the site is ready to handle real organic traffic, then you get confident to do marketing for it, and then do branding in the later stages. It all depends on how much ready the site is with its features and accessibility. Hence accessibility is a big factor, upon which depends all the other factors which lead a website or an online business towards popularity and success.

If the traffic you bring to the site cannot use the site as expected, cannot read the site contents as needed, cannot see the pictures and videos on the site, cannot scroll through the site, cannot explore the full menu, cannot view the site in the desired resolution, and face such issues, then obviously they would not like to return to the site for any reason. And that is why rectification of the site at all those places are needed which renders the site inaccessible, illegible, poorly visible, and difficult to explore for some users.


It’s easy to determine the accessibility of a site by putting it through simple tests. And it’ a very healthy practice to check the site for this before you start taking steps that incur you time and money for the promotion of the site.
SEO Dos and Don’ts to Help Improve Your Website

Website visibility on top search results is important to grab the opportunities. In this context, all web owners follow various Search Engine Optimization techniques. Some get the fruitful results, while other penalized for following inappropriate tactics. SEO is a sharp edge technique, if you use it on the right platform, your business success is sure. On the other hand, shortcuts and irrelevant techniques can harm more.

Here, we have some Do’s and Don’t SEO tactics lists to improve your website:


  1. Review Your Website

Before starting SEO, be ensured from all prospects of websites. Review its content, media file, images size used, keywords, backlinks, and maps etc. make sure all of them are worthy or not.

  1. Consider Web Speed

A webpage taking less than 2-3 seconds in page loading is beneficial for the website ranking. Factors responsible for low speed need to be cured ASAP.

  1. Check Media Upload Size

Media uploads contain images and videos files. A heavy size of these files can increase your website loading speed timing.

  1. Link Building

Hyperlinking has two types- internal and external links. To get the benefit of SEO backlinks from relevant sites is necessary for the form of external links. Similarly, internal links are important from Google ranking factors and to engage the audience for a longer time on the website.

  1. Content Management

Well-researched and engaging content can dominate the internet upon a regular website. A quality content commented and shared by the public themselves.

  1. Keywords Research

Every time before writing an article or blog, do your website keywords research with Google Keywords Tool and determine people’s area of search on Google.

  1. Backlinks Checking

Tracking website’s backlinks play an equal role as building them. To make your SEO more successful monitor your backlinks timely and clean them if required.

  1. Use of Social Media

Social media accounts involve Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube where the majority of the users found. create your account on major social networking sites and get optimization benefit.

  1. Use Of Do Follow Links

Do follow links are highly beneficial for website rank. Always submit your guest blogs for do follow links on relevant websites. For B2B portal guest blogging is highly beneficial.

  1. Keep Your Eyes On Competitors

In SEO always keep your eyes open and study your competitor’s strategies. Work on their quality backlinks and grab the market.

  1. Use Keywords In Your Titles, Meta Descriptions, And Body Text

To increase the chances ranking high on Google, you have to put your main keywords in your titles and meta descriptions. It’s also important to have your keywords in the body text.

  1. Write Guest Blogs For Reputable Websites

Contribution on popular websites with guest blogs on the same industry will help you reach a new audience and probably earn new loyal users. Write only for very well-known websites and make sure your content is at least as good as the one from your website. Your article needs to be error free.

  1. Make Your Site User-friendly

Always check your website, whether it is responsive or non-responsive on other gadgets like mobile and tablets. Check its compatibility and speed.

  1. Prefer Writing Long Contents

Your content should be long and must be suitable as per readers requirements. The longer articles can have more keywords as it will have and the more chances to rank for new search engines. Always try to write more extensive guides than your rivals.


  1. Avoid Irrelevant Links

Websites from completely different niches must be avoided for creating links. These irrelevant websites links can penalize your website with a low ranking.

  1. Don’t Go For Keyword Stuffing

Keywords stuffing means adding excess keywords in a single content. Avoid it, as you are righting for the audience, not for search engine bots.

  1. Don’t Crowd Your Website Links

Some beginners believe quantity links in website ranking but actually quality of the links matters.

  1. Don’t Use Blog Networks Technique For Links

Blog networks are a spammy way to increase your search engine rankings. It might benefit you for a few weeks, but eventually, you’ll be penalized. Avoid creating blog networks at any cost.

  1. Never Write Guest Posts For Inferior Sites

Don’t waste your time and efforts to write for sites with a poor reputation. Never write for sites that rank below than yours.

  1. Never Use Only Homepage Backlinks

While building backlinks, consider the whole process in a natural way. Building links only to your homepage can raise make your site spammy.

  1. Don’t share website link with useless search engines

You don’t need to submit your site to all search engines. Only a few major search engines are enough to crawl your index pages naturally, once you get your first links.

  1. Don’t copy other website’s content

Your website must bear unique and quality content. Duplicate or misleading content is not something that you should use.

  1. Don’t Accept Spammy Blog Comments

On the internet more than 85% of the comments are spam. You have to moderate all comments prior to approval. Never accept comments with fake names. Simply hit the spam button as fast as you can.

  1. All SEO techniques Are Not Worthy

There’ are high chances of SEO misleading information on the internet. Many guides can inspire you to apply black hat or gray hat SEO techniques. Before relying on any method, always do some research homework and see it matches with your requirement or not.

  1. Aware of Fake SEO Experts

SEO is not a proper science where one can guarantee first-page website rankings. Those who claim so for the sake of money have greater chances to spam your site.

Final Words

Successful SEO is essential for a successful business. Following right tactics may take time to rank your website, but its results will be sure for the long run. Keep follows Do’s and also consider Don’t for the high ranking.

Author Bio

Robert Sumner works as a Blogger at Media Fortress, one of the leading and quickest growing web solution and SEO Agency Australia. He writes about various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, email marketing, digital trends, social media and love to share the experience, knowledge, and thoughts with others on the web. For more blogs, you can follow him on Facebook, and Twitter.
Product submission sites List

There are various assets of search engine optimization and one of them is product promotion. It is a very easy and supportive technique to advance your website. The technique takes your product web page/s extremely significant product submission sites list on the internet. These websites ask for complete details about your product in order to properly showcase your products to target audiences.

Product submission sites list is an integral part of SEO and SMO, both. This is quite a generous way to promote your website in the online market. is a leading product submission archive and also understands the significance of product submission.

Benefits of Product Submission Site-

  • Our site will take your products to thousands of new customers within a few clicks that are completely worth of work.
  • Our website has extreme traffic and thus your products would become sellable in no time.
  • You can stay ahead from your competitors and thus will be more able to win the race.
  • You just have to submit your details and the rest of the promotion work is our responsibility.
  • We provide one of the most advanced and growing methods of promotion.
  • Depending on just one channel promotion strategy could hamper your results. You need to consider a multi-channel strategy in fact and consider product submission sites list as one of the strongest online marketing weapons.

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Product submission Sites List:-

S.No. Product Submission Sites
Business Listing Sites List in Canada

Business listing is a part of SEO that includes Phone and Mail IDs, Photos, Reviews, etc. When all the information is correct, the customer will be attracted to it when searching online. According to Google’s research, customers like to pay 50% more than the complete costing of business. Positive reviews, photos, offer are also important, which will help the customer choose your business. We are telling you a few ways to target the right customers. Claim your Google My Business listing: Search Google and see if your business is showing in local listings, you should claim your business listing and verify that you are its owner. Use this High DA free Canada Business listing sites list to get better results.

Build a complete profile: When you create a Google My Business page, be sure to include address, phone number, hours of opening and website information. Ask customers to share a review: Approximately 90% of buyers agree that after seeing positive reviews, they decide to buy something from the business. Ask your customers to review your business so that more customers are attracted. Enter relevant photos and offers: Indian customers specially give more importance to the business whose listing has photos. 2 out of 3 buyers look at promotions and discounts while searching online. You can influence customers by entering information about the right photo, offers and special events.

Free Business Listing Sites List in Canada:-

S.No. Canada Business Listing Sites
Business Listing Sites List in India

Over the years business systems have changed in India. There was a time when phone directory used to be one imperative ledger in every home. It used to comprise each and every phone number available on the phone. The time technology incepted, these phone directories start getting extinct. The goals of business listing are the same as a phone directory.

In modern day business system, keeping your account open in a business listing is as necessary as having an SEO or SMO service. brings the best business listing sites list in India to you. Grabbing your place will not only help your business gain potential leads at random but also you’ll find help in the search engine and social media optimization process.

How does a business listing site in India help businesses?

Prior to the evolution of internet technology, local business advertising used to occur through collateral, radio advertising, TV advertising, and newspaper advertising. Such traditional practices are still going on, but people are fonder of online mediums. Online business listing is an alternative to the collateral and news feeds of the local newspapers. So, how this business listing site list in India is performing for small businesses-

Local SEO

Local businesses receive tough competition from big brands in the digital space. The one solid opportunity for local businesses to rank in different search engines for local keywords is local search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

There are numbers of B2C local businesses in India raring to perform on the expectations of the customers, so they start looking for more and more opportunities to get in touch with their existing and target customers.

If you are a local business and wants to see yourself successful on search engines, get listed with

Get Found

We all move to Google Chrome for finding answers to our queries and similar are the situation with businesses. Google does provide multiple answers within seconds, but business listings are still practiced to find information about businesses.

There are numbers of local businesses which can’t afford the development and designing of a website and do the proper SEO for improving the ranking. Therefore, the free business listing sites come to the rescue and be found when their prospects search for them.

Get your business listed in the biggest business listing sites list in India and that is completely free.

Business Listing Sites List in India:-

S.No. Local Business Listing List Month
1 19-June
2 19-June
3 19-June
4 19-June
5 19-June
6 19-June
7 19-June
8 19-June
9 19-June
10 19-June
11 19-June
12 19-June
13 19-June
14 19-June
15 19-June
Australian Business Listing Sites List

In recent times, Australia has focused on improving its foreign relations with the United States through the ANZUS Pact and, also with the Asia and Pacific, specifically through ASEAN, the Pacific Island Forum, and Pacific Community, of which Australia is a founding member.  Australia is the place where everyone would love to establish its business seeing its enthusiasm towards creating itself as a global business center.

If you are one who is not at all eyed this continent as a business opportunity, you are no late. You still have time to start your business in Australia with the Australian business listing sites list.

Why Choose ABLSL?

There are numbers of reasons to choose ABLSL-

Connected with Google My Business- Google My Business or GMB is one of the top ranking websites for business listing in the world. By listing in our site, you will get connected to GMB, and hence you will able to check the business listed on that platform and vice-versa.  Won’t this amazing? More to this is your sign up process. Fill the GMB form and start connecting with different local businesses right away.

There is no Sign Up Charge- You don’t have to pay any penny for creating your business profile in our listing site. It’s completely free and you can invest your money on bringing the right kind of content to your customers.

Immense Visibility- Reaching your target is first and foremost requirement would be your business strategy. You first want to be their eyes and get noticed by them. This business listing site takes your business to millions of businesses right away. Thus you will have immense visibility.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity and get maximum leads for your business. Fly off in the Australian local market world.

Business Listing Sites List in Australia:-

S.No. Australian Business Listing Sites
Singapore Business Listing Sites List

Citation is an important part of ranking for the local SEO basically and maintaining it properly is the key to success. A Google place is the free place that allows the businesses to rank and measure the traffic. Having business listing to the authoritative site will surely help your site to rank and generate leads. Track your business directories and submit it in the relevant category only. If you are a local business owner then you must take the advantage of authoritative local citation sites. Finding a product or service is now easier than ever where the potential customers can find you easily. You may be surprised by knowing that 1 out of 5 searches are related to location and Google places.

We have some free high DA Singapore business listing sites list that is an excellent opportunity to seek the engine about indexing your Internet site with some exceptional assets. Some of the requirements needed for citation are registered email account, Proper business address, Zip code, Contact details, Business keywords, Business category and Business description. Relevance is the key to success and to get full advantage from these genuinely local citation sites.

S.No. Singapore Business Listing Sites
Coupon submission Sites India

Are you a food delivery services or online retail service and want to bring more and more customers to your desk?

This could be possible by providing substantial coupons. Yes, coupons are the agents that will drive customers to your dashboards and order the products. If you ideate your industry, you would find that every such business keeps coupon offering in its business strategy. So, what are you waiting for?

India is a booming place for online eateries and such online businesses. So, why not to choose one of the best coupon submission sites India plan and start bringing your target and un-target audience to your website. brings you the opportunity to start your coupon offerings with one of leading coupon submission sites India. Reward your customers with your latest coupon offers and grab their movement towards the “cart” section of your website.

You can also offer cash back, free gifts, free coins and other offers to your customers.

We have made an easy fill-up form to put your details at the right place and allow you to get in touch with your customers.

Keep your business growing with us and find the customers across India with us.

Top Coupon submission Sites List:-

S.No. Coupons Submission Sites
Malaysia Business Listing Sites List

Citation is and will always be an important part of local SEO as well as for the reference directories and listing sites. Basically, an online business directory is a website having listings of businesses to be differentiated into various business activities and tasks by providing the required details such as Name, Address, Contact information and link to the business website. Make sure whatever site you are choosing must have a spam score lesser than 5. The traffic from directories is highly targeted with some relevant links from the local directories related to your niche that is easy to find.

Factors before choosing a Malaysia business listing site, make sure you are looking for its Domain Authority (DA) that is a Moz metrics tool says higher DA means higher authority site. Alexa ranking, Google Page Rank, Nofollow or Do follow link is some other factors to be taken care of. Business listings can help you in gaining the maximum level of benefit that could promote your commercial business brand and online businesses. Use this website’s list to rank your business.

S.No. Malaysia Business Listing Sites
5 SEO strategies to focus right now for business growth

As we know SEO (Search engine optimization) plays a significant role in today’s competitive scenario. It helps an individual or organizations to promote their product or services to generate traffic or sales. If you do SEO in a right way it will certainly give you fruitful results on the other hand if you don’t if you don’t follow search engine guidelines then you may be wasting your time and energy simultaneously. There are numerous kinds of SEO strategies out there in the market today and it’s up to you which strategy you follow to grow your website visibility into search engines. You must know that these SEO Strategies can be classified into below given categories:

  • Technically-focused
  • Content-driven
  • Brand-centric

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most powerful marketing channels for businesses across the world because the practice specifically targets people who are already in need of a service, product or information. Today, searching any kind of product or service on a search engine has become a trend for people and it indicates that you have plenty of opportunities to get your website in ranking and grow your sales online.  If you are looking for the best SEO Quotes to grow your business leads sales and traffic, then this article is for you and here in this article you will get to know plenty of useful stuff which can help you grow your business exponentially. On the other hand, it may also be useful while analyzing SEO quotes sent by your digital marketing consultant.

Finally, many individuals, businesses and organizations are actually benefiting from it over the past 2 decades. Whether it’s through brand strengthening or revenue generation.

Many successful SEO campaigns are in line with what Google is mostly framing to be the most significant aspects of optimization – basing from their Webmaster Guidelines and Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines:

  • Architecture: You need to make it easy for Google to find, crawl, index and understand your site’s main pages. So, our website architecture should be up to the mark if you really want to get good results.
  • Content: Establishing Authoritativeness, Expertise, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) to get the desired results in a long run.
  • Links: Building high quality links play a significant role in today’s scenario. You don’t need to focus on just creating so many links but you need to create links which really bring value to your site.


How to develop highly effective and result-oriented SEO strategies?

Most veteran SEO consultants usually start a campaign with a thorough audit of the website and that’s genuinely significant to get your site ranked in all the prominent search engines.

Since a technical site audit helps us to actually understand what is required to be done in order for the site to achieve its intended goals.

But what kinds of processes does an SEO audit entail? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Competitors research and analysis
  • Keyword research and SERP analysis
  • Technical analysis of the website
  • Page and content-level analysis
  • User Experience (UX) analysis
  • Link analysis

In short, auditing a website can assist you to get the solutions to the following key areas of strategy development:


  1. Understand the site Target Audience, Business, current situation and actual needs

The first step to any successful SEO campaign is to know and understand each and every aspect of your client’s website in a detailed manner. This phase sets up your campaign’s objectives, through determining below given key factors:

  • Type of Website – Is it a small business, an Ecommerce website, community, SaaS/app, publication, or enterprise?
  • Nature of Business – Which industry do they belong to? Is it a highly-competitive one where you need to place a more efficient workforce on the table? Who are their competitors? How long has existed?
  • Target Market – You need to understand the target audience or market to establish appropriate and successful campaign.
  • Current Situation – How’s their sales and revenue generation system? How long have they been in the business? Know about their top competitors? Have they been hit by any sort of penalty?
  • Actual Needs – If they have been penalized then ask them to recover from the penalty? What is their growth perspective or vision?


  1. Identify Challenges

It becomes quite easier to decide these areas as you’ve already completed your initial audit for your website. Below are a few technical SEO checklists that you can start with depending on your client’s needs:-

  • Technical SEO – Webris, Distilled, Annie Cushing
  • Local SEO – Moz, BrightLocal, Local SEO Checklist
  • Ecommerce SEO – BigCommerce, Backlinko
  • International SEO – Aleyda Solis, Martin Kura
  • Mobile SEO – Moz, Bruce Clay
  • Link Audit – BuiltVisible, Distilled
  • Penalty Diagnosis – Follow Google guidelines
  • Budget – Calculating budget is the key factor for a successful SEO campaign.
  • Competitiveness ¬– Find out your industry competitors and analyze their strategy thoroughly.


  1. Finding opportunities

It will be quite easier to find and identify opportunities you can take on through these below given processes:

Keyword Research – Keyword research is a way through which you get to know the volume of a particular keyword monthly. Useful guides on Keyword Research are mentioned below. You can simply utilize below given tools for keyword research:

  • Backlinko
  • Ahrefs
  • IFTF

Competitive Intelligence –For quick competitive analysis you can simply use below mentioned tools:

  • Moz
  • GotchSEO

Content gaps – Below are mentioned useful guides on Content Gap Analysis:

  • Moz
  • ScreamingFrog
  • PageOnePower


  1. Coming up with the right Solution

Common SEO and traffic-related issues can easily be solved by stringing the following results from your audit and analysis:

  • At first, we can identify the site’s actual need.
  • Next fixing the site’s major issues.
  • Knowing the opportunities to build a momentum for our campaign

Combining all these insights together can help you design and develop effective and result-driven SEO strategies.


  1. You need to set the strategic Goals to achieve your Campaign

Every task and strategy you combine must be aligned with your client’s business goals.

Make sure all your weekly or monthly goals will impact your campaign’s to establish long-term objectives. Below are mentioned strategies to improve or achieve your goals:-

  • Make more money through a robust search visibility.
  • Improve organic traffic to your website using different channels.
  • Improve site’s overall quality through optimizing its content, architecture, and reputation (links).


Summary: With the right approach, mindset, and strategies in place, no matter what the goals are, they can be achieved. For this, you need to implement all the crucial tasks and strategies to effectively optimize the site’s architecture, content, and reputation in a proper manner.
South Africa Business Listing Sites List

Get found in the midst of local business in a particular country can be said a great achievement for overseas small business. This is quite true for a country like South Africa. The country is a great prospect for business expansion as it offers a well-settled ground for overseas business to establish quality.

Business listing is a great option for businesses which are unable to market themselves in a foreign country. brings the best South Africa business listing sites list so that your business can register their presence in this country.

Why choose this business listing?

Businesses listing sites or online business directories vary in content and quality. There is a state of equilibrium between professional advertising, value for money and the service quality. Business owners look for web traffic, ROI, brand awareness as well as SEO benefits.

In order to get huge company exposure and immense quality backlinks to your site, you will look for the help of free local or international business listing sites. These listing sites not only take you directly to eyes of prospects but also help when your site needs SEO to boost up.

Free business sites list in South Africa gets immense traffic on a daily basis and this is how they can get your website higher on search engines, better say Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. By listing in a local business site helps you improve your local business relevance on the search engine and beyond that as well. The business listing site will bring immense traffic on your website, and this will help you boost your website ranking in the search engine.

Apart from SEO benefits, these directories remain a great weapon form numerous businesses which are looking for suitable and affordable resources. This is why you also need extensive customer exposure to your site. By registering in South Africa business listing sites list, you can target your audience in two ways i.e. online and offline, both.

As these sites ask for no registration fee, therefore it could be a great place to land in a foreign country.  Submit your business details and complete registration within minutes.  South Africa welcomes you with both hands open. is an Indian website that enables you to list your website in the business listing sites of multiple countries. Give your business a new wing to fly and explore the sky with new hope, opportunities, and success.

South Africa Business Listing Sites List-

S.No. South Africa Business Listing Sites
UK Business Listing Sites List

We have UK Business Listing Sites List as submitting your directories will surely help you in let the link juice flowing. This is how Google Maps has helped to search the palace. Whether it’s Hotels or Hospital, it saves you from Google Maps. To do so, Google Maps has a listing of your business listings. What is Google Maps Business Listing? Do you have any business benefits? Why do you have Google Maps Business Listing? Google Maps does not allow you to add a business to a business or a blog that has traffic to your traffic. I do not know where?

You can successfully upload photos by reviewing the services of your customers or your customers, if you have a business listing successfully Google Maps. If you like to attract visitors to other customers or visitors. Google Maps uses Google Places, a service that allows you to list your business’ location information

Suppose you are looking for website designing services in Delhi, there may be several results about the same with places.

I have a desktop search results and mobile search results that can be different from me. As you know what to look for Search Results for no 1 for the position of visitors to visit your site or blog. Review your business on Google Maps. Google Maps has a business listing that allows you to follow Google’s guidelines on the local business listings. If you do not have the right to do so, then Google will not give you any business status.  Just like Google has listed a new business or the old listed business as well as the search engine. However, it is very important that you have a clear business listing that is clear and authentic. This is Google’s tool for using Google My Business, which can be used to manage all information and information. To manage Google My Business Page from Business, you must verify that your business is verified by Google Maps.

Google My Business Pages: We have seen you appearing on Google’s search results from Google. If you are using Google My Business to manage your business, then Google Search will not be able to get you the best results for Google Maps.

Benefits of Optimizing your Google Business Page

Though Local SEO or Google Optimizer can be used to optimize your site. We will also be able to give you the best results in the search results. Because Google algorithms change if you are a top ranked country, it is helpful to help your client if they find your Google Business page.

UK Business Listing Sites List:-

S.No. UK Business Listing Sites Month
1 19-June
2 19-June
3 19-June
4 19-June
5 19-June
6 19-June
7 19-June
8 19-June
9 19-June
10 19-June
11 19-June
12 19-June
13 19-June
14 19-June
15 19-June
Common Misconception about SEO – Busting Myths with Facts

SEO is one of the basic services these days. The term SEO stands for search engine optimization; it means optimizing search engines for seamless business promotional activities. There are several ways of choosing a good SEO service provider, and in this article, we shall know some of those effective tips. But, the important thing is to know about the benefits of SEO for you, before you hire a service provider. What can SEO do for your business? Well, SEO can add exceptional business benefits. It can create extensive brand exposure and can raise business profitability significantly. In fact, SEO is considered the most powerful and effective online business marketing technique.

To know about SEO, it is important to understand the popular myths with SEO. So, here are those myths or misconceptions will be discussed. Knowing them will help your business perfectly in chalking down your business marketing campaign. So, here are those misconceptions discussed in step by step.

Myth 1. SEO Takes a Lot of Time to Slow Results

Commonly, it has been believed that SEO takes a lot of time to show the results to the businesses. Well, this is completely a myth, and even the most experienced SEO professionals fall for this common misconception. SEO is not a time depending thing. It depends on the strategies and techniques that business marketers are using. Obviously, the strategies that have been used for SEO today will show up result after a few days. It would not happen overnight, but there is no fixed time in this. Sometimes, results are shown instantly, and in some cases, results would be hard to come. If you face slow SEO results, there could be some reasons behind that, and those possible reasons could be:

  • The slow result has been attained when competition is high. You are working with the keywords that have high competition, and that is why it would take time to show you up the SEO results. It would take more efforts to attain the desired SEO results.
  • If your SEO campaign has not been planned properly, slow results would be achieved. So, you should make a perfect plan for achieving the SEO results.
  • Results have been delayed due to the pages of the website from where you have created external backlinks for your website are not indexed in Google yet. Certain methods are there to achieve Google indexing. You need to follow those methods.

Myth 2. SEO Campaign Is Expensive

It is often stated that running an SEO campaign is an expensive matter. You may come across various kinds of expenses when it comes to running your SEO campaign. Well, there are some expenses, but it would be an injustice to say that running an SEO campaign is an expensive matter. In fact, many small-scale businesses go for SEO as it is cost-effective. It takes a small budget allocation to start with SEO campaign. You do not have to invest a lot of money initially.

Nevertheless, the investment is result oriented. With a small investment, different techniques are tried or tested. As a result, it becomes easier to find the best results with the lowest cost or expenditure.

So, there is no hassle in running SEO campaigns, when it comes to investing money. But, you need to invest enough time as well. We all know that time is also equivalent to money. Hence, in terms of investing time, it can be regarded as expensive. But, indulging more time into it fetches the right results. Hence, SEO becomes seamless as well as effortless for your business. So, make an investment of time and money into SEO with tactful measures. To learn more, you can check here.

Myth 3. SEO Does Not Fetch Real Traffic

Many people who have no idea or limited idea on SEO are fooled with negative propaganda. For example, SEO does not fetch real traffic is negative propaganda. To escape such propaganda, you need to be careful. You have to enhance your knowledge of SEO. To counter this myth, it can be said that SEO can actually help to enhance the sales of your business. It is a proven fact, and most of the businesses acknowledge it these days. Some methods can enhance business website visitors, but they do not convert into buyers for your website’s featured products. It happens when SEO campaign is aimless.

A perfectly aimed SEO campaign will draw traffic to your website seamlessly. It will make your website more popular and eventually it will enhance your sales figure. Properly driven SEO techniques are intended for fetching the organic traffic. This is beneficial as organic traffic can make your online business marketing campaign efficient. Fetching organic traffic through SEO will also enhance your business’s brand identity. Overall business will become immensely popular.

Myth 4. SEO Is Not Suitable for all Businesses

It is often stated that SEO is not suitable for all businesses. It is only suited for large-scale business, not small businesses. Nevertheless, it is also advised that small-scale businesses should give more focus on social media instead of wasting time on SEO. This is probably the most misleading thing that you would come across regarding SEO misconceptions. SEO campaign will suit all sorts of businesses. Small businesses are the most significant beneficiary of SEO. Nevertheless, a mix of social media marketing and search engine optimization can help the businesses to fetch more traffic, higher revenue, and better brand identity.

Myth 5. SEO Causes Negative Business Impression

It is a misconception that SEO causes a negative impression. However, the statement is not fully wrong. It is a sort of half-truth which is even worse than full lies. The main thing is that negative SEO strategies would into negative results. So, positive strategies or tactics will result in positive results. There is no rocket science behind it. It is also important to invest in white hat SEO methods.


The conclusion is that SEO is the major thing that a business can use for enhancing online presence. With different SEO methods, it is possible to gain more and more traffic to the website.

Author Bio

Maria Jones is blogger and content writer who write many articles on SEO, Business, Web Design and Technology. She enjoys reading new thing on internet. She spends lot of time on social media. To learn more, you can check here.
Why Some SEO Experts become Unethical – Ways to Understand and Prevent the Damages

If you are doing SEO for the website by learning or hearing from others that you have to do this, and in reality, you know nothing about it, then you are soon going to lose your money by falling trap of bad services. Possibly the website will also get through huge problems in the future for losing quality, style, reputation, and also for bad promotion. Penalties may never leave your back, and the damages done may pull you back for days and bar the progress of the site. Win this post, and you will get to learn about what happens in bad SEO, how you can save yourself from all this, etc.

Learn what SEO is before knowing how bad SEO hurts

Before knowing what is bad or hurting in SEO if done improperly, you should know what SEO is. SEO is the art of making the website more visible and get better rank in search engines against the targeted keyword searches. And SEO makes the site visible real well. Now, why you are doing SEO? That’s because if you do not give the website that much needed marketing push, then things will never fall right on its own, and the site will not start speaking for its own. To let people know that you are there, what you do is, you do good things for recognition, and you tell people that you are present there. Both combine to create your mark and presence.

The same happens with the website too. When you make the website say good things or have good information, and also you make the site being talked about through various links and post everywhere possible on the web, then the site gets popularity and get noticed gradually. And that is simple words is the art of making the site visible.

But just like doing wrong things will only fetch you wrong attention, and people won’t praise you, and rather forget you in days, the website also will be forgotten by search engines and penalized for being marketed to do wrong steps in being popular. And hence you must stay alert; that the professional you chose for the site marketing is doing all things right for the website and belongs to a reputed SEO Chicago Company.

How faulty can SEO hurt the website?

Faulty SEO includes unethical practices, unplanned steps, lazy link building, too much of link building and promotion, not following the Google algorithm changes and policy updates, and so on.

  • If the website has poor content, and all the focus goes on link building, then the search engine will never find anything good, informative, helpful, and relevant inside the site on the topic/keyword. And hence, the promotion done through link building will only show as over promotion for something which has no value. This is upsetting and will result in penalizing the website. The site will lose its ranking on searches. The best way to recover is to work on the quality and content of the website and enrich the site from within through following ethical content development norms.
  • If the links for the website are built too fast, and within a very short time, it’s evident to search engines that too many links have been built which is not possible without the intervention of automation, software, and robots, then things will be hard on the website. Google heavily penalizes these things, and the site loses its rank and visibility completely. The recovery happens by removing links for the website from the unnecessary pages on the web, and minimizing link building and focusing on making the number of backlinks appear normal against the site exists on the web for the time.
  • Links may be built normally, and the number also may appear okay, but then the quality of links made for the site is poor and has irrelevant, poor, or no good content at all. If that is the case, then how much high quality the site’s content is inside the website pages itself, it still won’t get that visibility in searches, and building the rank will take too long a time, and never yield good results. The recovery lies in making high-quality links that can give useful, helpful, or engaging information to the readers with a proper link back to the site’s relevant page.
  • If the visitors have a bad experience with the navigation of the site, or the site takes too long to load, or if the visitors cannot get relevant information at the right place with the right amount of clicks, then things will go bad. Exhaustive, confusing, and length visitor experience is all deemed quite a much negative. The site will lose its SERP position soon for these reasons, or may never build a good position at all. The recovery lies in making a fast loading site with easy navigation, great internal linking, and easy to find content.
  • Using the keyword too many times interferes with quality of the content. Imagine a person speaking to you about something, and repeating the name or feature of the things too many times than the ear and brain is comfortable to receive. Won’t it irritate your senses and make you turn back? The same happens with search engines and real visitors too. Too much of promotion even on high quality informative or helpful content using the same keyword too many times interferes with quality and reader experience. The recovery for this is to use the keyword only optimum times.

Finally- Why SEO experts do the wrong things at times?

SEO experts often commit mistakes, or purposefully does it wrong, to make clients believe that the site is getting much promotional work done against it to rank it high. Often unethical attempt initially boost the site rank too, until the search engine spiders detect the flaws. For that short period which can be days or hours, the site actually may appear high and rank in searches, which the SEO professional may like to show the client to cash out for the result. This is unethical, and the site when later penalized may take huge time and effort to recover. And a good SEO service will never commit such a mistake.