The wearable technology, Smartwatches have successfully grabbed the centre stage in the recent past. This wearable technology comes with the innovative features of a fitness tracker and can smoothly run applications like your Smartphone, while looking fashionable and stylish when worn on wrist. So, get your own wearable technology today and at the same time save money online with Paytm Cash back offers for Smartwatches.

There are many youths and professionals who want to be a part of this wearable technology and want to buy the reliable Smart watch, but they are still unsure whether or not they need such device. So, for help and assistance in making informed decision here is the list of pros & cons of using Smartwatches.

Pros of Using Smartwatches     

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

Besides being the pedometer, the Smartwatches can also track nutrition, activity and calories burned, thereby leading you towards a healthy lifestyle. From monitoring blood pressure to heart rate and fitness tracking, it is the all in one device that can help you achieve fitness goals and optimize overall wellbeing.

Accessing Notifications Faster

Another useful feature of Smartwatches is its ability to give you quick access to all notifications. It promptly shows you notifications of received emails, texts, calls, news alerts, calendar alerts and more. So you can have quick access to all notifications without having to take the phone out of pocket.

Avoid Missing any Call

If you are riding your bike on busy streets, missing a call is usually normal for you indeed. Now you don’t have to miss any call as the vibration of the Smartwatches is noticeable easily and this can alert you about all incoming calls and messages on the go.

Higher Convenience       

Most of the advanced Smartwatches come with features which make life really convenient for you. NFC is the feature that enables you to make cashless payments, LTE cellular capabilities that enable you to send text messages and make outgoing calls even if the Smartphone is not close to you.

Get New Faces Everyday

If you don’t like to have the same dial every day, then get it altered without having to change the entire device. The advanced Smartwatches come with different faces which you can change everyday depending upon your preference and mood.

Watch Movies and Listening to Music

In regards to entertainment, Smartwatches are no exception as you can stream full length movies and even listen to your favourite songs with your Smartwatches. It allows connecting to earphone using Bluetooth technology so that you can enjoy music on the go.

The Cons of Smartwatches

Expensive Device

Smartwatches are advanced wearable devices which come with a hefty price tag. Even the affordable Smartwatches would cost you around 4K to 5K in India, while the advanced watches would cost up to 40K-45K. However, there are coupon sites available like from where you can get discount offers and coupon deals for Smartwatches which can help you save money on your purchase.

Small Battery Life

This is the prime pitfall of Smartwatches as it comes with small battery life which typically last for 8-10 hours if used normally. The battery life reduces when you start using power hungry features and apps on your Smartwatches. If the Smartwatches run out of juice it prevents you from using some important features like sleep tracking and fitness tracking.

Screen Size

Another factor which makes Smartwatches not so good device is its small screen size. Everything is cluttered in small spaces which may make navigation challenging for some people. When using its features you need to press the right button to access it and this demands for extra efforts indeed. So the small screen size may prevent some buyers to settle with Smartwatches.

Limited Connectivity Range

Unless you’re Smartwatches have the cellular connectivity feature or connected to Wi-Fi network, you need to be within the Bluetooth range of your phone to make use of the applications. The Bluetooth range of the device is very less and you need to be within 300 feet from your Smartphone to use features on this wearable device.

The Smartwatches do more than just telling you time. It acts as fitness tracker, health monitor, and also gives you access to notifications promptly. There are very less drawbacks in Smartwatches and the advantages associated outweigh all the pitfalls efficiently.