Upgrade your Drupal 7 to 8 to get numerous benefits from getting new features to easier use of field types. Drupal CMS is obviously your first choice if you are looking to develop large scale websites and web applications. This platform is really good and gives the utmost facility to work constantly on their own improvements and technical stuff. New designs are introduced almost every released version to elevate their business.

Why You Should Migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8?

For sure, Drupal 8 has significant changes related to their abilities, performance, and security issues. You can move your web development to a new world with lots of ease, features, and scalability. They have introduced elaborated systems to made Drupal much more high-quality open-source platform.

Drupal 8 comes with a brand new theme engine called “Twig” that has given developers access to create unique templates and more functional websites to meet various business needs. Pretty good for redesigning and attractive web presence.

Yes, they are easier to use with new field types (date, email, telephone, and link) that helps the programmers to add new fields. Another benefit is the Quick Edit Module that helps to edit content directly from the website’s front end.

A feature that I liked the most about Drupal 8 is the CKEditor text editor and is allowed more thorough text edit features. You can use the rich text editor to get common word processor features. The ability to use the separate interface for enriching the text is amazing. Avail several WYSIWYG editing functions that were available only to desktop-based software applications e.g., MS Word.

Configuration management becomes much easier and saves time too with its built-in configuration management. With this, you can move fields, views, content types, and similar configuration elements for efficient website development.

Another impressive feature with Drupal 8 is improved Loading Speed. We already know that a lesser loading time of a website makes chances of ranking higher. They also come with cache entities for improved performance.


There were some bugs with Drupal 7 but in its 8th version, they improved themselves completely. Drupal 8 is a better version so far and hopefully will ever be. There are countless major improvements than the previous ones. Get much smoother and experience with lots of benefits discussed above with Drupal 8.