Pros and Cons of WordPress Plugins

August 30, 2018
wordpress Plugins

Being a blogger I tried almost every plugin where some proves them as a blessing and others as a curse. Few are over-equipped and some are just a waste of time. Having so many plugins usually make me confused about their working and even more than half of them are not even using.

Plugins are the requirement of every site (WordPress); they’re useful and can save your fortune as well as can destroy it completely. When it comes to versatility, WordPress proves itself every time with the number of plugins available to run your website.

What is a Plugin?

It is a piece of code or software inserted in your website to complete your tasks. They can do multiple tasks as per the need of website; some are designed to measure your analytics whereas others can handle email distribution system to give your users a good experience.

Pros and Cons of Plugins


  • Robust plugin settings
  • Supports most of the major events
  • Markup looks cleaner than other rich snippet plugins
  • Ability to add markup to top or bottom of posts
  • Allows customization of Colors, Videos and Photos etc.
  • Ability to add User reviews, Call to action button and Ranking tables
  • Supports HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • Code reusability
  • Cost reduction and easy deployment


  • The ultimate plan can be bit expensive, some of them costs money
  • No support for the event rich snippet data type
  • Add-ons can be purchased separately
  • Make your website prone to hacking with third-parties interference

Hope you are clear with the basics of plugins, now the question arises is how to check the plugin is useful or can ruin your site.

If your plugins are not updated, then consider this time as an alert, these security issues can be quite serious. Avoiding them can ruin your entire site and cause some major issues as well. Installing too many issues can also create chaos in your website like different designers may not interact so well.

The number of downloads can give you an estimate about the goodness of plugin, take it just as a starting point and rely on the plugin that has thousands of downloads rather than the other one that has only a few hundred downloads. To find the number of downloads, click on plugins repository to find the information like Ratings and number of downloads and support quality for a plugin. Make sure you spell it right.

90% of the online customers check online reviews before making a purchase of anything, so be one of them and check reviews for the plugins you finalized. They are so much like a personal recommendation. Find the plugin of your need and check out the reviews that other users have written. Just in case the developer has responded and solved the bad reviews, will be an additional benefit. Make sure the plugins are updated with the recent version of WordPress.

3 most important WordPress plugins:

  1. Contact form- for generating leads
  2. Defender- a security plugin
  3. Akismet– for filtering spam comments

They come with great coding, Proper management for the proper working of website. Excess plugins are just making your job tougher as well as complicated, unnecessary things are not required anywhere. Too much plugins can make your site slower, increased bounce rate and losing the customer’s trust. The beauty of WordPress is all about its kinds of goals and needs with the versatility and ability to deal with any sort on website’s niche.

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